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Work harder on yourself than your job search

James Clift | August 2, 2016

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

– Jim Rohn

I came across this quote on the Buffer Blog, and feel it can be rewritten for job seekers.

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job search.

It’s even more relevant for you as a job seeker to work harder on yourself than your job search. Here’s why.

It can take a long time to find a job

It’s a tough job market out there. Getting a job isn’t as simple as firing off a few resumes, smiling at the interview, and getting hired. Your resume will get lost, companies will put you through the wringer, and you’ll mess up a few interviews.

Remember that eventually, you will get hired. Use the time to make yourself a better future employee and overall happier person.

Your psychology is your most important asset

Being unemployed (or unhappy in your current job) and looking for a job is tough. You’ll feel like you’re not contributing. Your finances and relationships will be strained. The longer you’re looking, the worse you will feel.

Remember - There’s nothing wrong with you. Commit to taking care of yourself during this tough time. Create the right habits and mindset to approach every day with the right attitude.

Not only will this make looking for a job easier, it will make your whole life easier. Employers will pick up on this during interviews - it’s important that you’re at your best.

Create more, share more, and grow your network

There are dozens of ways to build your reputation online. Employers will Google you.

Unemployment is a perfect time to start building your online reputation (Ideally you started sooner). Here are a few ways to create and share.

Start a blog.

Share your insights on Twitter.

Write an article on Medium.

Pick topics you’re interested in to write about. This will have three positive benefits:

Writing is a valuable skill that takes practice. It will also improve your cover letters.

Employers will google you, having quality content linked to your name will improve your chances.

You will connect with likeminded people and expand your network. This could result in leads for job opportunities.

Improve yourself and you will improve your life.

You want to know how to paint a perfect painting? It’s easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally. That’s the way all the experts do it. The making of a painting […] isn’t separate from the rest of your existence.

— Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

You are your greatest asset. If you’re healthy, positive-minded, and learning every day - you will find that job you’re looking for. Commit to being better, and you’ll get better results. Here are some ways to improve different aspects of you:

Your skills:

  • Take an online course
  • Write and share on your personal blog
  • Try consulting for friends and family for free

Your Knowledge:

  • Buy or borrow the top 10 books in your field
  • Read 30-60 minutes per day

Your Psychology:

  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Write down a list of what you’re grateful for everyday
  • Try meditation or other mindfulness rituals
  • Maintain a positive attitude

Your Body:

  • Exercise daily - whether its a rigorous workout or a 10 minute walk, exercise is proven to increase levels of happiness.
  • Get an optimal amount of sleep
  • Limit alcohol consumption

Are you working harder on yourself or your job search?

Are you spending hundreds of hours searching job boards, crafting cover letters, and emailing resumes without hearing a peep from employers? Are you burnt-out, frustrated, and depressed by the process? Maybe it’s time to spend a few hours each day on yourself.

It will help you not only in landing a great job, but creating a great life.

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