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Work experience

Aug 2012January 14,2016

Commercial District Manager.


Auto zone Commercial district manager. for the chicago region


Computer technician

Self Employed (part time job)

This is my part time job, i repair/service/upgrade computers, don't matter if its software or hardware based.

i have basic to full skills on:


Extensive computer tune up,service,upgrade and repair

Extensive computer hardware troubleshooting..

Onsite virus/malware (trojans,spyware, etc..) removal with 99% chance rate without operating system restore and manual removing for secure safe operational without the chance of malware being left behind caused by bad removals of software based antivirus.

data recovery,backup

multiple OS use

PC hardware update(motherboards,video cards,Ethernet cards,ram,hard drive,optical,power supply, peripherals)

Intermediate networking knowledge.

wireless set up.

networking troubleshooting.

system security install/troubleshooter computer based.


web services

computer design (Photoshop, Dreamweaver)

basic for auto CAD

windows xp,vista,7, win 10

html language

ms office

Aug 2008Dec 2010

General Manager/Sales distribuitor

RpChicago Health

General Manager/Sales distributor at Rpchicago Health a Spanish branch of Royal Prestige,  i was in charge of the sales and customer support with clients but also was a general manager in charge to make sure everything went fine inside the branch.

Key duties:

Maintain the sales at its peak.

Customer support.


Jun 2006Aug 2008

Electronics installation/technician

Phd electronics

Installing/Troubleshooting car and home electronics such as:

aftermarket or factory radios

gps navigation system

mobile video


security systems

home teathers


Feb 2005Mar 2006

Factory Machine Technician

BSA of America

Technician of factory machines.


Jan 2002Jan 2006

farragut carrer academy



Very good people skills, also it makes me expand to  sales skills ,customer support or just dealing with customers.

Bilingual skills

My natural language is Spanish and my secondary language is English. and very fluently  in both.

Electronics skills

I have good electronics skills  of mobile audio and video and home theater and/or home cinema

Computer skills

i have extensive  computer skills and electronics skill including and not limited to:

Computer hardware

Mobile hardware

surveillance systems

mobile computing knowledge( smartphones,tablets,laptops/netbooks)

Basic Website design and publishing.

Networking skills


Self motivated person, with 7 years of experience with computer hardware and software, 3 years of experience as general manager with experience to handle customers and supervising,3 years of automotive  experience, 3 years of experience in the electronics field including installing home/auto security systems,  audio/video for both auto and home, hard worker,able to lift,can work in any environment,  not afraid to learn new things,  can resolve my own problems, reliable and trustworthy, fluent in Spanish and English.


Seeking a position that i can maintain good work,and where I can maximize my training experience, and most important To secure a position that will lead to a lasting working relationship in a field that will be comfortable in.

Always punctual, nice attitude and not afraid to try new things.


My interest are very wide, but some of my fmain interest  are:

computer/automotive based

mobile/home electronics  based

or any other work related that i can succeed on.