6+ Engineering Cover Letter Examples

6+ Engineering cover letter examples for Experienced, Mid-level, and Entry-level Engineers. Long and short Engineering cover letter examples attached.

engineering cover letter example

As an engineer, it may seem tough to get creative with writing for your engineering cover letter. But then you didn’t become an engineer to do creative writing, did you?

Although, it isn’t very difficult once you know what you want to convey.

You definitely have a sentence to say to the hiring manager, right?

Consider, you are to meet the hiring in charge and hand over your resume to her. What would you say?

You’re sure you won’t say anything, right?

You will share a smile. Maybe a handshake. Tell her your name…


Are you considering telling her how much experience you have and where you work currently and why her company interests you, and that you do have a very good profile that fits her requirement?

Why so? Isn’t it all there on your resume?

It is to make sure that she gets interested in you and takes a look at your resume, right?

Instead of saying those things, you write a cover letter to do just that for you when she opens your email application.

Your cover letter talks to her for you.

Just like you don’t make a long conversation to hand over your resume to someone, you don’t write a lengthy cover letter to introduce yourself.

Write your cover letter in 150-200 words.

Say, just the things that you find impressive about yourself and your profile, then say thanks for taking the time to view your application.

That is all.

Below are some examples to help you write your cover letter. Remember, never copy-paste your cover letter. Because what is out on the web is for all to see, you’ll be no different. Tweak the samples, fit in your experience, and go with it.

Jr. Engineer Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Joseph,

It is with great enthusiasm that I’m applying for this Mechanical Engineering position posted on mosnter.com. My education and previous commercial experience give me a lot of useful background on the Robogin project you guys are working on.

I’m inclined to work with you on a diverse portfolio of large-scale projects with Robogin being at the heart of it. I have had the opportunity to build a robotic arm and a weight carrier for the army with a team of 6 engineers. I’m eager to be able to apply my construction management and analytical skills so developed on the Robogin project.

Along with engineering, I’m also involved in developing cost control measures and therefore proposing project budgets that I work on. I recently developed and implemented a meme report that captures project memes accurately and helps provide data to feed into a cost control model I developed to be used across projects.

The model is currently in use and has been providing useful insights into the expenses of each product so the management is able to plan ahead and mitigate additional costs and steer up the profits earned from each project.

Previously, I had worked with a contractor where I managed daily operations of a tunnel lining while coordinating with night-shift engineers to complete the project a week ahead of the scheduled time. The variety of experiences I have had has proved to be very useful in terms of the knowledge and information I bring to an engineering project.

With my engineering and management experiences, I’m sure to be very useful on your Robogin project. I hope to hear from you soon and I’m available for an initial screening over the call if required.

I’ll call in the next 5 days to follow up on my application.

Thanks for taking the time to review my application.

Sincerely, Dongle Sanchez

Engineering Cover Letter Example for Fabrication Roles

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m applying for the Manufacturing Mechanical Engineer position published in the New York Times on the 4th of February. My academic success in mechanical engineering along with my professional success in problem-solving, multi-tasking, and customer service makes me an ideal candidate for this position.

After working under the Kroger Subsidiary for more than a year, I am excited about professional growth within my field of study.

At Kroger’s, I worked as an Associate where I demonstrated time, task, and conflict management skills. Kroger’s location attracts a diverse customer base, which presents unique challenges. I was able to navigate their concerns calmly and orchestrate a mutual resolution without delays. I am also involved in inventory preparation and management which necessitates independent problem-solving, effective multitasking, and prompt service. I am well-prepared to assist project managers and other engineering personnel as I learn the intricacies of Kroger engineering.

Given the opportunity, I am sure my commitment to providing the highest level of service to the Kroger/Kwik Shop customers has given me a unique perspective on problem-solving, organizing, prioritizing, and time management.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and I’m available any time for additional questions and interviews. I shall follow up after 3 days to know the status of my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration. S incerely, James Cage

Process Engineering Cover Letter Example

Dear HR Manager,

This is with regard to the Graduate Process Engineer job post on LinkedIn. My experience as an Oilfield Engineer has been about process management, project management, and personal development to keep myself abreast with industry updates.

Most recently, I have served as a supervisor for a land-based oil rig. The most exciting thing was getting to work with people of different expertise and experience levels all on the same team. I found it very useful to get to know about the plant operations from non-engineers, but long-time workers who knew better than engineers about the equipment in the plant.

I involved myself in material sampling, handling, operating field equipment, running safety checks, and troubleshooting, all in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment. To carry out these functions I exercised teamwork, leadership, and transparency while negotiating every now and then to get the best outcome from operations. Having had this experience I’m confident to be useful and productive at the Mining and Minerals plant.

In my understanding, my research background has given me important insights into engineering. I have worked to construct a reactor in the past for 18 months. I chose this role because it involved building the reactor through and through (procurement, designing, and installation) as well as allocating resources towards it. This diversity of functions had me work with various departments and in different capacities to learn the limitations and advantages that come with the involvement of numerous departments. All in all it gives me an insight into the calculation of project costs and construction of Critical Path diagrams for accurate time estimation.

Learning from each job I have developed myself in engineering, project management, and business fronts all alike. You’ll find more details on how well my work experience matches your job requirements in my attached resume.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for more information. I shall follow up within a week to get an interview appointment.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Jake Harvell

Associate Engineer Cover Letter Example

Dear Alex,

I’m Gerald. I found the post for the position of Associate Engineer on Craigslist.com that came live yesterday. I’m very excited to be applying for this position at Piper Companies for I would be at the forefront of innovation and technology representing the company.

I graduated in 2019 and have been working at a manufacturing plant since then. I have worked under a Senior Process Engineer as an intern and have been able to show the dedication and seriousness to be trusted with plant equipment operations and intervention for troubleshooting within a month of joining. A couple of weeks later I was assigned maintenance work where I had to work with the operators and use their expertise to plan the maintenance schedule focusing on cost-cutting. I went through all the maintenance expenses and found certain oiling and part replacement being done randomly which on a calculation, I found would endure much more production without repair. I re-scheduled maintenance accordingly and it saved and delayed certain expenses which were close to 30k annually.

I also worked with the design team and created P&IDs using AutoCAD which was quite an extensive thing given I had to research the designs previously approved and prepare new designs accordingly to produce a design that had little to no chance of rejection. I prepared a design for the Formula1 engine which was approved and is in production right now. While preparing designs and doing the maintenance work, I continuously documented every step, kept records of changes, and updated the P&IDs.

Since the start of my internship, I’m glued to the exciting things that one gets to learn in a plant every day. The bigger the plant, the more there is to explore and learn and improve and maintain and innovate. Working at Piper Companies would be just that for me- a land of innovation and technology to explore and renovate to stay at the top. I would welcome the opportunity for an interview and discuss how I can contribute to the Piper team. I’m available for telephonic screening anytime via call or email.

Thank you for reviewing my application!

Sincerely, Gerald Luna

Entry-level Engineering Cover Letter Example

Dear Stephanie,

This is to apply for the vacancy of Entry-level Mechanical Engineer posted on Monster.com. I’m an Industrial Engineer, who graduated in 2019 from Kansas University. Since high school, I have had a strong desire to contribute to the defense forces of the nation and I have established myself as an Engineer to do just that.

To back up this drive with experience, I earned an internship with the defense contractors for 12 months which had me working on the design of a new model of warship- jessica.02.

I have experience working with TSL Defence contractors (I had my undergraduate design project sponsored by them) where I shadowed a Mechanical Design Engineer to learn the process of collecting information, reviewing samples, previous design flaws, demand and requests from users, researching new design implications and costs and limitations, procuring material, designing and production. I was particularly involved in designing the 3D structure of Jessica.02 using AutoCAD and Solidworks. The design team consisted of 25 design engineers who I coordinated with while working on the assigned tasks.

As an intern, my focus was to make the jobs of other engineers easier due to my presence in exchange for the experience I got and the things I got to learn there. At the end of the internship, I was awarded a mini model of the warship- jessica.02 for my contribution to the design team.

What I lack in industry experience, I make up for with an ability to quickly adapt when faced with new concepts and difficult problems. In the coming years as an engineer, I aspire to work on engineering design to stay at the center of innovation and contribute positively to design technologies.

I hope to hear from you soon to discuss my experience in detail and see how I can contribute to the Huntington Ingalls team. I shall follow-up in the next 3 days to schedule an appointment for my interview. Please reach me anytime via phone or email to proceed.

Thank you for considering my application!

Sincere regards, Octavia Carlina

Long Engineering Cover Letter Example

Dear Henery,

I am excited to apply for the Mechanical Design Engineer position at General Dynamics. I am currently an Associate Distribution Engineer in CA but I am looking for a new opportunity due to receding work at my current role. I believe that my education and work experience make me an excellent candidate.

Shortly upon graduating from San Jose State University, I began my current position at Pentair Inc., a large defense company. As a part of the Distribution team in CA, it was my job to assist clients with their electrical circuit revitalization projects through the use of AutoCAD, and GIS databases. Local Utility, for example, is one of the clients I served and the project made 1.5 million in net profit. The job was to collaborate with field engineers and project managers. My team and I received their project locations and we assessed what needed to be done at each location, and complete the necessary AutoCAD sketches and required permits. Not only have these projects given me experience in working directly with engineering clients, but they also have allowed my team and me to make a positive impact on the lives of the residents of many cities in CA.

Furthermore, during my first two years as a college student, I was also a dedicated student-athlete. As a diver on the Division-I of San Jose University Swimming and Diving team, my exceptionally busy schedule allowed me to master my time-management skills. Being on a team also taught me the importance of interpersonal relationships, and this knowledge gained from contributing to something bigger than myself has positively impacted my collaboration abilities. The capacity to remain calm and collected under pressure, as well, has better prepared me for the dynamic environment that an engineer may find oneself in from time to time.

I want to work on a diverse team that tackles needs and issues on a large scale, and I believe that working at General Dynamics will give me that opportunity. I am positive that I would be a great fit for your team. You can reach me anytime for an initial interview over the phone or get in touch with me via email to set up an appointment. I will follow-up within a week to see if I can get an interview during the next week.

I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Irma Jhonson

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