2 Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Examples: Experienced And Assistant Construction Project Managers

2 Construction Project Manager cover letter examples for Experienced And Assistant Construction Project Managers.

construction project manager cover letter example

Writing a construction project manager cover letter could be challenging given you might have spent years on a single project that is yet to see completion.

Putting together the skills you have gained over a stretch of time and talking about the area of your expertise does most of the work.

With more number of years in the industry, you can reduce the length of your cover letter largely and give away only the best and most relevant projects you have completed or contributed to.

With lesser experience, say 2 years or less, you should get into more details and talk about the dimensions of the project research phase that you contributed to, the types of engineering models you prepared, and so on.

This builds confidence in the hiring manager that you have done the work and are articulate with the process and can be entrusted with a project at the stages you’ve talked about in your cover letter.

The best cover letters would be 150-200 words. That being said, a cover letter is an introduction and it can always be one of a kind in size and presentation.

Assistant Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear James,

I came across your posting in the Washington post this Friday and I’m thrilled to find a construction contractor who is looking for an experienced Civil Engineer to take up the role of a Project Manager for its upcoming project in the state of Florida. I have experience in supervising and implementing controls for similar projects in the past and the skills and understanding gained will immensely help in creating a strong foundation for the construction of Florida’s Museum of History.

In the previous project, I assisted in running the project lifecycle from pre-construction to facility management. I held responsibility for on-time and within-budget completion of submittals, identifying 2-week lookaheads, and change orders, and updating minutes of meeting after weekly quality control inspections. I also enthusiastically undertook the procurement of materials after preparing estimations to get hands-on experience in negotiating procurement terms and finances. All of this has prepared me extensively to take on projects as a lone project manager and lead it from inception to maintenance.

Florida’s Museum of History is one such project where I see myself applying what I have learned as well as being challenged to create the world’s largest and strongest glass and concrete structure. You may reach me through my phone or email anytime during this week to proceed with my application and set up an interview. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm Regards, Jacob Staff

Construction Manager Cover Letter Example

Dear Steve,

I’m writing to express my interest in the Project Manager vacancy published in the New York Times yesterday for the Ohio Construction project. I’m looking to relocate to Ohio and this opportunity couldn’t have come along at a better time. I have the desired experience of 5 years in overbridge construction and many other complex road infrastructure projects that will benefit the Ohio Great Golden Bridge construction project.

I have been involved largely in the planning stage of projects for location surveys, soil surveys and model studies, and analysis. Studying and analyzing scientific dimensions is the most exciting part of the work since I get to do chemical and physical studies on the material and structures and build mathematical models. I follow the guidelines of construction very closely from the investigation phase to planning making sure the end result stands on a solid foundation of construction planning. My latest project was a 4-kilometer overbridge reconstruction in New York City to connect it to the island of Manhattan. Most of the work was about material procurement and quality check for this major overbridge. The 15-month project had me building connections with suppliers who supply materials throughout the states which should be useful in the procurement of materials for the Ohio Golden bridge.

I have a keen interest in participating in the investigation and planning phase of this project which begins in a month and I would like to know if I can do anything to make the process move faster to be able to make it in time. Feel free to connect through phone or email for more information or set up an interview. I will be able to do a video call as well if that helps with moving things faster.

My diverse skill set will likely allow me to make tangible contributions in a short time. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to speed up your process.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Benny Jones

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