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Having more then 5 years of experience in the field of disaster risk management and emergency response, I have a successful record of designing and delivering training programs in emergency and disaster response for UN agencies, INGOs, NGOs, Community based organizations (CBOs) , government officials, education managers. Additionally, I have also developed  and implemeted training modules, exercises, learning materials in several disaster management and adult education topics, including Contingency Planning, Emergency assessment, designing participatory workshops, co-author of Eeducation in Emergency Model for government of KpK Province and was also responsible for the compilation of district profiles for response and relief activities being carried out by humanitarian community in Pakistan. 

Work experience

Jul 2013Present

DRR Manager


Closely liaison with the DIPECHO partners for the preparation and implementation of School based Disaster Preparedness SBDP model in KPK and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. Establish strong linkages with DRR forum at national level to integrate Disaster Risk Reduction in line with the DRR policy of organization. Coordinate and support field offices to ensure the timely submission of project activities and coordination mechanism with different stakeholders. Served as a focal person to ensure the active membership of HEC DRR working group for the institutionalization of DRR into the curriculum for University and Degree colleges. Design and research several proposals as per the needs and circumstances of organization. Moreover I am part of Project development team at HOPE'87 and addressed multiple RFPs regarding DRM particularly information Management, DRM training and school safety.

During Implementation of DIPECHO-VI, I have been involved in the development of various DRM tools and templates for institutionalization of SBDRM in provincial education system. Development of SBDP Manuals ( 5 Days for Master Trainers & 2 days schools teachers ) and Templates of DRM Plans for all tiers of education ( Provincial, District and School ) have been few of the achievements attained in the aforementioned action.

I have also been the focal person for providing technical backstopping to High powered steering committee in ministry of education on adoption and implementation of SBDRM Model in education system. This has been done by implementing a successful teacher/education manager led cascade training on SBDRM and mainstreaming other components of SBDRM Model, Like SDMP and DRM sensitive SIPs development, Formation of SDMCs, annual budget planning for SBDP etc.

Apr 2012Jun 2013

DRR-Information Management-Coordinator

  1.  Developed a mechanism to report DRR component in regular development programs and streamline this data to province level DRR information management system. ·         
  2. Conduct initial rapid assessment of current situation in collaboration with local specialists and affected population; determine priorities, immediate activities and resources.
  3. Advocated  and promoted production and utilization of standardized data and maps and provide related technical support to enhance spatial information management system. 
  4. Provided technical advice and  building support on a range of disaster risk management and recovery issues to National Disaster management authorities,Humanitarian Partners and Higher  education commission
  5. Worked very closely with schools, teachers District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and ministry of education and its decentralized structures in promoting DRR.
  6. Conducted dozens of trainings on Community based disaster risk management (CBDRM), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Governance and Children in emergencies for government line departments, NGO/INGOs and UN agencies all over Pakistan.
  7. Liaison with other information management focal points of DRR actors including, government agencies, UN Agencies, NGOs, civil societies, and academia at the local and national level
  8. Organized and facilitated the National Disaster Risk Reduction workshop 2012  to Propose a CBDRM model based on the good practices, lessons learned and recommendations; for partners and stakeholders such as I/NGOs, government departments, donors and the community. More the 80 NGO/INGO and Government agencies participated in this workshop
  9. Co-Author of 29 District profiles of disaster prone district and regions in Pakistan for emergency situational analysis.District profile, is an effort to enhance the efforts of  Government of Pakistan, humanitarian organizations and all other stakeholders towards rapid needs assessment, disaster response and mitigation. These profiles are available at
  10. Monitor the implementation of technical components of disaster preparedness projects.
  11. Supervise work of the project staff in the field.
  12. Liaise with stakeholders at local, district & national Level
  13.  Write monthly, weekly and ad-hoc progress reports, project analyses and other project related updates.
  14. Participate on relevant meetings and represent organization according to the position and competences
Jul 2011May 2012

CBDRM Facilitator

Awaz Foundation

Ensure effective implementation of the DRR project with desired impact

Ensure project compliance with donor contractual obligations, qualitative and timely project reports as per agreed donor contracts and Awaz Foundation internal requirements. Compile the reports from the field for donor reporting.

Responsible for building and mobilizing DMC (Disaster management committees)  ERT( emergency response teams ) and training of school teachers in seven union councils  of Tehsil Kotaddu, District Muzaffargarh Pakistan. 

Developed Participatory HVCA(Hazard vulnerability and Capacity assessment ) and designed Risk Assessment  and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) plans of the project area.

Liaising above mentioned community based structures with district authorities like District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMA)  and line departments. 

Develop IEC related Disaster Preparedness (DP) & DRR materials and trainings manuals for the use of community and partners.Conducted awareness raising sessions and advocacy workshop as a facilitator.Liaison with various government departments, ministries and other NGOs to promote DRR.

Awarded as the best CBDRM facilitator because of good performance in the CBDRM training for facilitators and also designated as Team leader.

Selected to prepare fortnightly report because of excellent academic back ground and effective communication skills.

Jan 2010May 2011



 Designed a  free source web based research platform for Socioeconomic research. Where we had built a data-bank of Pakistani socioeconomic statistics which range from1947-present where more than 3 thousand different time series and cross section variables are available. We have empirically investigated  some of socioeconomic relationships as well.

  • Crimes in Pakistan an empirical study
  • Primary School Female Enrollment in Pakistan
  • Madrassa in the light of empirics
  • Political Parties in Pakistan
  • Higher Education in Pakistan
  • Energy problem in Pakistan
Jan 2008Mar 2008



Conducted a per-launch economic viability survey for a water cleaning product (Mussafah). The objective of the survey was to determine utility of the product and estimate affordable price in Gojar Khan, Pakistan.


Aug 2008Jan 2012

MPhil Economics

PIDE (Pakistan Institute of Development Economics)

My MPhil Dissertation was "Performance and Cost Efficiency of Islamic Banks in Pakistan; A Fixed Effect Time-variant Model and Data Envelopment analysis" This study attempts to provide empirical evidence on the Cost efficiency of Islamic Banks of Pakistani banking industry. Advance applied analytical skills to investigate socioeconomic relationships is the focused area of study

Term Project:  ''Military Expenditure and Economic Growth in Pakistan''

Study the relationship between economic growth and military expenditure by using econometric technique  with reference to Pakistan

Aug 2004Jun 2008

BSc. (Hons) Economics

International Islamic University

Special focus on main stream and Islamic economics, area of specialization included conventional and Islamic financeCGPA 3.51 (Distinction)

Oct 2011Nov 2011

Course on Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

Community Based Disaster Risk Management course by ADPC (Asian Disaster Preparedness Center) have provide an opportunity to acquire skills and obtain knowledge on “how to” design and implement programs to reduce disaster risks and vulnerability and build community capacity to promote a ‘culture of safety.’ Through exercises and simulations i have practiced risk assessment and risk management planning.The major areas of focus were:Examine various models on disaster risk management;Design and conduct community based disaster risk assessment;Identify measures for hazard and vulnerability reduction and Capacity building of community Prepared a risk reduction plan and how to integrate it in development activities. Analyze problems in the implementation of community based risk reduction plans. Described areas of professional development to become a professional CBDRM practitioner.

Sep 2012Mar 2013

Diploma In Disaster Risk Management

Preston Univeristy

The principal objective of this course is to develop skills  in areas relating to Disaster Risk Management. Special emphasis is placed on specific disaster profiles of regions / provinces, countries; and issues relating to vulnerability and risk response, assessment, prevention, mitigation, preparedness, rehabilitation, reconstruction and legislation.

Feb 2013Mar 2013

Introduction to Disaster Risk Management (E-Learning) Course, Disaster Risk Managemen

World bank

This course is the introductory course of the World Bank Institute’s e-learning program on disaster risk management (DRM). The objective of this course is to familiarize development practitioners with contemporary concepts and practices in disaster management and contribute to a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive approaches in this cross-cutting field of development. It also aims to establish a common language and understanding among development practitioners in order to improve collaboration among various disciplines and integrate risk reduction considerations in development plans and decisions.

Dec 2013

School Safety Planing

Centre for Disaster Preparedness & Management Peshawar (CDPM)

Principal objectives of this course were as following

1) Understanding the importance of teaching disaster risk reduction and the teacher's fundamental role and management skills in creating a safe environment for children. 

2) Mastering the key concepts of disaster risk reduction. 

3) Being able to learn and apply interactive methods of learning and knowledge transfer to schoolteachers. 

4) School management and administrative skills. 


    • Delivered 5 days TOT on SBDRM to provincial master trainers of KPK and Sindh Provinces
    • Have delivered trainings on CBDRM to different National & International organization including UN Agencies in all over Pakistan. 
    • Carried out training on Higher Education and DRR for departmental officials of Higher Education Commission Pakistan 
    • Training delivered on "Mainstreaming of DRR in Education"  for National Institute of Disaster Management Pakistan 
    • n the Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) project, with the support of Concern Worldwide, local community of the most vulnerable union councils (23 UCs) of district Muzaffargarh was trained on CBDRM. 
    • Have trained school teachers of the 23 vulnerable union councils of district Muzaffargarh on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), successfully motivated teachers to make risk reduction plan of the their schools. 
    • In the project of iMMAP, “Common Operating Picture for Disaster Management” (COPDM), supported by USAID, 15 districts all over Pakistan have been visited for providing facilitation in DRR Trainings, to different national and international organizations

    Authors Publications

    Portfolio details are available in the following section.

    Details of Publications

    • School Based Disaster Risk Reduction Manuals

    I have been involved in the Development, Localization and Desktop Publishing these manuals for KPK province (Pakistan) in DIPECHO-VII.

    • Pakistan Development Perspective

    I am co-author of this series of  PDP which uses 50+ Layer of information with spatial and historical references using all available ICT tools and techniques. 

    • District Profiles

    I am the co-author of this series of district profiles, to enhance Government of Pakistan, humanitarian organizations and all other stakeholders’ efforts towards rapid needs assessment, disaster response and mitigation. All these Profiles are available at

    • Performance and Cost Efficiency of Islamic Banks in Pakistan:Alternative Models

    This study was presented as M.Phil Desertion in Pakistan Institute of development Economics and available at HEC archives. 

    • Energy BulletinEnergy Bulletin

     provides the latest news, views, and maps of the energy sector in both English and Urdu. available at

    Career Skills & Knowledge Areas

    • Applied and Theoretical Finance
    • Statistical and Econometric Tools (LIMDAP, EVIEWS, SPSS)
    • ARC GIS 10
    • Corel Draw 17
    • QUICKBOOKS ( An ERP Solution)
    • Microsoft Office (Excellent Command in Excel)
    • Advance Economic theory
    • Excellent Communication skills as a Facilitator .
    • Islamic Law with reference to its Application in Contemporary Finance
    • Extensive analytical work on social institution of Pakistan
    • Fluency in written and spoken English, Urdu and Punjabi
    • Fair understanding of Arabic and Persian.

    Personal Information and Interests


    February 12, 1985.