Rory Case

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2005 - Sep 2007

VP Technical Operations and Development

Continental Broadband Florida d/b/a WebUnited
  • Worked with Marketing & Sales to identify new product opportunities and improvement to existing range of products and services
  • Lead the Company's primary product development work for innovation and design, in coordination with company needs
  • Acted as a liaison between engineering and sales groups to assist in delivering customer driven needs within engineering parameters
  • Managed ongoing product evolution to meet customer demand
  • Developed product support and marketing materials
  • Build and manage Product Management teams across five (5) business units
  • Oversaw and executed product development projects to ensure targets are met in all aspects such as Time, Quality, and Cost
  • Responsible for network management and stability to meet SLA’s of 99.99%
  • Managed and maintain network, security, hosting, billing, VoIP and access control systems
  • Controlled the operations of three (3) data centers in South Florida including maintenance contracts
  • Negotiated all Telco contracts and maintain working relationships with over fifteen (15) vendors
  • Planned, coordinated and supervised the integration of a major acquisition with minimal downtime of operations and customer service.
Jun 2004 - Sep 2005

Chief Operating Officer

Continental Broadband d/b/a WebUnited
  • Developed cost, retail and partner pricing structures for all products and services offered by the company
  • Responsible for price and contract negotiation with over 6 telecommunication providers
  • Responsible for all day-to-day operations including quality assurance, sales, provisioning, purchasing, tech support and product development
  • Reformatted and improved all company contracts used for customer sales
  • Reduced Telco expenses by over 50% while increasing bandwidth availability and maintaining stability
  • Developed several programs to improve customer retention
  • Implemented several new processes and procedures for sales, provisioning, installation and support to increase efficiency and inter-department communication and documentation
  • Created an empowered and collaborative work environment that enhanced employee morale and technical decision making
  • Responsible for the successful project management and smooth rollout of new corporate website in 30 days increasing number of hits from 2,000 per day to 12,000 per day
  • Designed migration project plan and managed integration of an acquisition with over 600 customers with minimal downtime for customers
Jan 2004 - Jun 2004

Director of Network/Security Operations

Ciberlynx d/b/a WebUnited
  • Coordinated security product (ProtectPoint) division spin-off with zero downtime of customer monitoring services and support
  • Responsible for overall analysis, design, implementation, & documentation of the network infrastructure using Visio for System Design Documentation
  • Participated in overall vendor management with software / equipment
  • Responsible for all network, security and co-location services
  • Created & enforced IT concepts, practices, policies, procedures & guidelines
  • Provided leadership, management, & direction to a team of twelve (12)
  • Performed standard software/hardware upgrades, utilization, & routine maintenance to Servers, Switches and Routers
  • Headed development of Voice Over IP product and new managed security product and services (NuSec Appliance)
Jan 2003 - Dec 2003

Security Operations Manager

Ciberlynx d/b/a WebUnited
  • Managed the continued development of proprietary managed security product and services (ProtectPoint)
  • Managed seven (7) security analysts and engineers on day-to-day Operations.
  • Provided support for security engineers and analysts
  • Responsible for the Network Security of the corporate network and over 100 customer networks
  • Responsible for hiring, mentoring, writing reviews, developing performance plans & training technical staff in all areas of networking and network security
  • Responsible for analyzing, designing, planning, implementing & technical documentation for security network.
Jan 2002 - Dec 2002

Senior Security Engineer

Ciberlynx d/b/a WebUnited
  • Organized and Performed network consultations with customers
  • Design of customer internal network security policies
  • Support security analysts and other engineers in examining security incidents
  • Project management of network installations and integration with other providers
  • Trained and supported over twelve (12) sales executives on network security
  • Performed security audits and penetration testing on customer networks
  • Provided administration and installation support for security products and services
  • Configured, installed and supported security devices for over 50 different customer networks ranging from banks and healthcare institutions to municipalities
  • Involvement in 90% of all Security Appliance closed contracts and responsible for closing over $40,000 in monthly recurring revenue within 2 years
Feb 2001 - Dec 2001

Secuirty Engineer

Ciberlynx d/b/a WebUnited
  • Assisted in the development and distribution of proprietary Network Security Appliance (ProtectPoint)
  • Developed product line customer reports and documentation
  • Conducted and analyzed vulnerability assessments
  • Analyzed intrusions, wrote intrusion detection rules and blocked attacks.
  • Assisted sales force in the selling of security product
  • Installed and configured security appliances in over twenty-five (25) networks
  • Software testing and quality assurance of management interface for customers and support staff


1995 - 1997

Associates Degree

Institute of Management and Production
1994 - 1995


Institute of Management and Production