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Work experience

Mar 2010May 2010

Email Migration Specialist


Provide support with a two month contract in helping LinkedIn transition from Exchange 2003 to 2010 with BES 5.  This included both local users in the Mountain View HQ and remote users across the globe working with help desk.  Finishing half a month ahead of schedule. 

Help configured and supported Microsoft Entourage for OS X, Outlook for Windows and mobile devices including Blackberry and iPhones.  Also trained users on the new Outlook Web Application (OWA).

Tested various configurations for OS X to better work with Exchange 2010, including testing Book support for Exchange 2010 and OS 10.6.

Supported Help Desk/IT in any Apple issues that aroused, including backing up E-Mail for users, helping them convert to if using OS 10.6, repair database corruption in Entourage, pushing updates remotely to OS X and PC Systems, issues with plugins for Outlook and etc.

Special Project: Help setup a user who is testing Linux for Engineers using Thunderbird with calendar and free/busy support (BETA).

Jan 2005Mar 2010

System Admin

New Technology

• Manage and host New Technology website/blog, • Worked with various small business that receive services from New Technology

– Bay City Real Estate and Loans, INC

∗ Continue support/work from 2005 ∗ Manage and upgrade existing network services with Samaba, Postfix, SSH, and etc

∗ Oversaw downsizing of network cost/needs

– San Francisco Traffic Clinic/Law Offices of David K Uthman

∗ Deploy small office mixed network with Windows and Mac Computers. ∗ Provide on-call technical support

∗ Advise on all IT related expense

– Friendly Taxes

∗ Provide on-call technical support ∗ Manage all network related aspects for the business ∗ Advise on all IT related expense

Feb 2006Nov 2006

Contractor - THAAD

Lockheed Martin

• Develop procedures and conducted testing for various FTS packages ranging from troubleshooting to conducting qualification tests. Some test involving explosives.

• Develop various design changes for trade study to resolve issue regarding Power Distribution Unit.

• Conducted analysis for a revise test procedure, using mechanical and electrical engineers, to create a more in-depth test that would better reflect flight scenario.

• Prepared specs. and design for a portable test console built on a standard laptop and interface card developing and porting drivers and software written in C from existing test console.

• Participated on Failure Review Boards for system level test failure, using knowledge from

• Developed method with Configuration Management group for sorting and entering large amount of data in Excel to prepare the move to a custom database system.

Jul 2003Dec 2005

IT Systems

Bay City Real Estate and Loans

• Created a VPN to allow for secure transfer of sensitive customer data, in both voice (voip) and data from anywhere in the United States.

• Created a custom Linux server at central office to act as secure domain server for all window and Mac based PC's across the VPN, protect by a custom firewall.

• Worked with intergrading off the shelf real estate and loan software with network allowing for shared data.

• Managed whole IT systems, providing protecting for zero day attacks and constant update.

May 2002Mar 2004

Math Tutor

Kumon Chinatown

Assisted and tutor children with worksheets for advance math topics from advance algebra up to calculus. Also worked with younger children on the basic math and some simple reading.



San Jose State University


Used troubleshooting eletronic issues and conifguring to work with other software/computer driven software to log issues.
Spectrum Analyzer
Working with various spectrum analyzer for troubleshooting of EMI/EMC issues and preparing for Qual test


Gordon Watt

Engineer I worked with closely on our team for RSE, was the ranking engineer in the group.

David Dutcher

Team Lead for my work with RSE Group

Ajaz Khan

Manager that hired me at Lockeed Martin and oversaw all work I did for CM Group

Mohammed Hamzah

Owner of Friendly Taxes

Mirza Mohammed

From 2003 to 2005 acted as my Manager at Bay City Real Estate and Loans, after I left in 2005 for Lockheed Martin.

After foudning New Technology, was able to get Mirza's Company, Bay City Real Estate and Loans as a client for IT needs.


Since I was about 6 years I have been working with PCs for fun and today I still do with various computer subjects, always wanting to try something new from playing with new programming/scripting languages like currently reading on iPhone Dev, configuring IDS systems on personal server to just trying out the newest social website.Outside of computers history has been always my strong subject, with politics being my favorite.  And when I want to get away from the tech world all together, my backward Harley Davidson is my escape, but that would be an lie as its EFI and I have the turning software that allows me to reprogram is ECU on the fly.


I have experience working at both small companies (a growing Real Estate company and consulting with up and coming business) and larger Defense companies (Lockheed Martin, a leader in US Defense development).An expert in System Admin and Testing, done work from providing server deployment to helping come up with test requirements for complex systems. Always on the look out for something to challenge himself and try something new