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I am full professor at Petru Maior State University. I am working here from 1993, starting my university career as lecturer, associate professor and from 2014  full professor. I graduated mathematics, my PhD was obtained in mathematics (numerical analysis) and I finalized my post doctorate research in applied sciences. I teach operational research, mathematics for economists, decision theory and entrepreneurship, e-government. Between 2002 - 2016 I was member of university staff –being head of department, vice-dean and dean. My role one side is teaching activity, supervising the students research activity and administrative work.

Some examples of the activities I have conducted as member of management staff on another side:

  • Forming and leading teamwork in order to establish the development strategy for the faculty, research activity, enrollment of the students
  • Creating new study programs and organizing international conferences
  • Building up relationship with academic and social, economic area
  • Founding professional associations
  • Creating relationship with universities, institutes, professional and research associations
  • Research work, publishing research articles, books, journals
  • Applying for research projects and for infrastructure development projects
  • Managing national and international projects
  • Evaluating research projects
  • Peer reviewing research articles for internationally recognized journals

Work History

Mar 2012Sept 2015


Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences, Petru Maior University of Tirgu Mures

I am in charge of leading research and research activities within the faculty, some examples of my responsibilities are:

  • Responsible for creating the strategic direction for conducting research,
  • Responsible for identifying high impact research fields on a international, European and national level and following them. 
  • Responsible for organizing, holding and participating in international and national conferences and workshops with the purpose of sharing knowledge, discussing research subjects and promoting the institution in the academic world.
  • Responsible for the research conducted by students
  • Responsible for creating research communities spanning every area of expertise found within the faculty, Economy, Law, Mathematics, Administrative Sciences etc.
  • Responsible for coordinating international partnerships between our faculty and outside organizations -universities, professional associations
  • Participating in international and national scientific research work and projects
  • Giving lectures in Applied Mathematics, Operational research, Entrepreneurship and e-Government. 
  • In charge of the Faculty's "Juridical current" journal, indexed in international data basis (Ebsco, Repec, Ceeol and others)


Petru Maior University of Tirgu Mures

Main responsibilities: 

  • Giving lectures in Applied Mathematics, Operational research, Entrepreneurship and e-Government. 
  • Coordinating research projects for  students and master students
  • Evaluating students
  • Elaborating textbooks
  • Publishing research work
  • Participating and presenting research results on international, national conferences
  • Applying  and managing projects


  • Professor(2014 March-now)
  • Associated professor(2001-2014)
  • Senior lecturer(1994-2001)
Mar 2004Apr 2012 and Oct 2015 - June 2016


Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences, Petru Maior University of Tirgu Mures

Main responsibilities: 

  • Developing the faculty, established in 2002
  • Establishing working teams and leading their activities in order to obtain recognition on national and international level
  • Building up relationships with national and international research and professional associations
  • Founding new research and professional associations
  • Elaborating the strategy for development
  • Signing international collaboration with universities for students and teachers and administrative staff mobility
  • Representing the faculty nationally and internationally
  • Organizing international and national conferences and workshops.

Oct 2002Mar 2004

Head of the Management-Economy Department

Faculty of Economics, Law and Administrative Sciences, Petru Maior University of Tirgu Mures

Main responsibilities: 

  • Managing and leading the department of Management-Economy
  • Creating work teams
  • Establishing the curricula of study programs and starting new study programs on Bsc and Msc level
  • Organizing the teaching activity
  • Involving the department in research activities and projects
  • Inviting internationally recognized researchers and professors 




 National Institute of Economic Research "Costin C. Kiriţescu” Institute of National Economy - Romanian Academy 

Post doctorate in applied sciences

Dissertation:  "Mathematical model for innovative sustainable regional development policy  options"


PHD Doctorate

Babes-Bolyai University Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

PhD in Mathematics - link here

Dissertation: “The improvement of the accuracy in finite element method for elliptic equations”

Supplementary Education


LLL course recognized by Romanian government and EU – (cod COR 241205), through the  European project ” POSDRU/19/1.3/G/26336,  co-financed by European Social Funds, Program for Human resources   Development  2007 – 2013

2012            Post doctorate scholarship offered by the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, Departament of Operational Research
2010             European Computer Algebra Driving license-basic level-60 hours intensive course organized by Fachhoschule Technikum Wien, Austria și University of Miskolc Hungary 
2009             University Management course
2003             International Seminar of Actuary – Risk classification – organized by the Faculty of Mathematics in Bucharest in partnership with the International Association of Actuary.
2001             Post doctorate scholarship offered by the Hungarian Academy,  “Domus” program.
2000            Postgraduate Scholarship offered by Eötvös Loránt University, Budapest, Hungary. (for 2 months period)
1999            Postgraduate Scholarship offered by Eötvös Loránt University, Budapest, Hungary. (for 2 months period)
1998            Postgraduate Scholarship offered by Eötvös Loránt University, Budapest, Hungary. (for 1 month period)
1997          Postgraduate Scholarship offered by Mathematics Institute of the Hungarian Academy
1992           Training in computer management organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Windesheim High School, Zwolle, Holland
1989Training program in computer science for leading social – economic processes, organized by the Ministry of Interior Commerce

Published work

A total of 84 research papers published in peer reviewed journals and proceedings, 3 books, co-author in 4 books, coordinator 27 books, 4 text books, 15 book chapters.

Most notable work:

  •  Szabo Zs, (2001): Raising the Accuracy of Finite Element Approximations to Elliptic Boundary Value Problems , Seria Monographical Booklets in Applied and Computer Mathematics, Published at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary,  ISSN 1417278X.
  • Szabo Zs., Szabo A. (2009): Comparative Study on Entrepreneurship Education – National Case Studies,  ISBN: 978-80-553-0332-1, Slovakia
  •  Chiriac L., Szabo Zs., (2011i)E-government , Edit. AULA, ISBN 978-963-339-020-7, Budapest, Hungary
  •  Ramadani, B; Schneider, C, Entrepreneurship in the Balkans, (2013) Chapter: The Pyramid of Entrepreneurship in Romania: Towards New Approach, (pp 269-292); L. Ciucan-Rusu, Szabo K. Zs, , ISBN 978-3-642-36576-8, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
  •  Szabo A, Aysegul Cetin: Emerging Entrepreneurship and SME Policy development in the BSEC after the Economic Crisis,(2012) Chapter: National country studies on the SME sector in the BSEC region-Romania , Szabo Zs, (pp 250-285, 403); published by Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung, ISBN 978-975-7968-99-3, Ankara
  •  Zs. K. Szabo, Michal Soltes, Emilia Herman,(2013) Innovative Capacity & Performance of Transition Economies: Comparative Study At The Level of Enterprises; pp 52-68, [E+M] E&M Ekonomie A Management, Quarterly ISSN: 1212-3609 Technicka Univ & Liberci, Hospodarska Fakulta, Studentska 2, Halkova 6, IC 46747885, Liberec 1, Czech Republic, nr 1 (IF0,514)
  • Marko L., Szabo Zs., (2014): Hedging of downside risk with put options in various stochastic volatility environment: Heston model approach; Journal of Economic Computation And Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research; ISSN 0424-267X; Academy of Economic Studies Department of Economic, Bucharest, Romania, (IF 0,274; SRI 0,029)
  • Zs. K. Szabo, Emilia Herman, (2014) ; Investigations concerning productive entrepreneurship in the EU. Barriers in transition economies; Acta Polytechnica Hungarica;Óbuda University. Address: Bécsi út 96/B, H-1034 Budapest, Hungary.; ISSN 1785-8860; 2014/Vol11/Nr6 ( IF 0.588 SRI 0,264)

Research Projects

  • Project on Bench-marking of Business Incubation in Selected Central-Eastern European and Commonwealth of Independent States Countries- financed by Sintef Norway and Erenet -  member
  • Leonardo da Vinci Project: Instruire Comunitara în  administratia Publica Locala- member
  • GLOBE  research in Romania - member
  • Improvement of Multi-attribute decision making methods; methodological comparative analysis of the existing Multi-attribute decision making methods -coordinator
  • National project financed by CNCSIS Researches Regarding The Harmonization Of The Entrepreneurial Education Of Romanian Universities To The European Union And Eastern European Universities (Edaro)” – coordinator
  • EUPA (financed by EU) – European Public administration- member
  • EEE (financed by EU)- European Entrepreneurship Education – local coordinator
  • Erasmus Intensive Program, ERA/2009/IP/W/0029,  coordinator University of  Economy Krakow, Poland, partners Fachoschule Frankfurt Am Main, Heilbron University, Germany, Petru Maior University, Tîrgu Mureş,  "The European Dimension of International Entrepreneurship"  July 18th till July 31st, 2010,  Poland (financed by EU)– contact person
  • Project coordinated by ERENET, project conducted on behalf of Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, Small business development Center in the framework of the study „Overview of stresses on SMEs in the time of crisis”, With  partners from 7 countries: Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine – responsible for Romania
  • MPEAP (financed by EU) – European Master Public Administration- local coordinator
  • Emerging Entrepreneurship and SME policy development in the Black Sea Economic Region after the Economic crises 2011 (financed by Konrad Adenauer Shiftung)
  • Agribusinesses in the  Black Sea Economic Region, 2015 financed by BSEC and by Konrad Adenauer Shiftung)

Relevant leadership experience

Member of:

  • Founding member in Association of Economic Faculties in Romania  (AFER)
  • Member in Romanian Economist Association,  (AGER), President in Mures County
  • Member- Society of Probability and Statistics
  • Member of Operational Research Society
  • Founding member in International Society of Leadership and organizational culture
  • Founding member in SSMAR- Scientific Management Society in Romania
  • Member in CRESC, Center Region (Regional committee of the evaluation and strategic correlation)
  • Member in NISPA, The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe
  • AGER (General association of Economists in Romania) Member, President for Transilvania

Languages spoken


Hungarian           C2    Proficient user
Romanian          C2    Proficient user
English                C1Proficient user
Italian                  A2Basic user
French                 A2Basic user


Computer skills and competences

Good command of Mat Lab, Solver, Maple, Expert choice

Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Social skills and competences

Sense of leadership and organization

Ability to co-operate and work in teams

Diplomatic skills (negotiation, motivation, diplomacy procedures & techniques)

Multicultural skills gained through cooperation with foreigners and studies abroad

Good communication skills

Organisational skills and competences

Organized several national and international events, conferences on the field of mathematics, entrepreneurship, economics, law.

Project manager of several national and international research  projects.