4 Research Assistant Cover Letter Examples

4 Research Assistant Cover Letter Examples for your job search inspiration. Copy, edit, and modify with ease.

research assistant cover letter example

It is tricky to write about your extensive research experience in a short email. Especially, when you’re writing your research assistant cover letter to compete against several other researchers.

But, you can elaborate a little on your research without worrying about the length of your cover letter. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t go beyond 300 words.

Although your reviewers want to read as little as they must, they do like to read when your research experience seems valuable to them. Elaborate, but be precise and crisp.

To help you write your cover letter, here are some samples to take inspiration from.

Research Assistant Cover Letter Example - IT

Dear Dr. Amelia Stark,

I wish to apply for a research position in One Virtual Network project in order to continue pursuing my research ambition in network virtualization and software-defined networking. I have previously worked in Software Defined Networking and Virtualization of Network function for 10 months. I would like to continue my work in these areas with Technospirit firm.

I have completed my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with distinction and an award from the state. My award-winning work was around Hadoop MapReduce. I worked on improving the resistance to malicious and arbitrary faults and cloud outages. I have also published several research papers, 2 of which were published in IJNTR and JIT. I have appeared at related conferences to shed light on this area of work as well as my own research.

I’m currently serving Texas University’s Computer department by teaching programming languages, distribution systems, network protocols, and architecture patterns part-time and working at an engineering firm to develop solutions utilizing my knowledge in Software-Defined Network & Network Virtualization.

As a researcher, I have raised funding for new projects in Virtual Networking by proposing solutions to long-existing problems in the area. My previous experience has taught me to conduct timely analysis and thorough research validation throughout the process. I’ll bring to the table my experience of working with Software-Defined Network projects and knowledge of my unpublished in-depth research in the area to help progress research at Technospirit firm.

I’ll follow up in the next week to see if I can provide any further information to proceed with my application. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon for a personal interview.

Thank you for the time to review my resume.

Sincerely, John Beesly

Research Assistant Cover Letter No Experience Example

Dear Patrick,

This is to apply for the position of Research Assistant position you have published on your website. I’m a final year student of M.Sc. from Saint Joseph University, currently carrying out internship research on pre-schoolers' behavior with video games at the Kids Care Centre in California.

My previous internships have been in laboratory settings assisting in medicinal research and maintaining lab safety protocols and setting up experimental apparatus and obtaining required chemicals and drugs for the experiments. In addition, I recorded the readings to analyze the findings and report the errors and interpretations while documenting the entire process. I have also been assigned to assess the cost for the upcoming experiments and make purchase orders accordingly. My best skills are record analysis, documentation, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

I will be graduating in the Fall of 2020 and that is when you will begin the drug testing for Covid19 where my lab etiquette will be a huge plus in handling the contagion. I would very much like to assist the team with data analysis, record-keeping, and documentation work. I will also be able to learn and set up the new experimental infrastructure for the testing of Covid19 drugs.

I look forward to speaking with you and sharing more about how I can contribute. Thanks for taking the time to review my application.

Sincerely, Jim Simons

Research Assistant Cover Letter Example - Pharma

Hi Amelia,

I recently found your job posting inviting applications for the Research Assistant position at Innovative Drug Testing. I recently completed my MBA in clinical research, and I have two years of prior experience with the Finding Research Lab. Naturally, I’m very interested in the job. The job description mentioned that you’re searching for a candidate with at least a Master’s degree, 1-year experience, and professional references. I satisfy all of these requirements, and more importantly, I’m an excellent fit.

I specialize in research for Psychotropic clinical traits and I understand that Innovative Drug Testing conducts similar work on-site. While I understand that the research assistant position does not handle these tasks directly, I hope to advance my career in the company and eventually get involved in this part of the process.

My prior experience, degree, and sheer enthusiasm lead me to believe that I would be an asset to your team. I have a flexible schedule to accommodate work that must be done during odd hours. Other relevant qualities include my attention to detail, precision with documentation, and proficiency in all programs required for the position.

I appreciate the time you have taken to review my application.

Sincerely John Dalton

Research Assistant Cover Letter Example - Oncology

Respected Sir,

I’m a recent graduate from Ohio State University with a B.Sc degree in Biology. I have 18 months of experience researching ovarian cancer cells in mammals. My experience as a Science Coordinator demonstrates my passion for STEM education. I believe my experience will be complementary to the cancer research team at the University Health Network.

I’m familiar with bio-lab safety protocols since I’ve done WHMIS-2 and biosafety courses at my previous employer. I have worked with Western blotting, SDS page, UV-Vis Spectrophotometry for RNA quantification, lentivirus transduction, cell proliferation assays, and counting planting cells. Working in a research environment has helped me develop self-directed learning and critical inquiry skills. I also have developed leadership and communication skills as a research coordinator for a volunteer-based organization, where I trained 60 new volunteers, planned on-campus events hosting 700+ students, and managed a budget of $50,000.

In this role, I communicated professionally and local educators and science faculties to create partnerships for our science outreach projects.

I would be happy to discuss further the value I can bring to University Health Network Cancer Cell in a personal meeting. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Ashley Parker

Research Assistant Cover Letter Example - Psychology

Dear Dr. Andrez,

I have lived doing experiments throughout my school life and concluded it with a college degree of M.Sc. in Neuroscience and environmental studies from Trinity College, Dublin.

My experience as a Research Assistant has been around coral health and gustatory disgust for the past 2 years. As an intern, I was involved in the study of the health of coral, growth, disease identification, and treatment. Observation and maintenance of sanitization and controlled environment for coral growth were of primary focus. I carried out a risk assessment by conducting water quality, nitrogen concentration, oxygen saturation, and salinity tests on coral for various lab research. I followed the safety protocols precisely for all instruments and control of the lab.

Prior to this, I worked as a Research Assistant for Prof. Jackon on his study of ‘Gustatory disgust influencing mental judgment’. I collected and analyzed data of over 50000 samples and put them in readable form by running them over SPSS for analytics. I also recruited participants for this research. The time I spent working on this research helped me develop analysis skills and efficiently run analytics software.

The above research is a valuable addition to pursuing further research work in animal psychology with your laboratory. I see this opportunity as a stepping stone for enrollment in the Ph.D. program in the future. I’m very excited to be considered to work on this project and study animal psychology.

I hope to hear from you soon and learn more about this opportunity and how I can contribute. Please expect my call in the next 5 days to follow-up and set up a meeting with you in this regard.

Thank you for reviewing my application.

Sincerely, Shamsha Lopez

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