How to ask for a letter of introduction for a job
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Asking for a letter of introduction is an extremely useful skill in the business world, especially if you’re looking for a new job. Referrals have long been the number one source of hires, both in terms of volume and quality hire. Getting referred to a job from a trusted source is your best opportunity to get hired.

As the person getting referred to a position, it is essential you make it easy for your contact to refer you. We’ve mapped out the proper process for asking for a referral.

In this situation, Tim is looking to get hired at his contact Samantha’s company for a market research analyst role which Kristine is hiring for. Tim has an existing business relationship with Samantha.

Step 1: Tim contacts Samantha about the open position via email

Hi Samantha,

Hope you’re well. Can’t believe the Market Research Summit was 6 months ago! Hope to see you there this year. I’m emailing about the market research analyst job that was posted last week. I’m looking to move back into full-time work from the consulting world and It looks like a great fit. Do you think you could make an intro to Kristine for me? Let me know and I’ll send over my details in a separate email.



Step 2: Samantha replies

Hi Tim,

Great to hear from you, it definitely looks like it could be a fit! Please send over your details and I’ll forward it to Kristine.


Step 3: Tim sends over his personal “sales package”

Tim should then send a new email which includes the following.

  • His personal sales pitch for the position
  • His updated resume tailored to the open position and links to his online profiles

Hi Samantha,

Thanks for offering to make the referral to Kristine.

I’m moving out of the consulting world and looking for a full-time gig. In the last 3 years I’ve specialized in market research in the SMB Medical Device Space.

My best accomplishment was a market research report focused on market penetration of Thermo-physical scanning devices in the Latin American Market. Clients who purchased the report included Merck, BSO, and MDI, and they all gave reviews of 4 stars and above. I’ve attached my resume, and look forward to speaking with Kristine about the role!



This makes it easy for Samantha to either write a letter of introduction to Kristine, or simply forward the email.

Don’t simply forward your resume and hope for the best. Be strategic in your approach and always add a personal touch. Using this method will guarantee that you make the best use of everyone’s time, and maximize your chance of landing the job.

Step 4: Samantha forwards Tim’s email to Kristine

Samantha can then do 2 things.

  • Forward Tim’s email to Kristine, with her stamp of approval
  • Introduce Tim and Kristine with a letter of introduction via email

This is the most effective way to get a referral. You’ll be positioned as a valuable potential team member, and your resume will be front of line in the application process instead of being lost in an applicant tracking system with a “referral” tag. Always take the personal, targeted approach when looking for a job.

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