3+ Esthetician No Experience Cover Letter Examples

Need help writing a top notch esthetician cover letter? Get these 3+ esthetician no experience cover letter examples and make your best first impression.

If you’re looking for a job as a Esthetician, but you don’t have any work experience, fear not: you’ll find 3 examples of stellar Esthetician cover letters with no experience here. Study up, and get ready to write the perfect cover letter to land you your dream job!

Esthetician No Experience Cover Letter #1

Dear hiring manager,

I’m so pleased to enclose my application for the role of esthetician at Blue Lagoon Spa. As a long-time client, I was excited to see this role advertised on your website. I’ve always found that Blue Lagoon provides better customer service than any competitors, and I’d love to contribute to that amazing culture as the newest member of your team.

While I don’t have experience as an esthetician, I am fully trained, and have just completed my cosmetology certification at City College. My studies have allowed me to prove to myself that I am a fast learner, with a real ability to retain new information. It’s been such a pleasure to learn the ins and outs of the services you provide at Blue Lagoon, which I’ve experienced as a customer many times. My teachers have always commended my positive attitude and my enthusiasm for my work, both of which I know can make a real difference to customer experience. I can’t wait to allow customers to access the confidence that skincare has always given me, and to deliver customer service that will keep them coming back time and time again!

I’ve already learned so much about skincare and beauty therapy from Blue Lagoon, and I know that this role would give me the opportunity to learn even more. I believe I could begin to develop a lifelong career as a member of the Blue Lagoon Team.

Please find my resume attached. Thank you so much – I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Joanne Hodgson

Esthetician No Experience Cover Letter #2

Dear hiring manager,

Hello! I’m delighted to enclose my application for the role of esthetician, which I saw advertised on your Instagram page. I have always admired Blue Lagoon Spa and its willingness to embrace new trends in the beauty and wellness industries, and I believe I have the industry knowledge necessary to turn this role into something special.

I have never worked as an esthetician before. However, I have three years of experience as a make-up artist, and have continued to work while completing my esthetician program. My work has shown me first-hand that no two customers are alike – they all have different hopes and needs, and understanding how to meet those needs is an important part of working in the beauty industry. I recently worked with a client on her wedding day, and learned quickly that she was insecure about her skin. I took the time to reassure her and talk her through the steps I took to make her skin appear smoother. She was delighted with the outcome, and thanked me afterwards for my kindness! It shows that the work we do in this field can change people’s lives.

As an esthetician, I know I will be able to deliver the great service that customers expect from Blue Lagoon. I’m so excited to learn and grow as part of the team, and to deliver the care and attention that I’ve always prided myself on showing to my clients.

My resume is attached. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours sincerely,

Emma Ichikawa

Esthetician No Experience Cover Letter #3

Dear hiring manager,

I’m happy to submit my application for the role of esthetician at Blue Lagoon Spa! I’ve been interested in the beauty industry for several years now, and I think that working as an esthetician will allow me to grow my experience in the field. I’m really excited by the thought of working directly with customers, offering them the customer service they deserve, and sending them back into the world with a renewed sense of confidence and self-worth.

I have supported myself through my esthetician program by working at Barnum’s Department Store, where I have been able to apply my customer service skills to a wide range of different departments. I have especially loved working at the make-up counters, where I have been able to apply my product knowledge and leave customers feeling satisfied. I take real joy in recommending new products to customers – in fact, I recently served a customer whose moisturizing product had caused a bad reaction. By talking to her and learning about her struggle, I was able to recommend a replacement product for sensitive skin. She came back a week later to thank me! That’s the kind of experience I hope to create for customers at Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is a local institution because of the expertise offered by its team members. I would love to be a part of your team, and turn a lifelong passion for beauty into a career that can improve customers’ lives.

I have enclosed my resume. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

With best wishes,

Jerick Green

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