4+ CNA Cover Letter Examples: Experienced, Entry-Level, And No Experience Cover Letter Format.

4+ CNA cover letter examples for Experienced CNAs, Entry-Level CNAs, And No Experience CNAs.

CNA Cover Letter Example

Your CNA cover letter is your assistant to getting you a certified nursing assistant job. It should be eligible to assist you just like you assist the doctors and nurses on your team.

A Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the most important members on a doctor’s team since they attend to the nitty-gritty needs of the patients.

Patient care and involvement with each patient is an important skill for a CNA to highlight in the cover letter.

Make your skills around being empathetic and enjoying the recovery of your patients look prominent on your cover letter. How you value these things and how much difference it makes to your patients should be next to talk about.

Your certification is important, therefore, include it in the introduction paragraph of your CNA cover letter.

Plan your content to be about 150-200 words. More words don’t help in your selection and repetition kills your chance at it.

Below are sample CNA cover letters to help you write yours.

Note: It is a good idea to write something fresh in the introduction because every sentence written in a cover letter of every job has to say the same thing. A different opening changes the game for you.

Before we see the samples, let’s understand the format.

CNA Cover Letter Format

While it is desirable to write your letter in a unique way, it is advised to not change the basic format of your cover letter. The following things should stay in place while you create a fresh look for your CNA cover letter:

  • Introduction- where you found the vacancy, what’s your experience, and why you’re a good fit?
  • Body- details of your experience, what your specialty is, examples of good work, any previous relevant jobs
  • Conclusion- how you’ll contribute to the new workplace, how should they contact you, and state your gratitude

Now, in each of these parts, you don’t necessarily have to answer each of the points in exact sequence. You can play with the sequence or slightly change it to fit your style- that’s where you make the difference!

Let’s check out the CNA Cover Letter examples.

Experienced CNA Cover Letter Example

Dear Joseph,

I have been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Concord Medical Center for the past 4 years serving patients post-surgery and in ICUs mainly and occasionally caring for mothers-to-be in the gynecology department. I found on your website that you were looking for a senior Nursing Assistant with experience in more than one department of nursing care and it looked like it is a perfect match.

In the beginning, I worked and cared for every admitted patient by serving them meals, cleaning them, changing band-aids, cleaning wounds, assisting in using bedpans, and everything else a patient needed. One of the patients under my care who was otherwise doing well kept getting fever and stomachache in the absence of the doctors which I had recorded as special notes for the doctor to see. A day later the patient had a rupture in the intestine and was pulled into the operation theatre immediately to be operated upon. The doctors were prepared for it in advance since they had suspected the possibility from my notes on the patient. After the incident, I was assigned to care for those patients who were more dependent on their caregivers following ER training at the facility. Other than caring for patients, I train newly joined CNAs on the expectations of the hospital from the CNAs and how to keep themselves organized and be efficient with their busy schedules.

Personally, it is also very satisfying to be able to help the new residents who struggle to keep up with the new environment and the stress that comes along in treating patients, keeping records, and following the doctor’s instructions.

I shall appreciate an opportunity to meet with the nursing staff for my interview and an introduction to the facility. You may reach out to me via email or my phone number mentioned on the attached resume to set up an interview or ask any questions. Alternatively, I shall follow up on my application within a week.

Thank you! Marie McEwan

CNA Cover Letter No Experience Example

Dear Mrs. Hawkins,

I heard about the requirement for a nursing assistant at your hospital through a friend (Rosalie Sickmond), who works there as a Registered Nurse and she told me to apply for the job with her reference. I received my Certificate for Nursing Assistant last month and would like to service patients and gain practical experience in patient care before enrolling in BSN for further studies.

During the certification course, I serviced an elderly home care facility and practiced the administration of topical medication, assisting in the bath and routine activities, serving meals, bedpan duties, etc. among others. The most important things I learned were organization, paying attention to vital signs, and recording them. I spent my free time with the elderly to understand caregiving from their perspective. I recognized the value of sparing time to listen to the patients and empathizing with them.

I would very much like an opportunity to serve the community with care and compassion as a nursing assistant for Salem Hospital. Please contact me by phone or mail for further communication in this regard. I look forward to speaking with you and discussing the next steps.

Thank you for sparing time and considering my application.

Regards, Jamie Redford

Entry-Level CNA Cover Letter Example

Dear Dr. Harper,

I’m applying for the position of Nursing Assistant advertised in The Mercury News last week.

I’m a certified nursing assistant with some experience as a post-surgery assistant for patients at their residences. I’m looking to join a hospital to work full-time and practice patient care and assist nurses and residents.

On completion of my certification, I joined a home healthcare center and have been visiting patients at their residences to provide medical care and assist with walks and exercises. I have attended to all needs of patients in general on these duties and have also stayed 24x7 at the patient’s houses to monitor them and report to the doctors. I can also assist new residents and help them get around the new place and routine of the hospital since I have had the experience of introducing of routine to residents during my training for CNA.

I’m excited to begin working at a hospital and be of service to numerous patients in various departments and the healthcare facility of the hospital. I have attached my resume herewith. Please contact me at your convenience to set up an interview or conduct an initial screening over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Rosemary D’Souza

CNA Cover Letter Sample for Paediatric Care Example

Dear Ms. Susan,

I heard about the vacancy of CNA at the St.Christopher’s Hospital for Children from nurse Isabela Rockford inquiring about open positions. I work at the children’s unit of Colorado Hospital and have been nursing children of all ages for the past 3 years.

I love to work with children and therefore, a very important part of the job is speaking to them and making them feel comfortable about being admitted or administering shots or other medication. I help with exercises, bedpan duties, cleaning and bathing, food intake and output measurements, serving meals, positioning patients, and other requests from patients. Apart from this, I assist nurses in setting up equipment for surgery and medical tests, updating patient records, and report the nurses, administering advised medicines, taking temperature, weighing, and recording changes.

I’m adept at facilitating good care for children and assisting nurses and would like to serve at your hospital and be a part of the best children’s hospital in Philadelphia. You may reach me at 9876987698 to set up an appointment for a personal interview. I’ll contact you in the next 3 days to know the status of my application. Thanks for considering me.

Best regards, Jamie Howkins

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