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Sediq Adil

Editor & Photographer at EMDP

Work History

Aug 2013Present

Editor & Photographer


EMDP (Egypt Media Development Program)

- Designer & Photgrapher for “Mantiqti” local newspaper

- Photographer for EMDP Events, Conferences& Trainings

- Editor & photographer“Mantiqti”s weekly page in AlMasry Al Yom newspaper


Film Editor

Top Movies

Top Movies Broadcasting Channel (6th of October City)

- Creating Trailers

- Adding & Syncing Arabic Subtitles




Knowledge of the film industry and movie production
Knowledge of editing equipment and a willingness to keep up with changes in that technology
A good photographic eye for camera angles and special effects, as well as knowledge of audio effects
Ability to work alone on detailed and sometimes tedious work
Problem-solving skills to make film sequences work well or to work with the available footage
Strong interpersonal skills to work well with directors, cinematographers, sound editors, special effects editors and music producers
Flexibility to deal with production delays, unexpected problems and varied personality types
Ability to remain calm and confident in high-stress or crisis situations
Willingness to work long hours on rush assignments
A commitment to high-quality work and to continuing to improve my skills and knowledge