3 Bank Teller Cover Letter Examples: Experienced, Entry-Level, And Generic Cover Letters.

3 Bank Teller cover letter examples for Experienced Bank Tellers, Entry-Level Bank Tellers, And Generic Bank Teller Cover Letters.

bank teller cover letter example

When writing your bank teller cover letter, put all your work around managing and handling cash at the top and then your experience with the customers.

A banker is interested in a candidate who is helpful, extrovert, well-spoken, easily builds rapport, and works with the cash effortlessly but carefully.

You will also benefit from having used excel sheets to enter data into columns and rows for organization and to enable its use in the analysis.

All of the above experiences come to your aid with or without a relevant college degree. Based on what you have studied you can highlight what is closest to the required experience for a bank teller job.

Write your bank teller cover letter in 150-200 words which is sufficient to list everything that needs a mention.

There can be an advantage for you if you are bilingual. Since you will speak to customers, understanding and speaking different local languages will only be helpful and make you look articulate in customer service.

Let’s now look at some cover letters for the bank teller position.

Bank Teller Cover Letter With No Experience

Dear Mishal,

I’m applying for the Bank Teller position posted on indeed.com. My outgoing personality and previous work and volunteering experiences align well with the requirement of this job. My communication and interpersonal skills will be an excellent asset to this position.

I have done multiple part-time jobs during the past 4 years in the area of customer service, sales, and as a cashier at Walmart. I have honed my

  • People skills-, de-escalate intense situations, influence customer’s buying decisions, handle complaints
  • Sales- pitching financial and insurance products to the customers, sharing product details and answering queries
  • Cash management- maintaining cash register, reconciling transactions, clearing cheques

A bank teller’s job is quite diverse to make use of all my assembled skills and knowledge throughout this time. In the past during my high school days, I also tutored a group of 9th graders in math and social-science which makes me confident while dealing with customers who need to be educated on the product to reach my sales targets.

An opportunity to work with the bank will be rewarding to me, given the perfect match of my transferrable skills to the job. I shall reach you via phone in the next 3 days to check the status of my application and set-up an appointment to discuss the role in detail. Alternatively, you can reach me on my phone or email at any time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Billy Harper

Cover Letter for Entry-Level Bank Teller

Dear James,

I would like to apply for the position of Bank Teller at Wells Fargo advertised on Dice.com. I graduated in 2018 with a BABS and stayed in Vernon of California to be with my family. During the 2 years that I have lived in Vernon after graduation, I have worked for a summer camp project as a research assistant, and at a supermarket outside the town as a cashier. My experiences, though not into a bank, have a lot to transfer to a bank teller’s position.

As a summer camp research assistant for a psychology research study examining youth involvement throughout the camp, I interacted with a diverse range of people, including campers and parents in UBC’s camp. I gave brief overviews of our study and obtained parental consent for participation. I collected and transferred all the survey data into the computer for analysis while maintaining accuracy and participant’s privacy. In the year before, I was hired as a part-time help-desk executive and cashier at the only superstore near Vernon where I greeted and directed customers to the right area for their shopping needs, billing, and return transactions. My experiences working with customers developed my people skills and the part-time job of cashier and help-desk executive taught me how to wear many hats and change the priorities quickly in the hour of need.

As a Bank Teller, I see myself utilizing my skills to their full potential and learning more in the process from where there is a plethora of activities and skills to obtain. I look forward to discussing this further in an interview at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact me through phone or email should any questions arise.

Thank you for your time in reading my letter.

Sincerely, Sara Fernandes

Experienced Sample Cover Letter for Bank Teller

Dear Tim,

This is to apply for the position of Bank Teller at JPMorgan Chase which I found posted on your website. I bring 3 years of experience serving as a Bank Teller at the Bank of America and Ally Bank which are both known for their excellent customer service which is of chief importance at JPMorgan. Besides, my own passion to provide value to every customer aligns with the bank’s and I would love to work towards a conjoint mission.

In my experience with the Bank of America, this position was about being a guide and a companion to revenue generation apart from recording and processing the daily transactions of cash and cheque. Over time, I learned about various financial products and how they benefited customers and with that, I also became more resourceful in terms of matching the needs of the customer with the products of the bank. I was offered a share in the bonus of the sales team in return for the converted leads I generated.

Before this, I sold life insurance as an agent for multiple insurance companies offering customers the product that suited their needs from my portfolio of eight life insurance products. Being the face of multiple financial institutions for my customers made me more aware of the differences in the conduction of business by various companies. I’m able to wear multiple hats and conduct a diverse range of activities simultaneously.

I understand that being resourceful is the key to success in terms of both career progression and revenue generation. Which is why I’m open to learning at all times. I seek an opportunity for an interview with JPMorgan to contribute to its corporate goals through my holistic customer service skills.

Thank you for reviewing my application. I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Olivia Swift

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