5 reasons for hiring a professional resume writer

5 reasons for hiring a professional resume writer

Ben Temple
Ben TemplePublished on: February 16, 2021
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When in need of a great resume, many job-seekers hire professional resume writers.

It’s possible to write an impressive resume yourself—using our Free Resume Guide, for example—but in certain circumstances, a professional could help you out.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to hire a professional resume writer for your next application.

You aren’t getting interviews

If you’ve been through the guides, read all of the resume tips, and customized your resume for every application, but you still haven’t landed a single interview, it might be time to let a professional take a look.

Professional resume writing can’t guarantee you an interview. The market could be too competitive, your industry could be in a hiring slump, or you might not be qualified for the roles you’re seeking. If your resume is the problem, however, hiring a professional resume writer could help you identify any weaknesses, emphasize your best achievements, and get you past the applicant tracking system.

Your work history is difficult to summarize

Unconventional careers can be difficult to summarize.

If you’ve done lots of job-hopping, for example, you may have trouble settling on a strategy for your resume. A professional can help you format your resume so that it downplays your weaknesses and highlights your strengths.

If you’re returning to work after a long absence, whether it was to travel, go to school, or for family reasons, a professional can help you work the gap into your career story.

If you are trying to enter a new field in the middle of your career, a professional can help you identify transferable skills and target the right experience.

Professional resume writers may be able to help you make sense of your unusual career path.

You are applying for a competitive role

If you are looking to move up the industry ladder, you may want to consider hiring a resume writer. When you apply for jobs or promotions that come with a new title, increased responsibility, or a significant pay raise, the competition becomes stiff. A professional could help you score more important and more specialized roles.

You can’t write

Great writing just isn’t in everyone’s skill set. You might be a world-class programmer, welder, or salesperson, but that doesn’t mean you can write a resume that gets you a job. If the thought of writing a resume strikes fear into your heart, you might just need a little help.

A professional resume writer will help you identify your transferable skills, emphasize your greatest strengths and achievements, and create a resume that beats the applicant tracking system.

This way, instead of learning to write a resume, you can use that time improving the skills you need for your job instead.

You can afford it

The cost of unemployment adds up. Each day you spend without a job is a day you have no income. If a better resume will get you a job sooner, it will pay for itself, right?

This depends on how much money you can expect to make in your next role. Spending $500 or more on a professionally written resume might get you a job sooner, but if you end up in an entry-level job it will take a very long time to make that money back.

If a few hundred dollars won’t strain your budget and you’re expecting to earn a comfortable wage in your next role, hiring a professional resume writer may be worth the cost.

If not, you’re better off learning to write a resume yourself.

Ben Temple

Ben is a writer and customer support specialist with 5 years of experience helping job-seekers create their careers. He believes in the importance of a great resume and the power of coffee.

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