4+ IT Cover Letter Examples

4+ IT cover letter examples for Experienced IT professionals, Mid-Level IT professionals, And Entry-Level IT professionals.

4+ IT cover letter examples for Experienced IT professionals, Mid-Level IT professionals, And Entry-Level IT professionals.

You’re about to write everything about your professional self that is impressive enough to get you a job in your IT cover letter.

Below cover letters have their first and last paragraph as they should be and about 2-4 paragraphs in between them. When you write yours, write only one or a maximum of 2 paragraphs.

Writing 150-200 words is sufficient for your cover letter. Write any more, and you’ll reduce the chances of it being read by a reviewer.

Remember, the reviewer doesn’t have much time, they only read to shortlist a candidate. If they find fluff, you’ll quickly be rejected. Write only what matters- who are you professionally? That is what your cover letter should contain.

To help you write your cover letter, here are some samples to take inspiration from.

IT Cover Letter Example for a Software Engineer

Hi Demi,

Your Software Engineer job post on Linkedin caught my attention and I found it to be a complete match to the technology stack I have opted for in my final year project.

I have worked on Web frameworks Django and flask with Python. Having completed 5 personal projects and 2 industrial projects for my coursework, I have a solid understanding of Django and flask to be able to accomplish almost any task that needs to be performed. I especially focus on writing clean and scalable codes with proper commenting and documentation. Due to this I rarely ever have had to rewrite my codes.

I’m also familiar with the project life cycle and documentation stage where I participate in designing the layout and architecture of the project with senior architects. I have prepared the scope of projects I have worked for and I enjoy the process of detailing and documentation which gives me an opportunity to explore and experiment and suggest the best options which are usually readily accepted by the project managers and clients.

I’m looking forward to joining as a Software Engineer after completing of my engineering degree program in a month. I’m available for an interview during the next 3 weeks. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone to get more information or set up and interview.

Thanks a lot for considering my application.

Sincerely, John Frankfurt

IT Cover Letter Example for a Software Developer

Dear HR,

I’m applying for the Software Developer position published in the New York Times on 21st Nov. I have 2 years of experience working for clients during my graduation which I have completed last month.

I’m fascinated by how reverse engineering leads to the hacking of major websites and motivated to write unbreakable codes that can’t be hacked. This alone doesn’t satiate me as I would always have to work on existing codes and make sure they don’t get hacked. I, therefore, have taken a keen interest in Network Security and am learning through various certifications and courses for a year now.

I’ve built web application projects from FreeCodeCamp working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and REST APIs. I constructed a responsive weather application, a voting application, a game application, a chat application, and a proverb generator application using Express.js and MongoDB in the back end.

My Network Security knowledge is supported by my certifications- CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and OSCP. In the process, I learned networking administration, DHCP snooping, Access lists, AAA model, and Port security configuration.

I intend to further my understanding of both sides of the software world- coding and security. With my previous experiences, I’m sure I can contribute greatly to your team and projects by coding, training, and leading the team in tough situations to resolve complex problems.

In an interview, I will be able to convey my passion for programming and security and show that I will be the right person to join the team.

Kind Regards, Cristiano Frankfurt

IT Cover Letter Example for a Jr. Software Engineer

Dear Tom,

I have recently graduated from the College of Technology - University of Houston. I have a multitude of experiences in software programming, code reviewing, documentation, client communication, working with a remote team, and project delivery.

I took most of my projects during the last 3 years of my college. I worked as a freelancer for software companies in the US and abroad experiencing cultural diversity. My initial projects were web apps (using REST APIs, HTML, CSS, and Python) that I made as side projects to showcase as accomplished projects to land my first freelancing assignment. Thereafter, through relationship building with my first client, I received multiple projects from the same client in different areas of work giving me the experience of all the life stages of a project. I also received projects through networking which sometimes paid more and at other times less. But, I took the projects anyway to be able to work more and learn more.

I’m very much ready to take up the Software Engineering position at Simcons Inc. and be a part of and perform a full-fledged role in the software development life cycle. I’m exhilarated by every part of the process and looking forward to putting my craft to use very soon.

Hope to hear from you soon. I shall follow up next week to set up an appointment or share more information that you might need.

Sincerely, Simone Green

IT Cover Letter Example for a Trainee Engineer

Dear Andrew,

I am writing in regard to my application for the Software Engineer position at Scranton. I’m finishing up my information technology (IT) undergraduate degree at the University of Scranton and will be graduating in May 2020. My educational experience paired with my work experience has prepared me well for this position as a Software Engineer.

During my coursework in college, I developed my skills in multiple disciplines of software engineering such as programming, scripting, web development, project management, networking, etc. Alongside, I also worked part-time in the college campus at the student’s help desk center which honed my skills in dealing with students of various backgrounds and arranging and communicating information with each of them effectively in minimum time. I also worked as a summer programming teacher and ran a crash course for 3 batches of 25 students each.

To develop my engineering skills further, I worked as an intern at Techline Inc for a total of 18 months. I worked as a developer in their team that developed huge enterprise-grade applications. Fortunately, when I joined they were still developing the software and I had an opportunity to develop parts of it and get hands-on experience of large size ultra-complex, and extremely organized projects. These experiences together helped me develop organizational and technical skills, leadership skills servicing, and problem-solving skills which together make me ready to enter the corporate world and function efficiently and collaboratively.

Attached is my resume for further review. Please feel free to reach me via email or phone. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon and setting up an appointment for my interview.

Sincerely, Rosemary D’Souza

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