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Introducing Vienna, Chloe, and Arya - three new VisualCV templates

Jessica Wakeman | July 5, 2017

Hot on the heels of our recent mobile app launch comes even more exciting VisualCV news! Today we are releasing three brand new resume templates to help you get your next job. Available immediately to all VisualCV Pro members, these elegant templates are sure to catch your next employer’s eye.

“Our goal is to provide a template for every opportunity, and give our customers the best opportunity to make a great first impression. These new templates cover a good range - from classic to creative.” - James Clift, CEO

Introducing: Chloe, Arya, and Vienna!

New Templates - Chloe, Arya, Vienna (2)

More Variety, More Choice

Consistently, the most common feature request we receive from our members is for more resume templates. For this batch of templates, we worked with Vancouver design studio Codename and talented designer Chloe to bring you three new stand-out resume templates.


Chloe Perron is a designer and part of the tight-knit Codename team. Codename is made up of Graham Dobson from Leeds, UK, Marc Baumgartner from Montreal, Canada, and of course Chloe from Vancouver, Canada. They’re a very collaborative group that works with clients all over the world. They mostly build products for the web and apps, but with such varied backgrounds, the team also ends up working on print work and even some interiors for a variety of clients.


Chloe draws design inspiration from all over. She believes that “You can start with people around you, they can push you, support you, offer alternate points of view or make you laugh (sometimes all of those at the same time).” When it comes to inspiration for the new VisualCV resume template designs, Chloe says “We wanted to add more variety and flexibility but also create consistency through the use of white space and graphic elements. We also considered that this is one case where you really don’t want the design to stand out too much because the real hero is the person who is creating the CV or resume.”

“Hopefully people think each template has a nice clean feel but also a little bit of character”, says Marc.

New Templates - Chloe, Arya, Vienna

A Good Fit

This isn’t the first time we have collaborated with Codename. VisualCV and Codename have worked together on all sorts of projects, beginning with the new VisualCV marketing site and rebrand, all the way to the new VisualCV web and mobile apps. The Codename team embraces the challenge of creating apps and websites that stand out among the inundation of information online and feel that it is their “responsibility to try and make things as easy to use and clear as possible”. Codename was a natural fit to work with VisualCV on this collection of resume designs.

Here are some other examples of work that Codename has done:

Codename sample - Curio

Codename Work Sample - Union

Thanks to the Codename team and Chloe for your amazing work!

Download your favourite new template and create your resume today.

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