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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Freelance Night Club Photographer

Avian Lights, Vertigo, FIVE etc

Part-time job: Achievements

- taking pictures (photography)

- editing images (post-production, logo attachment)

- sharing information (distribute large amount of data)

- meeting strict deadline

- promoting even holders (by means of photography and business hard distribution)

- working with people (communication and social experience)

- working with different promoters

Apr 2011Present

Administrative Assistant / Web Administrator

Cantrade Closeouts

Full Time: Achievements

- creating product deals in HTML

- updating database

- working with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as Maximizer 10

- developing a new company's website using HTML5 and CSS3

- creating the documentation for the goods shipment

- extensive use of Microsoft Suite (Exel, Outlook, Word), working with PDF

- using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver for marketing and sales

- product photography

Oct 2009Aug 2010

Assistant Web Developer

Sullivan Entertainment Inc.

Internship moved to Full Time: Achievements

- web code correcting (of the existing site)

- updating news (creating and sending news letter twice a week)

- SEO (search engine optimization) (Google tools)

- MySQL (basic database experience)

- Joomla Application (merging all existing sites into one, working with back end of Joomla and CSS)

- user interface developing (,

- upgrading website (, and

- eBooks (re-formatting books for Kindle and iPad)

- product photography (

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Flash Developer's Assistant

Secret Location

Internship: Achievements

- Flash ActionScript developing (AS 3.0) (navigation animation, pop-up windows, forms building all in flash)

- navigation animation (flash animation for small elements of the project)

- website building (basic work with HTML, correcting existing code, working on some elements)

Apr 2009Jun 2009

Street Team Coordinator

ReelHeart International Film Festival

Volunteering: Achievements

- managing team of volunteers for distribution (plan out the action, set the location, distribute material)

- motivating and training volunteering team (encourage productivity, show examples)

- responsibility for volunteering team and goal that was set (monitoring work done, reflect to event coordinator)

- adapt to fast changing environment conditions (being able and alert for a different action)


Sep 2007Apr 2010

Bachelor of Arts

University of Toronto at Scarborough

Double Major:

New Media: working with html, video, sound and image to communicate a message

International Studies: different spheres of studies with main focus on international issues with emphasis on communication stream and language (Spanish, Russian as a first language)

Sep 2006Jun 2007

Bachelor of Arts

University of Essex

Undergraduate: 1st year before transferred  to U of T

- Fundamental Sociology Theories, Research Statistics

- Spanish

- Member of Film Society


Very fond of theatre & cinema, movie industry, photography, visual design and video editing. Passionate about music and sound. Fencing and hiking, bicycles and skiing, soccer and swimming are favorite sports. Love learning languages, right now taking french,but greatest hobby is traveling, can count up to 20 visited countries.


  • Experience  working as Nightclub Photographer with competitive field
  • Interning at new media studio for Flash Develop and as Web Administrator's Assistant
  • Highly interested in project management and communications with main focus on new media
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial internal and external relationships
  • Managing, motivating and training, a successful and productive team
  • Thrive in highly pressurized and challenging working environments