4+ Marketing Cover Letter Examples And Writing Tips

4+ Marketing cover letter examples for Jr Marketers, Digital Marketers, Content Marketers, and Entry-Level Marketers.

marketing cover letter example

Writing a marketing cover letter takes a little bit of study of your GSC and Google analytics to put together what you have accomplished so far.

In marketing, all that is interesting to employers is the result- growth, pace, and conversion.

How do you deal with that in your cover letter? Because you have already covered the numbers and figures in your resume and you do not want to repeat it in your cover letter, it’s a little tricky. “How” is the solution! You should show how you did those things. Meaning, what activities you involved yourself in, to be able to get desired results. But remember to not walk them through your entire process. Although, if the process involved you executing a strategy that you built up, you should absolutely demonstrate it. It is to note here that 2 things make a cover letter interesting:

One, the art of presentation Two, the excellence of performance

You want to win via your presentation skills if that’s your strong point. You should focus on these when writing your letter:

  • Show relevance
  • Put primary matched skills in bullet points
  • Write with no mistakes and keep it interesting

If you don’t do well with presenting what you do best, but are passionate about your work and can talk about it. Do just that.

You’ll have to focus on:

  • What your achievements were in relation to the job you’re applying for - awards, client’s vote of appreciation, etc.
  • The highlights- promotion, added responsibilities, extra $s you made the company, how frequently you address the skill gap, your best work out there in the market, etc.
  • The extra effort you put into your work (shows your passion) which is not required under the listed duties

Let’s now look at some examples that have done it in the right way.

Digital Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Example (Got Hired!)

Dear Mr. Fernandes,

I’m writing to apply for the position of Digital Marketing Specialist advertised yesterday in the Daily News. I currently work with an agency as a Marketing Specialist where I work with clients from various industries and provide them with marketing research and assistance exclusively through online media of blogs, social sites, and digital magazines.

I enjoy social research and the insights that I gain through it on the appeal of my client’s products to different demographics and apply this knowledge to target prospective buyers through innovative means. I work with multiple clients simultaneously and that helps with the change of subject and industry making my job even more interesting, and bringing diversity to my scope of understanding across industries. I’m also known for building good relationships and keeping them healthy in the long term. I have a genuine interest in reaching out to customers and hearing them about my client’s product to gain a deeper understanding as well as making valuable feedback handy to the client.

Allow me to build such foundations for your team by considering me for the position. I’ll be happy to bring my industry insights and contribute to your success. I invite you to contact me at your earliest convenience for an interview.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my application, I look forward to speaking with you.

Best, Richard Sigmund

Jr. Marketing Executive Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Trisha,

It is with reference of Mr. Robert R. Duncan that I found about Monroe Media and am particularly thrilled about the viral posts on ‘e-bags’ and ‘travel tips’ that went live on Facebook last week. On more research, I figured out how diverse your clientele is and was tempted to be there with these awesome minds and learn what I’ll learn the best here.

I’m a graduate of Kentucky University and my most recent experience is at a hosting company where I was involved in email marketing to prospective customers identified by our First-time Entrepreneur campaign. I managed the geography of about 50,000 prospective customers and was in conversation with 45 of them who interacted with the emails to lead them to purchase. I closed 22 accounts in 5 months before completing my internship.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the communication and conversion of those accounts, I really want to be more involved in the process of generating these leads and being a part of the operations that drive success and eventually prepare myself to contribute in a more meaningful way.

I hope to be considered for Jr. Marketing Executive job with Monroe Media and speak to you about how I can make myself useful in the high pace campaign development programs. Please call me at 555-555-5555 any time to set up an interview or gather more information.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, James Redfort

Content Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

This is to apply for the position of Content Marketing Manager posted on Randstad for Workday. I have been working as a Content Manager in my most recent job and have worked in many content writing positions prior to that gaining a total experience of 6 years in the field.

My current position uses most of the skills that I have gathered working with various clients, companies, and industries enriching my knowledge and allowing me to present authoritatively in my productions. I connect to the audience by learning from their online surfing appetite and improvising through data-driven decisions and information. I have published 35+ guest posts on 16 sites with 90+ DA and have been able to collect 300+ do-follow links through my posts all over the internet. I bring the wealth of strong and dependable research capability to strengthen my produce and bring value to my readers.

As a Content Marketing Manager, I will be able to bring value to your customers by addressing their deepest concerns with my research work and hence increasing the traffic of high-value customers. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you and discuss how I can build up on the existing strengths of your marketing team. I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Kelly Newman

Digital Marketer for Agency Cover Letter Example

Dear Rhonda,

I’m a Digital Marketer for an Agency and I take pride in being at the center of multifaced business needs of various industries that offer to share their knowledge and allow me to help them succeed by utilizing their market expertise and my analytical skills. I’m an expert in strategic interventions and turning things around at whatever stage I engage with my clients. And I believe this is what you’re looking for in your Digital Marketer Specialist position.

I have worked as a marketer for 7 years and have honed my analytical and research skills to use extensive data reports and exploit their full potential. I currently work as a lead for 5 CPG clients and have taken on these projects at different stages and fully or partially built their marketing strategies. 2 of these clients have reported above 80% growth in their revenue 6 months after the engagement and the others have reported above 45%, 50% an 72% increase in relevant traffic, revenue, and no. of products sold.

I involve with the in-house marketing team of my clients to make use of the talent they have and provide a feasible and most cost-effective solution which also makes space for new clients on my list. In my experience with clients ranging from the IT industry, CPGs, to manufacturing, I have worked with people from the fields of marketing, engineering, designing, sales representatives, sales directors, project managers, and more. Collaboration with all has been essential at all times in my work and I heavily depend on sharing the right information with the right people at the right times.

I would like to bring my versatile experience to serve the wide variety of your clientele given an opportunity to work with you. I look forward to speaking with you and discussing how current clients at Mabbly can use my extensive marketing experience to their benefit.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Martha Howells

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