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Avoiding job search depression

Avoiding job search depression

No matter how amazing your resume is, finding the right job will take time.

Do not get stressed if it takes you 6 months (or even a year) to get the right job.

No matter how long it takes, this job search will be a very small percentage of your working life. If you get it right with this opportunity, you will quickly surpass people who are ahead of you now but not growing as fast.

Getting it right matters more than how long it takes.

Internalize these 3 truths before starting your search.

  • I will get a job that changes my life.
  • It doesn’t matter how long it takes — this is a short-term investment in a long career.
  • I will put the extra effort in to get a job that will get me on the right trajectory.

Repeat these phrases, and believe. Now on to the hard stuff.

Managing your happiness

Looking for a new job can be one of the most stressful periods of your life.

Transitions are hard. You will face periods of doubt, existential crisis, and failure. Your finances will be strained. You will get rejected — dozens of times.

This is a good thing. Rejection means you are aiming high.

Finding a job that changes your life will not be easy, which is why you need to take care of yourself during the process. Do not put your life on hold while you’re looking for a job.

You are more important than any one application, interview, or job offer. During the process, promise me you will do the following:

  • Practice good happiness habits throughout your job search.
  • Exercise and eat right
  • Do things you enjoy — sports, hanging out with friends, reading
  • Learn new things — reading, watching, and listening
  • I care about you, but this is pragmatic advice - Employers want to hire happy, healthy, and energetic people.

Being tired, lazy, or unmotivated during your job search will show both in your applications and interviews. It will be much harder to get hired.

Make a promise to yourself that no matter how long it takes, you will take care of yourself during your job search.

Exercise 2: 10 minutes

Write down all the non-job search related things you will do to maintain your health and happiness during your job search.

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