5 Cover Letters for Internship Examples and Tips

5 Internship cover letter examples for your job search inspiration. Copy, edit, and modify to create the perfect internship cover letter.

internship cover letter example

Most people find it difficult to write a cover letter especially when it’s their first. But knowing certain things beforehand will help you write your cover letter for the internship with ease.

There are two ways to write yours-

  • Stating your qualification and fit for the job in about 150 words or less
  • Writing your story about how and when you grew passionate about this job

The first option is the most used and the second is more open about writing what you feel and later editing it to see if it sounds good on reading.

Go with the second option if you have a past with this company or profession which makes up a very compelling case for you. Such cover letters are unique and are accepted much more often than not. If you’re to choose the first option, you can advance in more than one way:

  • If you’re applying to an internship listing that says what you’ll do at work, learn from the listing and simply put your strong points against the description of work. You can definitely include your personal experiences (fixing broken equipment at home, managing your mom’s shopping bills and analyzing them may be, anything that relates to the job)
  • If you’re to shoot a mail in the dark asking for work at a company that might take you in, you’re still going to do well. In this case, you should know what work the company does (read the case studies on their website, their blogs, who they are and what they do). Now, figure out what part of this huge system of work do you understand and will enjoy doing. Ask them to give you that work. You’ll sound like a very serious student and will be called upon if they can hire for that job you want.

Whatever you choose, remember they know you’re a student and that you have no experience. So, whatever relates to competency can be put forth as an experience for an internship.

That’s how you win when you have done nothing in class that you can actually talk about.

In case you’ve worked on any topic that interests you and have got something to talk about, focus on that experience and write your cover letter.

When hiring interns, companies look for serious students who are focused on what they do. Qualities of being able to follow precisely and to experiment are both equally valued.

Take a look at the examples and find your style of writing and presentation. You will have to edit these samples to fit your needs.

Summer Internship Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr.Gibson,

Please accept my application for the Summer Analyst position recently posted on MonsterTRAK.

Ms. Mary Smith, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Merrill Lynch, recommended that I mention her name when applying for the Merrill Lynch summer analyst position posted on MonsterTRAK. My strong academic commitment, as well as a previous internship with Smith Barney, makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

During my first two years at Brandeis University, I continually excelled in all of my business courses, especially finance and economics. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that these courses presented and have found myself totally immersed in the overall management and business courses culminating in a major project and presentation completed before several visiting corporate executives. The project required a great deal of organization along with collaboration skills to make the presentation a success. Several of the recommendations were accepted by the executives to test and execute at the corporate level. In addition, I served as treasurer of my sophomore class for two semesters and we put together two major fundraisers for charities raising $1 million during the year.

My internship with Smith Barney allowed me to fully utilize my analytical skills. I worked with senior analysts, assisted them in developing the final presentations for the board of directors. This experience helped me learn how to think on my feet while also developing an increased sense of responsibility and confidence.

I would like the opportunity to put to use the skills that I have developed to make a positive contribution to Merrill Lynch while interning as a summer analyst. I will call you in one week to get an appointment with you to discuss my candidature further.

Thanks for taking the time to review my application!

Sincerely, Benny Leventhal

Public Relations Internship Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Christopher,

My name is Nancy Ortis and I am currently a 3rd Year Public Relations/Marketing student at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 2021 July. I have been following TSK Marketing Agency since before I started formal education in marketing. TSK’s virality is an inspiration for pursuing marketing as a career. I would love to be a part of the team by joining TSK as a marketing intern.

I have run various marketing experiments inspired by TSK to learn while practicing in the real-world market. I ran Facebook ads for selling a hat during the summer of 2018 and I was able to sell 15000 units in 3 months. I learned from it and applied improved and more customized advertisements on the same target audience for winter scarves and muffler sets. This time I reached more people and sold over 25000 units in 70 days.

While learning from Facebook ads and google analytics reports of my own website I attained certification for Google AdWords and learned SEO on the side. Learning through experimentation has taught me a lot, but learning with the team of experts will help me take a more focused approach toward the campaigns I run.

I hope to be a part of TSK marketing this summer and work with the big brains behind the marketing efforts of TSK. Seeking an interview with you soon. I will reach you via call after 3 days to see if my application is accepted and if I can come down for an interview.

For more information about me and my work, please write back to me or call me at 555-555-5555 at any time.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Faithfully, Richard Bowser

Casting Design Engineer Cover Letter for Internship Example

Hello Mr.Wojcik and Ms. Seay,

I was excited to see your listing for an intern at Wojcik | Seay Casting on Playbill.com, as I am pursuing a career in casting, and looking for a company that I can grow. My most recent experience is my internship at Binder Casting and prior to that some college projects in casting. All of which are very close to the requirements posted in your listing for this internship opportunity.

While interning at Binder Casting, I was responsible for the daily operations of a busy office. I was tasked with scheduling auditions, preparing audition materials, and handling all calls and emails for the office. In addition, I worked as a monitor for many of their larger auditions, including; The Lion King, Dames At Sea, and The Little Mermaid (tour).

I also assisted Mikie Heilbrun and Alison Goodman at the CW during the several months of its bustling pilot season. I was given the responsibility to observe sessions and read with talent, which helped me learn about working with clients on a more personal level.

I see my experience to be a very good match for the listing of Casting Design Engineer Intern. I have included a copy of my resume for your review. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss my background in greater detail with you over the telephone or in a personal interview. I will follow up with you in a few days to answer any preliminary questions you may have. In the meantime, you may contact me at the number or email listed above.

Sincerely, Andrew Sinskey

Software Engineer Cover Letter for Internship Example

Dear Hannah,

I’m writing to express my interest in the internship as a Software Engineer on the World of Warcraft team. After closely reviewing the listed requirements, I believe I’d be a very good candidate for the job. The opportunity to work with the people that inspired me to start making games back when I was a kid would be invaluable to me.

I started learning how to program in C++ back when I was 14, aspiring to breathe life into a world like Azeroth one day. I remember watching Blizzcon the first time it was live-streamed back in 2009, where there was a panel where some brief footage of a WoW zone being built in the WoW level editor was shown. The part wasn’t very long yet it inspired me so much that I often went back and rewatched it.

As soon as I felt that I grasped the basics of C++, I started delving into graphics programming with OpenGL. Finally, I could make cool visual stuff that I’d been hoping to make all along.

Over the years, I constantly attempted to do things that were completely new to me, challenging myself to learn more and become better and better. I’ve made some pretty cool things along the way (some of which can be found in my portfolio). The most notable things probably are my own game engine (in which I’m currently making a game), and the elaborate level editor that accompanies it. I’m also documenting some of the progress made on the game on youtube!

I’ve also done lots of side projects, ranging from writing a software rasterizer, just to see how those things worked, to writing a compiler for a custom scripting language. I’m currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Sciences where I picked languages such as Java and C#. My previous experiences have given me some great advantages here.

To conclude, I would like to say that World of Warcraft has connected me to people I otherwise never would have known, and brought me to places I never would have been, and I know it has done similarly for many people.

I’m very excited to apply for an opportunity to contribute back to the game that has had such a big effect on the industry and the world as a whole.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

I hope to hear back from you soon!

Sincerely, Bill Kirchoff

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter for Internship Example

Dear Tom,

I am seeking a summer internship at Lutron Electronics to learn and grow with the best-known engineers in the industry. Currently, I am a junior studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin and I see myself working in either the fields of embedded systems, power, or radiofrequency.

I bring previous experience from an engineering consulting firm where I have adequately adapted to the competitiveness of the industry. While there I worked on the implementation of design for a medical college- organized CAD library for the electrical department, taking red line drawings and accurately transferring them to CAD, and creating spreadsheets to assist with load calculations and energy code.

In another 6 month internship, I took the role of a programmer and refined an already existing student website using CSS sheets to distinguish between different pages, rewriting Math and English problems in HTML format, including media and images for educational purposes, and refining multiple-choice questions with HTML tags.

In the class projects, I have received awards for LEGO NXT Robot Design and FPGA Game Machine Player attributable to a punctual business model and innovation that went into these projects. Throughout the completion of these projects I have worked with engineers from various disciples and coordinated with the entire project team to learn from each discipline and inculcate the necessary values to work on a team of diversity.

If there are available vacancies, I will appreciate the opportunity of an interview with Lutron Electronics. I’m available for an initial screening over the phone at any time if required. Please contact me via phone or email mentioned in the attached resume.

Thank you for considering my application!

Sincere regards, Jeremy Campbell

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