Work experience

Work experience

Nurse Extern

May 2015 - Present
HCA-Denton Regional Medical Center

The role of a nurse extern is to do hourly rounds in addition to taking and recording vital signs every four hour. 

Respite Care Provider

Jul 2013 - Aug 2015
Touch of Class

To oversee the intake of oral nutrition of a younger child, who has oral aversion and is on the Autism spectrum.  Feeding takes place in Our Children's House Outpatient Therapy and there is always a risk for aspiration-thus, the situation is carefully monitored.  The child's developmental standards are determined by the BMI, as determine by his age group, in addition to psychological and speech therapy analysis.



Bachelor's of Nursing

2016 - 2018

Earning the license required to practice nursing. 

Associates of Science

2013 - 2015
North Central Texas College

Focusing on completing pre-requisite courses for my Bachelor's in Nursing.



Basic Life Support CPR

2014 - 2016
American Heart Association




I have had much experience with computers. I have built two, from the case up and also have experience in navigating programs such a Excel, Word, Publisher, Adobe, Quark Express, Meditech, Microsoft, Windows, etc.


Minor in English and I have experience with both writing and editing from when I worked for College Magazine in Denton, where I was in charge of seeing the production of the magazine from start to finish using software such as Mac, Quark, and Adobe.


Take money. Open and close cash register. 5+ years of customer service in this area. 

Vitals: Take and Record

Have been able to practice every weekend at the hospital.

Start IVs

Start IVs for saline lock or to hang for tubing.


Michelle Yeatts, RN, BSN (210)643-6949

Current Employer at Denton Regional

Lauren Manson, RN, BSN (214)727-8217

Collegue, Works for Medical Center of Plano, HCA Labor and Delivery