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ZOX Pro - Learn at Light Speed by using other Natural Abilities.

ZOX Easy to learn, Superior Learning Technology. ZOX Information using Hyper-Speed Reading Technique.

Take Control of Your Mind, Take Control of Your Life. ZOXing / Mental Photography uses your

Photographic Memory / Eidetic Memory for Brain Exercising, Strengthening and Building.

Feb 1997Present



ZOX Pro Training takes speed reading to new levels and is unlike any “success” program on the market by tapping into your natural photographic memory.ZOXing enables you to conquer the vast amount of information that you must consume daily.This helps you perform better at work or school,feel more confident, enjoy less stress and have a more successful life.ZOXing gives you benefits in everything you do!


Managing Director of ZOX Pro Training and eBrain Management
ZOX Pro Training - Learn at Light Speed by using your Photographic Memory and other Natural Abilities. Easy to learn, Superior Learning Technology. ZOX Information using Hyper-Speed Reading Technique    


Jan 1963Dec 2013

Managing Director of ZOX Pro Training and eBrain Management

eBrain Management

Shannon Panzo PhD


By expanding one’s intuition and productivity levels, the ZOX Pro Training program has helped individuals around the world climb the corporate ladder. ZOX Pro Training is a unique mental enhancement system that utilizes the power of Brain Management and Mental Photography, two concepts pioneered by Dr. Richard Welch, “The Father of Mental Photography,” and his genuine successor Shannon Panzo. In today’s 21st century corporate environment, those who succeed are adept at making decisions quickly based on large amounts of data and using their natural business acumen. The ZOX Pro Training plan builds on those skills by enhancing innate abilities, such as Mental Photography, a hyper-speed torrent of information flow that uploads to and downloads from the photographic memory matrix. By tapping into Mental Photography, ZOX Pro Training users are able to increase reading and comprehension speeds by an amazing 100 times (that's 10,000%), retaining the information throughout their entire lives. In addition, ZOX Pro Training helps reduce stress, increase energy, and promote better well-being, contributing to one’s success on the job. Employer concerns of absenteeism and accident rate both decrease when the employees feel good. The same program that helps businesspeople excel has shown amazing results for students, allowing individuals in an academic setting to hone their focus and concentration abilities. Traditional educational models work in opposition to humans’ natural way of learning, according to years of research by ZOX Pro Training creator Shannon Panzo and his mentor Dr. Richard Welch. From the age of five onwards, people are taught a “tunnel vision” approach to learning—rote learning, which focuses solely on memorization. ZOX Pro Training accesses those photographic memorization abilities again, allowing students to learn information faster and more easily. For more information on how ZOX Pro Training helps businesspeople and students achieve their goals, visit