2+ Adjunct Professor No Experience Cover Letter Examples

Need help writing a top notch adjunct professor cover letter? Get these 2+ adjunct professor no experience cover letter examples and make your best first impression.

If you’re looking for a job as an Adjunct Professor, but you don’t have any work experience, fear not: you’ll find 2 examples of stellar Adjunct Professor cover letters with no experience here. Study up, and get ready to write the perfect cover letter to land you your dream job!

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Adjunct Professor No Experience Cover Letter #1

Dear hiring manager,

I’m pleased to submit my application for the role of adjunct professor in English literature at Williams College. I am proud to be a Williams alum, and would be honored to have the opportunity to give back to the institution that has shaped me. The faculty here have inspired me since the very beginning of my studies, and I believe that I have it in me to pay that gift forward to the student body.

My time in the doctoral program here at Williams has given me an amazing opportunity to hone my research. But beyond that, it has offered me the chance to develop as a teacher. I have made full use of the doctoral teacher training scheme, actively learning the ins and outs of university-level teaching. I have learned how to build a syllabus, plan lectures and presentations, monitor student progress, and assign grades in line with the college’s rubric. I believe that this role would allow me to apply all of this learning to the real world, and to build the foundations for a lifelong academic career.

I know first-hand that students need their tuition to be effective, but also compassionate. My aptitude for communication comes with a high level of empathy for other people, and I am confident that I can approach my teaching responsibilities kindly as well as firmly.

My resume is attached. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to your response.

Best wishes,

Ben Heller

Adjunct Professor No Experience Cover Letter #2

Dear hiring manager,

I am proud to submit my application for the role of adjunct professor in engineering. When I saw this role advertised on the college’s website, I knew right away that I had to apply. I am confident that my combination of academic training and industry experience have prepared me for a successful career as a teacher, and I would love to begin that career with your institution.

In the three years since I obtained my doctoral degree, I have been employed at Lakefront Technologies, most recently as lead engineer. Leading a team of ten engineers, I have been able to develop my managerial and communication skills through direct industry experience. I have seen real improvement across my team since I began in this role. For example, one member of my team was on a performance improvement plan when I assumed managerial responsibility. I took the time to meet with her for weekly coaching sessions, and she has since been taken off the plan. Her future at the company looks very bright, and it is my privilege to have played a part in her success.

I believe that all of these skills are applicable to a career in teaching. I am accustomed to planning ahead, measuring performance, and helping colleagues to improve when they fall short. I have always taken these responsibilities seriously, and I know that my approach will benefit any students I teach.

I have enclosed my resume. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Lily Amrull

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