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Work History

Systems Engineer

NAND Storage Group

Systems Engineer(The NAND storage group at Intel is responsible for designing state of the art solid state drives(SSD). My work involved writing verification test benches, and designing testing equipment Intel's SSD controllers. Solved critical test bench design problems and was able to debug design issues under pressure Familiarized with the ASIC design process and the workflow Implemented test bench components and exploration tests using System Verilog and Open Verification Methodology(OVM) Wrote firmware in C for a Cortex A8 ARM processor to implement chip-level verification tests Designed a glitch generator with a four layered PCB(using Cadence) and custom enclosures Honed my communication skills through team presentations and working closely with field professionals

Project Leader, Robotics

Robotics Competition Electronics labs

Project Leader, took 1 st place) Page | 3 This is an annual robotics competition in UBC with extensive media coverage. The goal was to construct an“ autonomous policing unit.” The unit must capture stationary dolls of a particular color in an obstacle course as well as hunt down a remote controlled toy car. Conceptualized and modeled(in Solidworks) a reliable and robust mechanical design that minimized both the electrical components and the size of the robot Designed and prototyped the signal processing circuits with the help of circuit simulation software. Coordinated the team member efforts and provided oversight to the mechanical, electrical and software integration process

Hardware Designer & Lab Technician

Polyfuel™ Electronics labs
Hardware Designer & Lab Technician The Polyfuel branch in Vancouver focuses on research and development of methanol fuel cells for portable applications. My duties involved designing fuel cell testing apparatuses, wiring up the testing stations and performance testing fuel cell stacks under various loads. Designed a new revision of a diazo printer that graphed the permeability of a given fuel cell membrane. Page | 2 Modeled and co-designed a new generation of fuel cell testing apparatus that integrated the ventilation ducts and plumbing needed to provide methanol and air to the fuel cells Negotiated with various industry personnel to facilitate the proper manufacturing of my designs Investigated causes of fuel cell performance drops through extensive testing and data analysis Projects(Gallery: Orderhub. ca Nov. 2010- Orderhub is a server-client based online platform for users to browse restaurant menus, order meals online and receive real time push notifications on their smartphones(supports Android and iOS). Developed the client side on Titanium Appcelerator, a software development kit that compiles a single source code into multiple native languages for the creation mobile applications Implemented search, order placement, email notification, and real-time notification features on the mobile application and on the Drupal powered back-end. Integrated the client and server side using JSON protocol

Electronics labs   asdfsdf  

Electronics labs

Designed a basic 8-bit microprocessor using register transfer level VHDL. The processor can add, subtract, multiply, move, negate, branch(BEQ), Jump, load to memory, and store to programmable memory Wrote the firmware for a VCR in assembly language for a 6811 microcontroller Wrote a high speed Sudoku solver in C

System Validation(Enterprise Storage Division)

System Validation(Enterprise Storage Division)

The Enterprise Storage Division in PMCS focuses on designing SAS, SATA, Fiber Channel controllers and expanders. My tasks involved system level validation for 6G SAS expanders and 6G SAS controllers. Set up a test bench with 400 plus drives RAID topology and wrote testing automation programs Thoroughly tested the major functions of PMC's 6G SAS expanders(discovery, traffic routing, etc) Performed regression testing with PMCS' 6G SAS raid controller and 6G expanders and investigated various protocol errors and SAS 2.0 compliance issues Modified firmware, for debugging purposes, to check incoming response frame tags and assert errors for various erroneous conditions Communicated with the firmware team in Shanghai on a daily basis and navigated through a difficult firmware release on a very resource tight and time restricted schedule.

Co-Founder and CTO

Emphoro Media Inc.
Co-founder and CTO

Body Team Leader, Ubc

UBC Supermileage
Body Team Leader, UBC Supermileage is a student design team that has focuses on constructing a record setting fuel efficient vehicle. The team has previously held the North American fuel efficiency record at 3, 145 MPG and has attracted much media attention. For this team, I have designed the car body for two generations concept cars. Achieved a 30% overall reduction in drag for the MARK VI and a nearly 50% improvement in high crosswinds performance through the use of computational fluid dynamics software Led a team of students to build the carbon fiber bodies for the team Competed against more than 20 university teams in the 2008 Shell Ecomarathon and placed 3 rd Responded to various public relations obligations such as being filmed and interviewed for Discovery Channel special, participated in radio interviews, and participated in public demonstrations

Systems Designer

Acoustic Localization Microphone Array

Mixed Signal System Design for an This project entails designing and implementing, alongside my partner, a data acquisition system that can sample at 96ksps at 24bit depth for 27 microphones in parallel. Constructed a 27 channel data acquisition PCBthat utilized anti-aliasing filters, programmable amplifiers, analog to digital converters, and a digital controller on a FPGA that streams data to a computer via USB Wrote a C++ based multithreaded software that controlled the data collection process by interfacing with the USB driver, storing the streamed data into RAM, reformatting and printing the data in log file. Operated a PCB milling machine to create prototype PCB boards with gerber files generated using Altium

Vlsi System Design

Luminex, Automated Daylighting
Luminex is a venture project in an integrated team of commerce and engineering students. The main product is an automated, easily adaptable daylighting system that replaces conventional blinds. Designed a set of computer controlled reflective slats that track the sun and redirects all incident sun rays onto the ceiling to decrease the artificial lighting usage Performed primary and secondary market research on the product Received sponsorship from UBC's University-Industry Liaison Office(UILO) to receive free legal work and business mentorship from members of the UILO. Won 1st place and $10,000 from Evansville Business Competition in Indiana nd Won 2 place at Tony Bower Innovation Expo.(TBIE) and won the Go Green Award at TBIE totally $5,000 VLSI system design of a RC6 Decoder Wrote the logic for the RC6 decoder in VHDL and validated its logical functions Implemented the RC6 Decoder in SCMOS technology using Magic, a basic VLSI layout software Wrote a script to generate constraint randomized tests vectors and assertions to verify the design



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