4 Academic Advisor Cover Letter Examples: Head, Career Coach, Student Advisor, And More.

4 Academic Advisor cover letter examples for Head Academic Advisors, Student Advisors, Career Advisors, and Career Advisors.

academic advisor cover letter example

Writing an academic advisor cover letter on top of writing a resume is one tough task. Especially, when both should highlight your strengths, but one can’t contain what the other does.

Understand that your cover letter is an introduction to you and your resume. Before someone looks at the details of what you’ve done, they want to make sure they are about to look at a promising profile.

Your cover letter is essentially making a promise of what and what doesn’t your profile has in store for the reviewer.

To help you write your cover letter, here are some samples to take inspiration from.

Academic Advisor Cover Letter Examples

Head Academic Advisor Cover Letter Example

Dear Dr. Lee,

I came across your job posting in the New York Times, dated 25th Oct’19. Since I’m currently serving in the capacity of the Head Academic Advisor, I understand the responsibilities and I’m very much interested in being a part of the Student Guidance team at the University of California. In my quest to support and help students get through their college life and build a strong character, I pursued Adolescent and Young Adulthood Psychology for 2years while on the job at the university. This helped bring my theory into practice and understand the real-world complexities of student life.

I have counseled over 350 students individually over the course of 2 years and seen them make progress in whatever field they chose for their career. I also focused on gathering the general issues faced by the majority of the students to address them in classes and later published a copy for the use of other students who might benefit from it. The book raised demand and had 1500 copies printed to suffice the demand.

I also have done extensive study of various fields of job and the job market in those fields to help students prepare better when they are out for a job in the market. I have held 2hr sessions every 3 months to address a batch of over 80 students each time I took a session on career counseling.

Since I would like to shift to New York City to be with my family, I’m very much looking forward to this opportunity which offers me more extensive experience in student counseling.

Thanks for considering my application. I hope to meet you personally in the coming week to discuss more on how I can be useful for your Student Guidance team.

Warm Regards, Joan Smith

Student Advisor Cover Letter Example

Dear Emily,

I found your advertisement for an Academic Advisor to join your Student Support team. My education & experience as a Student Advisor at Texas university builds up a strong profile for this job.

In my experience college life, environment and education are paramount to a student’s career. It shapes them into who they may become in the future. To help them find their interests and passions while pursuing their degrees is essential to their development. And I put everything into doing just that. Student life during higher education could be very stressful at times and I find it very fulfilling to relieve that stress by eliminating uncertainty and bringing in useful information to guide them.

I mastered in Education at London University. There, I studied the effect of various elements and events in the development of young minds. This research was very interesting and an eye-opener on how things can be changed through right guidance. I have put my work to practice and seen students change to become what they really wanted to be. I thoroughly enjoy this process and keep researching the subject further to be more valuable to my colleagues, institutes, and most importantly students.

I’m sure to provide immense value to the students and the Student Support Team at New York University. I welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss how we can work and make the campus life and student development more enjoyable and fulfilling at New York University.

Please feel free to call me at 555-555-5555. I’ll follow up in the next week to set-up a meeting with you.

Sincerely, Many Fletcher

Career Advisor Cover Letter Example

Hi Jeremy,

I’m currently working as a career advisor at Utah Career Coaching Institute. I’m very much interested in the opportunity posted on indeed by the University of Utah for an Academic Advisor.

I work 5 hrs each day coaching students personally and 2 hrs taking group sessions on career advice in various fields that the students might be interested in. I have had 3 years of experience analyzing student's interests and suggesting career fields to students who find it difficult to make a choice. I feel accomplished when my students feel they are in the right degree program or course.

To be able to guide better, I have taken training in Psychology and Human Behaviour to understand my clients better and serve them better. I have researched the process of education and impact of the environment with Dr. Casy Washington and will be publishing the outcome after 6 months in the journal of Science and Psychology. I further plan to pursue my Ph.D. along with the topic while serving as a counselor for my research, experience, and benefit of students.

I’m hoping to hear from you within the next week to discuss how I can serve at the University of Utah. I will follow up after 7 days to see if we can arrange a meeting in the coming week.

Sincerely, Tom Fletcher

Career Coach and Advisor Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Beans,

I’m writing to express my interest in your vacancy for Career Coach and Advisor posted on LinkedIn. I have 8yrs of experience working at various career counseling institutes and colleges supporting the healthy development of students and providing career coaching to job aspirants.

I have coached students of various disciplines- science, technology, arts, design, medicine, writing, business, and many more. I gained knowledge in these areas and researched further to understand industry trends and job markets for these jobs. Many times I have also counseled experienced job seekers on a career change and career development.

I hold a Ph.D. in Human Behaviour and Development study. I completed my Ph.D. and published 6 research papers in and around Human Behaviour until last year. This year I have a book coming up in the last quarter on “Impact of Social Life on Education” which I have completed with Dr. Rand Sinsky. I take a deep interest in solving the problems of my students and clients by studying their environment and personal agendas. I would love to collaborate with your Student support team and see how I can contribute.

Waiting to hear from you and discuss further on my application. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Sincerely, Kim Sinsky

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