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Highly motivated with experience and education in Engineering Technology, Innovation and Research.

Exceptional level of versatility gained from a wide array of Technical Skills in Teaching, Planning, Supervise Student Projects, Product Development from CAD to Rapid Prototyping, Machining with CNC.

Recognized for creativity and innovation in developing new ideas and for the ability to think create highly professional documentation and consultations to other parties.

Work experience

Apr 2003Present



Delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials, developing and implementing new methods of teaching to reflect changes in research, designing, preparing and developing teaching materials, assessing students' coursework, setting and marking examinations, supporting students through a pastoral/advisory role, undertaking personal research projects and actively contributing to the institution's research profile, writing up research and preparing it for publication, supervising students' activities, completing  continuous professional development (CPD) and participating in staff training activities, carrying out administrative tasks related to the department, such as student attendance, induction programs and involvement in committee and boards, managing and supervising staff - at a senior level this may include the role of head of department, representing the institution at professional conferences and seminars, and contributing to these as necessary, establishing collaborative links outside the university with industrial, commercial and public organizations.

Jan 2000Mar 2002

Business Development Engineer

Dr. Nik & Associates Sdn. Bhd.

Assist marketing team in preparing market plans and strategies to promote company's product, analyze existing and potential markets to identify and secure business development opportunities, prepare effective proposals, presentations, demonstrations and sales tool on business development opportunities for management, establish and maintain a customer relations management database, conduct competitive product analysis and market research to develop road map and sales strategy to secure new business, develop god customer relationship by personal visits, phone calls, follow-ups, emails, etc., maintain strong relationship with customers for future business growth, assist purchasing team in quotations activities like price and delivery negotiations with customers, work with internal team to achieve targeted business goals, coordinate with Business Development Manager in problem solving, resourcing and budgeting activities, conduct marketing campaigns, trade shows, job fairs etc. in order to increase company's recognition.

Nov 1998Dec 1999

Research & Development Engineer

Kawata Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Analyze and understanding the positioning of the product, service or process, translate functional needs into specification, design and develop the product, service or process, setup the test and validation phases, correct and improve the product, service or process, support the production start-up and product launch, gather business intelligence (patent, technology and competitive intelligence) to identify new scientific trends and conduct strategic planning, participate in benchmarking and test competitive products to gain relevant information that can be applied to product specifications, gather any legal documents, including laws, regulations and patents, that are necessary for determining the project's feasibility, work in close contact with the field, with the possibility of quickly advancing into managing a small team, help setup Lean Management, participating in implementing, and complying with, health, safety and environment regulations on daily basis.


Sep 2013Dec 2014

Master of Manufacturing Systems Engineering 

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

CGPA: 3.719

Sep 1996Aug 1998

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing Engineering)

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

CGPA: 2:2

Dec 1994Dec 1995

Diploma in Manufacturing Technology

Port Dickson Polytechnic

CGPA: 3:13

Professional Membership

2002 - Present: Member of Boards of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM)

2010 - Present: Member of The Institute of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) 

2010 - Level 1 - Volleyball Coach from Malaysia Volleyball Association (MAVA)

2012 - State Referee for Volleyball from Kedah Amateur Volleyball Association (KAVA)

Award Recognition

  1. 2015: Nominated for Who's Who in the World 2016
  2. 2015: MyIPO (Patent) - IP2015000272
  3. International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (I-ENVEX 2015) - GOLD
  4. National Innovation and Invention Competition Through Exhibition (iCompEx 2015) - GOLD
  5. Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE 2015) - BRONZE
  6. Eureka Innovation Exhibition (EIE 2014) - GOLD
  7. Eureka Innovation Exhibition (EIE 2014) - Best Chapter Category D
  8. Conference Competition Exhibition (CCE 2014) - GOLD
  9. International Innovation Festival (INNOFEST 2014) - BRONZE
  10. Invention, Innovation & Design Exposition (I-IDEX 2015) - SILVER
  11. Eureka Innovation Exhibition (EIE 2015) - SILVER
  12. IME Design Competition 2015 - 1st and 2nd Runner-Up
  13. Penang Invention, Innovation and Design (PIID 2015) - BRONZE
  14. Participate in MyInovasi 2014 (COSTEP)
  15. Participate in Anugerah Inovasi MARA 2015 (COSTEP, Compact Ironing Board, Smart Smoke Detector)
  16. Participate in TechnoFEST IPMA 2015 at UniKL MICET
  17. Participate in Malaysia Design Competition 2015 - Disaster: Flood Management (Lifter Generator - LiGen)
  18. Appointed as Judges for F1 in Schools Competition 2015, Northern Regional Finals
  19. Apprentice Innovation & Research Exhibition (AIREx 2015) - GOLD


2002 - Malaysian Tutors Training in IMH, Elgoibar, Spain

2009 - Attending INSIGHT/FORTUS Training of Rapid Prototyping Machine at Stratasys Inc. USA

2006 - Short Term Research Grant (STRG) on Design and Development of Modular Non-Holonomous Wheel Mobile Robot

2008 - Short Term Research Grant (STRG) on Radiator Flow Study

2009 - Short Term Research Grant (STRG) on Production Planning for Improvement in Industries

2014 - Skim Geran Penyelidikan Inovasi MARA (SGPIM) on Design and Fabrication of Multi-Dimensional Interference Press-Fit Aluminum Nut and Dedicated Tools for Assembly Kit

2015 - Short Term Research Grant (STRG) on Driver Characteristic Associated with Child Restraint System (CRS) Usage in Malaysia

2008 - Presenting Paper on "Rapid Prototyping for Product Development: An Introduction" at Conference of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (COMET 2008),

2008 - Paper Published on "Analytical Investigation on the Dynamic Properties of Passive Engine Mounting at Conference of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (COMET 2008)

2011 - Paper Published on "Experimental Study on the Effect of Fuel Pre-Heating Process on the Engine Performance for the Spark Ignition (SI) Engine at International Conference on Educational Technology (ICET 2011)

2013 - Presenting Paper on "Dimensional Accuracy Evaluation of Rapid Prototyping Fused Deposition Modeling Process of FDM 200mc Machine on Basic Engineering Profiles" at 4th International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2013)

2013 - Paper Published and Presented on "Stress and Modal Analysis Assessment of Race Cars Chassis Structure" at 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Automotive Engineering & Mobility Research (ReCAR 2013)

2014 - Presenting Paper on "The Current Role of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in Modern Maintenance Management: A Review" at 1st Colloquium on Education, Engineering and Technology (COLEET 2014)

2014 - Paper Presented on "Three-Point Bending Analysis on Side Impact Beam of Perodua Kancil" at 1st Colloquium on Education, Engineering and Technology (COLEET 2014)

2015 - Paper Presented on "Design of Formula Varsity Racing Competition Front and Rear Rocker Arm for Mono-Shock Suspension" at 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Automotive Engineering & Mobility Research (ReCAR 2015)

2015 - Presenting Paper on "Study on Optimization of Surface Roughness in Difference Machining Parameters by using Grinding Machine" at 6th International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2015)

2015 - Paper Presented on "Tool Wear on Drill Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) AL-SI10%AIN Material" at 6th International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2015)

2015 - Paper Presented on "Flank Wear of Drill Bit on Machining AL-Si/10%AIN MMC Material" at Conference on Language, Education, Engineering & Technology (COLEET 2015)

2015 - Presenting Paper on "Analysis of Tool Wears on Drill Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) AL-Si10% AIN Material" at Conference on Language, Education, Engineering & Technology (COLEET 2015)

2015 - Paper Presented on "Door Sagging and Door Opening Analysis on a Front Side Door of Perodua Kancil" at Conference on Language, Education, Engineering & Technology (COLEET 2015)



Autodesk Certified Professional: Inventor 2015


Certified Professional


CATIA V6 Associate - Mechanical Design

Dassault Systemes

CATIA Certified Associate


CATIA V5R20 Part Design Specialist

Dassault Systemes

CATIA Certified Professional


References available upon request