4+ Personal Assistant Cover Letter Examples & Guide

4+ Personal Assistant cover letters for your job search inspiration. Copy, edit, and modify these examples to land a Personal Assistant role with ease.

Personal Assistant Cover Letter Examples

Your Personal Assistant Cover Letter should be focused on either your sincerity and discreteness towards communication on behalf of your boss or on the presentation aspect of your communication skills.

With that said, remember to talk keeping in mind what the position demands of you, and demonstrate your previous role as an embodiment of the job description for this position.

Make no mistakes because by default you’ll be communicating on behalf of a C-level executive if not the CEO of the company.

Nevertheless, making your cover letter full of difficult words isn’t the right way to show you can communicate for a C-level executive. Keep it simple.

Write your personal assistant cover letter in about 150-200 words. Let’s move forward and check out some samples of personal assistant cover letters.

Example Cover Letter for Personal Assistant

Hi Richard,

This is to apply for the Personal Assistant vacancy posted on indeed.com. I have held a similar position for the last 3 years and I’m articulate with assisting C-level executives to plan out their daily schedules, being efficient and yet accommodating some leisure time in their routine.

I’m used to managing more than one calendar at a time assisting multiple managers to get through their day by keeping them informed on their daily meetings and planning out the next 2 days in advance. This has helped me develop my organizational skills to a great extent; I’m able to save some time every day and put them into getting to know the managers and their work and related responsibilities better to be able to provide superior service.

Due to the progress, I made while at work, I now also respond to emails on behalf of the executives and save them time while keeping them up to date on all communications. I practice discreteness while keeping healthy relations with other staff members.

I would appreciate a chance to meet with you to discuss how I can make your days more efficient and help you focus on things that really matter in support of your vision. I’m available for an interview on all weekends, please give me a call to set up the meeting.

Thank you for considering me!

Regards, Rene George

Personal Assistant Cover Letter Example

Hi Derren,

This is to apply for the position of Personal Assistant to Mr. Chip Bergh of Levi’s. After spending 2yrs as PA to a CEO in the fashion industry, I have worked as a sales rep and an office manager of Levi’s for the last 3 years in New York City during which I have come to know Mr. Chip as well as one could in my position. I have long wanted to work for him directly and there couldn’t have been a better opportunity.

With the variety of experience that I bring along, I do wonderfully at multitasking in a range of disciplines in the fashion industry without compromising on a very friendly and calm customer-facing role that should come in handy within the position of a PA. I can manage financial accounts, as well as do store opening presentations and set-up including hiring store front-line staff while remaining available as a PA for business communications of Levi’s. In order to be more effective as a manager and in communication, I have completed my 1-year Business Communications program recently while attending part-time night classes.

I have a strong profile to successfully cover all areas of the job and have sufficiently demonstrated the will to find the time and accommodate the next steps in my schedule to keep growing. I’m hoping to hear from you soon and take it forward.

Thank you so much for considering me!

Warm Regards, Jerry D. Holmes

Personal Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience Example

Hi Marie,

I would like to be considered for the vacancy of Personal Assistant advertised in USA Today this Friday. I’m a commerce graduate from the City College of New York and I’m inspired by how the day-to-day activities of the business world impact consumer markets and behavior around the world. I yearn to be a part of it and involve in positive contributions toward the leaders who make things happen.

I have been an assistant to the librarian at the university and helped with preparing digital records of all incoming and borrowed books from the library. Due to the reduction of task burden on the librarian, she was able to find time for looking at the lost book data and discovering and recovering books worth $4500 from the borrowers. Every year during college functions, I offered to assist the organizers and got plenty of work done to help them move the preparations faster and reduce the waiting time on students who wouldn’t remember their practice schedules by keeping them informed and available on time.

I genuinely love to be at the root level and offer tangible and intangible support to the executives who aspire to make a difference, take risks, and make difficult decisions. My education enables me to understand business and financial complexities and be useful where required.

An opportunity to discuss the role in detail is welcome at any time via both phone and email. Alternatively, I’ll follow up on my application within the next 3 days to see if I can get an appointment.

Thank you for your consideration.

Regards, Jeremy Hornbill

Celebrity Personal Assistant Cover Letter Example

Hi Mary,

I got your reference from agent Kylie for the job of PA to Steve Carell. I have a degree in Theatre Arts and before moving forward, I really wanted to work for Steve as he has made numerous characters of small and big screen television my favorite for as long back in time as I can remember.

Needless to say, I’m a fan, but it is just as much my desire to work for him and be the one to have contributed to managing the rough schedule and frequent urgent calls to attend. I have researched a lot about Steve’s personality and work schedules to know anything and everything I could to make myself useful right away. In the past, I have assisted a writer and loved doing the things that needed to be done while he focused on his work. I ran his personal errands as well as answered his publication emails to negotiate and get a good deal in exchange for the stories he wanted to publish. I also managed his social media account to establish him as a writer online. I’m also aware of celebrity social media etiquette and public image management which shall be useful since Steve likes to be quite active on social media.

I’m capable of both intellectual and personal care and would heartily welcome the opportunity to be of use to Steve Carell. My contact details are available on the attached resume, please reach me at your convenience and I shall be able to come down for a meeting.

Thanks so much for considering!

Warm regards, John T.

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