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Working on your medical CV? Check out our hand picked CV examples below and search our huge resume samples database with over 8,000 resumes that are live on our system. With these medical CV tips and examples, you will have the perfect medical CV in no time.

Medical CV Format

Medical CVs are written in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent work experience at the top and working backwards. Emphasize relevant work history with distinct headings and clear formatting - it should be easy to quickly scan your CV for relevant skills and experience. As many medical positions require an education, be sure to highlight your education and certifications.

Customize your Medical CV for specific positions

The specifics of your CV depend greatly on the position you are applying to - you may be a Medical Assistant, Medical Receptionist, Medical Technologist, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Secretary, Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Office Assistant, or any of many different medical career titles. Your CV should be targeted to the particular position and institution you are applying to. Research the role and establishment to be sure that your CV is customized to best suit the position and impress the hiring manager. For tips on writing a resume, you may want to read our resume guide.

Médico CV example

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Registered Nurse — Nurse Resume Example

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