4 Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples: Executive Admins, Entry-Level Admins, General Admins, And More.

4 Administrative Assistant cover letter examples for Executive Admins, Entry-Level Admins, General Admins, and IT Administrative Assistants.

Administrative Assistant cover letter example

There are hundreds of tasks worthy of inclusion in your administrative assistant cover letter. What should you write in about half a page that says you do all the things that you do?

You must include all that you do to beat the other candidates who might be doing less. But you’ve got to write it all in just 150-200 words.

Or, if you’re thinking you can’t even do 150 words. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Writing about 100 words about what major 3 tasks you do is all it takes to get you shortlisted.

The first thing to do is- introduce yourself:

  • I’m Rosaline. I found the job on this job board and I’m very excited to share that I have experience that matches perfectly with the requirement of the job.

Write about your experience:

  • How many years of experience you have got and list the main 2-3 tasks that you do. Under each task write what things are included under that head of the task. (Bookkeeping- recording the status of various meetings and their schedules, sending feedback emails, filling compliance forms, etc.)

Lastly, tell them you are very positive about you being a great match to the requirements and you hope to hear from them soon. Say they can reach you at (your number) anytime.

These are the basics and it does really well at the time of screening. If you haven’t written a cover letter before, stick to the basics. Here are some cover letter samples to take inspiration from for writing yours.

Jr. Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Mathew,

I believe I am a worthy candidate for your Administrative Assistant position. Through my 1year accounting experience, I have gained valuable data entry experience and honed my organizational skills. During my studies, I have gained professional oral and written proficiency in French, making me a more effective speaker.

All of these skills were put to the test when I accepted an internship with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. While there, I assisted in research where I conducted surveys of the sample selected by the research team. I had a target of completing 300 surveys in a week to survey a total of 10,000 target population. This project had a strict deadline and I completed it a week in advance. I also helped with organizing the data collected and putting it into excel sheets for further analysis. I wrote reports on surveys collected, created error reports, and helped with the draft of the final report.

Apart from this, I have also worked in customer service for 18 months. Worked as a team in a fast-paced service-oriented environment with the goal of not missing a single call or leaving a single complaint unresolved. I never missed a call and always responded to and resolved every query within the same day.

With the variety of skills that I possess and the variety of environments I have worked for, I strongly believe I’m well prepared to handle an Administration position at its best. I keep a professional demeanor at all times to match that of a company’s atmosphere to assist its vision in the true sense.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon concerning the status of my application.

Yours faithfully, Shally Hudson

IT Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Dear Janice,

I read your post for an Administrative Assistant on Indeed.com and I’m very pleased to be applying for this position at Exceed Digital.

I have 3 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant organizing day-to-day calendar for senior executives, booking travel tickets and accommodation for meetings, briefing the executives on their schedule during their travel period, assisting in interview scheduling, taking and making calls to pass on the information and get administrative tasks done. I also manage a monthly budget for office stationery, snacks and refreshments for visitors, repair work of furniture, office celebrations, and the like. I also take software up-gradation or purchase requests from employees to move it forward to the purchasing department.

Most of my time is spent sorting and responding to emails from interview candidates and visitors and scheduling calendars for the executives going on special events outside of the office. I attend to all calls and am answerable to all callers with whatever request they make or transfer the call to the right department and person. I do follow-up calls for all clients and candidates as well regarding their visits, upcoming meetings, or interviews.

I’m sure to provide value in the position of Administrative assistant at Exceed Digital.

I’ll follow up on this email next week to set up an appointment with you. In the meanwhile, you can always contact me at (9876548765) for more information or a telephonic initial interview. Hope to see you soon for a personal interview.

Thanks for considering my profile!

Sincerely, Angela Anderson

Executive Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Hi Adriana,

I’m very interested in the role of Executive Administrative Assistant advertised in the New York Times on 5th November. I bring 3 years of experience handling administrative responsibilities for the director of marketing and the director of trading at once.

I’m very well aware of how busy these executives can be and how important every minute of their time is. In order to help them do their job well, I do everything else they need to be done. My duties start from picking up calls to getting them food.

Here are the main responsibilities:

  • Answering their phone calls, managing calendars, scheduling meetings, conveying delays via call or mail, completing their paper-work, and making their notes. In addition, sending reminders of all their duties and travels in advance since there are too many to remember
  • Preparing power-point presentations, proofreading documents and agreements, revising work with patience and being available for a last-minute change of plans and edits
  • Booking travel tickets and accommodation for tours and planning trip itinerary and accommodating other tasks in their free time

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of something bigger and more meaningful. Assisting the fast-paced work in getting done faster and at higher efficiency levels makes it very energizing and interesting to me. Plus I get to learn a lot in the process.

I would love to be a part of your organization and I’m very hopeful to work for the CEO as I’m up for more challenges than I have previously encountered. The faster the pace of work, the more exciting it gets for me.

Please feel free to get in touch anytime at 7687766576 for more information or to set up an appointment.

Thanks for your consideration!

Sincerely, Amelia George

General Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Hi Derrick,

This is in response to your mass mailers for the vacancy of Administrative Assistant job received on 10th Nov. I’m interested in the opportunity and have 3 years of relevant experience in support of my application.

I assist my CEO in various tasks as well as look into office administrative tasks on a regular basis. I maintain calendars and schedule meetings as requested, notify daily schedules to various senior executives with regard to their meetings and interviews. I maintain meeting room calendars and take notes for senior executives in their meetings. I also place orders and receive delivery of office supplies, pick up all incoming calls, and make calls whenever requested by our executives.

I also assist the HR team in filing and documentation work, setting reminders for team meetings and performance meetings with staff, bank account opening, related paperwork, and clerical work involved in all office activities for the CEO and senior executives. I plan and organize fun events in the office and manage the allotted budget wisely. I perform inquiries for official trips both business and casual and negotiate the terms and budget to get the best quotes and facilities.

Through my work, I’m motivated to help the officials do their work better and with ease and contribute to the mission of the company.

I would love to hear from you and discuss more on how I can contribute to your team. I’m available for an interview this week any day. You can reach me at 555-555-5555 to know more and set up an appointment.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully, Charles Goodman

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