4 Consulting Cover Letter Examples and Writing Tips

4 Consulting cover letter examples for writing Experienced Consultants, Mid-Level Consulting, And Entry-Level Consulting cover letters.

consulting cover letter examples

At any experience level, a consulting cover letter represents leadership, confidence, and expertise. You have to present yourself as an expert, all-knowing of your client’s business and industry.

In this post, we’ll cover major rules to adhere to and consultant cover letter samples at various experience levels to help you create yours within your skillset.

Let’s take a look at what your consulting cover letter should give away when a recruiter reads it.

How to write a Consulting Cover Letter?

Here is what you should include in your Consulting Cover Letter:

  • Your industrial expertise
  • Your analytical, statistical, and data interpretation skills
  • The depth of your involvement in your client’s affairs
  • Your participation in the execution of strategies and troubleshooting
  • Your relationship with the stakeholders of the project
  • How you glide through the research process due to your experience
  • Statistical, GSC, or Google Analytics performance report against your work

Note that, whether you have had an internship experience as a consultant or been an employee in a company, who assisted in strategic planning and implementation, you found yourself being involved in the above tasks (or some of them) to some extent.

Talk about just the things which you influenced and participated in and felt very attached to and/ or produced some major breakthroughs or lifted the product performance enormously.

That is your selling point, any of those things there.

Winning tip: if the performance on GSC shows a big jump on the graph as a result of your joining the firm, use the screenshot of that graph on your cover letter. It will speak for itself and is the best way you can convey more meaning in fewer words.

Here are some consulting cover letter samples to consider before you write yours.

Management Consulting Cover Letter for Career Change

Hi Andrew,

I have long been passionate about solving complex technical problems, and have aggressively explored a wide variety of biotechnology research topics in both academic and industrial settings through the past 7 years. Through these experiences, I realized, I enjoyed the challenge of translating ideas into commercially viable businesses more than the challenge of academic research. I am now looking to leverage the problem-solving skills that I have honed as a researcher to practice identifying and solving problems faced by companies and businesses.

To this end, I am applying for the Management Consultant position at Monitor Deloitte’s London Office. I want to consume the data-driven, analytics-based approach to the business strategy that Deloitte is known for. Furthermore, through my interactions with Consultant Roger Hugo, I learned of the entrepreneurial spirit that is encouraged at Deloitte which reinforced my interest in your firm.

I have also developed other strengths that are directly transferable to the role. While studying diverse topics ranging from clinical diagnostics to applications of machine learning in biology, I have demonstrated the aptitude to pick up skills and collect deep knowledge rapidly. This flexibility has helped me generate a significant impact on my projects as evidenced by publications, conference presentations, and successful research grant applications.

I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with scientists and professionals from a variety of backgrounds, from software developers to doctors and investors. These interactions taught me how to break down and communicate complex, foreign concepts to a diverse audience in a simple manner. My leadership experiences, like leading a team of students to win awards at international student conferences, have taught me how to identify the strengths and interests of my teammates, and channel them to achieve a common goal.

I look forward to an opportunity to speak with you and further discuss how I can be an asset to your firm. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Demi Josh

Entry-level Business Consulting Cover Letter Example

Dear Marshall,

I’m a Chemical Engineer enthusiastic about the Graduate Consultant position With Oliver Wyman published in the daily news this last Sunday. Whilst completing an internship at BHP Billiton I found myself thirsting for more responsibility, greater challenges, and a faster-paced working environment, which I learned consulting could offer me. I’m seeking out a company Whose work is high impact and high stakes that Oliver Wyman has to offer generously.

Working on projects during my internship at With BHP Billiton I further honed my strong research and analytical skills to solve more complex problems in industrial settings. Via teamwork and a healthy exchange of ideas, I was able to aid the Graduate Engineers in stabilizing magnetite consumption in the plant to below-target levels. I optimized the effectiveness of plant inspections by expanding the amount of detail required during inspections and created educational documents to provide operators with better knowledge about the identification of plant issues. This resulted in an increased frequency of issue identification, with fewer problems having to be rectified or discovered by engineers.

I have also sought out extra-curricular activities that have allowed me to demonstrate and further develop my transferrable skillsets. While volunteering in Haiti, I worked with a wide variety of people with different cultural backgrounds to successfully build a septic tank for the orphanage from scratch and to install a solar water heater on the roof of a neighboring orphanage. I enjoyed working in teams to achieve goals that I was passionate about.

As a result of my motivation to work with academically and geographically diverse groups to attain objectives for various organizations and institutions economically I feel enthused to work as a Business Consultant and study and achieve new heights for my client organizations. I would greatly value the opportunity to work for a global leader in management consulting and grow with the brightest teams. O look forward to the possibility of speaking with you further regarding the position.

Regards, Emily Marco

Example Consulting Cover Letter for Experienced Professionals

Dear Alexandar,

I’m excited to apply for the Consultant position at GCST Consulting that was advertised in the New York Times on Monday. I have 6years of prior experience working as a marketer for IT companies which I translated into consulting strength and have been helping tech start-ups to get out of the no progress zone and boosting their growths 10x faster through SEO services and Facebook advertising. I would like to get more involved in the process through a full-time consulting job.

Most recently, I have been involved with a company in the education and employment sector; a software product and an app development agency for the IT industry; Covid-19 government grant education webinar for the insurance sector, and a marketing agency. I have played different roles in each of these associations- from writing deep-research tech content to SEO optimization, writing ad copies, optimizing Facebook ads to reduce budgets, and turning unyielding ad spending into high conversion (ranging between 65- 78%) profitable expenses.

I approach industries and companies case by case never assuming the basis of my work. After a deep understanding of the client’s business and industry utilizing the client’s historical data as evidence, I educate them on the current status of their business and plan out a strategy that works with their existing team or by leveraging the flexibility they can allow for structural changes. Thereafter, I seek coordination and motivation from client-side stakeholders through simple presentations of future work and expected outcomes.

My experience with a range of industries gives me an edge in effortlessly diving into new industries and expanding my knowledge base. GCST can benefit from my existing experiences and I can utilize the opportunity to work in industrial diversity through its global clientele.

Please feel free to let me know if I can provide any additional details in support of my application. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing back.

Kind Regards, Joseph Billiards

Healthcare Consulting Cover Letter Example

Dear Johnson,

I learned from SF Weekly about UCSF looking to hire a Healthcare Consultant and writing to apply for the position. I have spent the last 15 years of my career practicing medicine, of which the most recent 4 years have been as the head of the Orthopedics department. My intent had always been to be in the field and provide medical care and experience the life of interns and fellowship doctors to nurses and surgeons before I stepped up to practice as a Healthcare Consultant.

I have assisted the Medical Director in successfully executing IT infrastructure implementation and adoption among nursing, resident, and senior doctors and surgeons within a span of 45 days. During the last 1 year, I have also been accountable for streamlining the operations of my department to cut costs while allowing doctors free up some time for training on general up-gradation of the equipment in use and new and advanced medical treatment introduced by the hospital.

I spend the remainder of my time analyzing various reports of our external healthcare consultant to plan improvements in cash flow and operations and assessing the need for training in various departments. I feel inclined towards the business outlook of the hospital as an organization and want to invest more time into making the healthcare system function as a more efficient institution that works to its capacity without stressing the resources.

UCSF’s commitment to investing in the development of its associates appeals to me and since I have served 3 years of my residency at UCSF, I’m aware of its resourcefulness and can see how the hospital can expand as well as maintain its efficiency during the expansion period as is on the agenda of the management for the next 2 years.

I would love to discuss the opportunity and UCSF’s future plans in detail to move forward. You may connect with me via email or the phone number mentioned on my resume. I’ll be able to meet you next week on Saturday. I look forward to hearing back.

Regards, Dr. Jean Hagen

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