2 Project Manager Cover Letter Examples and Writing Guide

2 Project Manager Cover Letter Examples for Experienced And Entry-Level Project Management Professionals.

project manager cover letter example

The project manager's cover letter at any level should reflect authority and leadership skills more than the request to consider the application.

The request should be implied in your application.

So, let go of that request tone and say what you need to say authoritatively- like you’re naturally used to leading people on what they should do.

Instead of- “I request you to consider my application and allow me an opportunity to interview with your team.”

Write- “We can discuss more in a face-to-face interview. You can reach me for a pre-interview call via my email.”

That is the difference between a manager you’ll find everywhere and a rare breed manager who can lead. Everyone wants the later one!

Also, the length of your cover letter should be 150-200 words.

Note that your cover letter will be facing human resource personnel at first. They are screening for the right fit- that you got the experience they need.

You want to give away this information quickly and in an easy-to-understand manner. The details of any kind (related to your work) would be irrelevant to the reviewer at this point.

So, you share what is important, use authoritative language and guide them on how to reach you and take it forward with you, as you do with your team every day.

Let’s now look at some example cover letters for project manager positions at various levels of experience.

IT Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Hello Jane,

I am writing in response to the opening of “Project Manager for the Kubernetes project team ”

The huge project is one of its kind and has the potential to challenge everyday development and innovate the complex architecture for operational simplicity and I am confident I can help provide plenty of value. I have several years of experience leading and growing engineering teams to create apps like OYO and Airbnb that supports a user base of 150+ million customers.

I have a deep passion for automation, cloud platforms, and performance monitoring. Kubernetes swept me off my feet when I was first exposed to it a few years ago. I even run a single node cluster on a dedicated server for my personal use. Since this role focuses on container orchestration technology, I would be beyond thrilled to exercise and combine my engineering and management experience with my love for DevOps.

I’m a self-starter with about 15 years of experience building web applications, moving from being an engineer to a manager, and love the change! I’m proud of my team’s accomplishments and strive to maintain a culture of high-quality engineering and continuous improvement. This shift of focus from my own achievements to those of my teammates’ has provided me with a new-found love for documentation, process, coaching, and training.

During my professional experience, I’ve used Stackify’s performance monitoring app in the past. I was blown away by how powerful and insightful it was as an engineer focusing on application speed. I have recommended it to colleagues and to my managers at my current employer and previous employer. I would love to work at Stackify, as its performance monitoring product has helped me out countless times, and I would leap at the opportunity to return the favor.

I shall be available during the next week to discuss more on how the company can benefit from my past similar experiences and the plans of improvisation I have developed after a detailed study of the project- Kubernetes. Please feel free to reach out through email.

Best regards, Danny Howells

Entry-level Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear Holly,

This is to apply for the position of Graduate Project Manager posted on LinkedIn. I have worked as an Oilfield Engineer for 6 months during my internship and have most recently gained management experience while supervising a project in the absence of the Sr. Process Engineer. My technical knowledge and management instinct together make me a great fit for this position.

As a supervisor on the land-based oil rigs, I worked at remote locations for over a year maintaining and troubleshooting operating field equipment, collecting samples, coordinating with the workers, and helping them complete tasks in strict timelines while keeping to safety protocols. Negotiating on the ground with little time to think and prioritize and delegate matters timely brought me close to what everyday life could be at a Mining and Minerals company- the intense situations keep my mind racing through calculations to find solutions and I thrive in the challenge it brings.

Previously, I worked as a purchase officer part-time for a manufacturing plant. I held the responsibility of liaising with both- the engineering teams and suppliers to procure the construction material and keep the engineering team updated on the progress. I learned to communicate with professionals and negotiate finances and terms of service while gaining a lot of practical understanding of the equipment and the business limitations around procurement.

I strongly believe that the most successful people are well-rounded in both their professional and personal lives. I consistently add new skills to my capabilities and bring them to use to flourish in my career and as an individual. My choice of dual majors, earning a black belt in Taekwando, speaking at engineering clubs, and being a regular at the Football club demonstrate my commitment to diversifying my skill set and growing in many directions.

My abilities shall contribute to the position of a Graduate Project Manager at the Minerals and Mining firm. I’m available to connect through a call anytime for a pre-interview talk. I’ll be happy to share more about how I can be useful to the team in a personal interview. Looking forward to your response.

Best, Steve Barby

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