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Work History

Nov 2016present

Software Engineer

Redmath (Consultant from Pentaloop)

ING (Banking and Financial Services)
Period: November 2016 - Present
Role: Team Member (Software Engineer)
Tools: Web Storm, Eclipse, Source Tree
Technologies: AngularJS, RequireJS, Grunt, Bower, Npm, Java (Spring)


  • Involved in development of new features in the application.
  • The main role is to develop new features in front end using angularjs.
  • Also worked in back end that is made up in java using its best framework named as Spring.


Ing is a banking and financial services corporation. It has a critical and great web application for all of its transactions and other services. They also have other development teams overseas and their top development management decides rules for development. Their application has different modules named as widgets for different functionalities like initiate service requests etc. These modules are made up using angularJS and interacts with back end APIs and services made up in Java.

Sep 2016Oct 2016

Software Engineer

Boopin (Dubai)

Run Simulator (Game)
Period: September 2016 to October 2016
Role: Team Member (Software Engineer)
Tools: Unity 5, Asset Store, MonoDevelop
Technologies: C#, Javascript


  • Involved in designing the environment according to the needs.
  • Wrote game scripts in a very efficient way to manage the application code. Separate Classes for each functionality.
  • Added and controlled animations on each game object.


Run Simulator is a running game which provides the real feeling of running. The environment is great and it changes dynamically. It includes running in Dubai and New York City towns like Brooklyn and China town. We have to survive from many obstacles like vehicles and other things in city. For all of this i used Unity game engine and MonoDevelop for writing C# and Javascript Scripts.

Sep 2016Present

Software Engineer



Period: September 2016
Role: Team Member (Software Engineer)
Tools: PhpStorm, Git, FileZilla, phpMyAdmin
Technologies: CakePHP, Javascript, Jquery, MySql, WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol),                                   Autobahn.js


  • Involved in the design and development of business analytics.
  • Have designed and developed complete vertical stack of individual feature/requirements.
  • Customized various front-end JS widgets and plugins like data tables, date pickers for pie charts, graphs and live active user graphs.
  • Made a Live Chat Module using WAMP messaging protocol. Autobahn was used for frontend websockets. 


DevContact is a customer support and ticketing system specialized for mobile app developers. It has all the basic and advanced level features of ticket management system, in-app messaging, cloud based FAQs and Knowledge base. It’s a responsive application developed using bootstrap, jQuery/JS, PHP Ratchet Socket based communication framework.
A Live Chat feature has been introduced along with the ticket managing system. Using live chat customers can provide support to their visitors in a very efficient and fast way. For this we used WAMP messaging protocol (Ratchet for backend and Autobahn.js for frontend).

Period: August 2016
Role: Team Lead (Software Engineer)
Tools: PhpStorm, WebStorm, Git, FileZilla, phpMyAdmin
Technologies: Laravel, AngularJS, Java, Javascript, MySql


  • Frontend in angularjs and backend using Laravel.
  • Backend process in java to fetch reviews from Itunes API and update them.
  • Business flow of the frontend application including authentication.


Appilizer is a web application in which users can add their itunes applications and can see all the reviews of their deployed applications. Users can add their appliciations within their companies. The frontend of the project is made up using AngularJS which uses Laravel as backend API. This app also contains a separate backend process that is made in java which keeps on fetching reviews from itunes and update them in database.

Jul 2014Aug 2016

Senior SugarCRM Devleloper Specialist

Rolustech Pvt Ltd.


WM Printing
 February 2015 to August 2016
Role: Team Member (Software Engineer)
Tools: Tortoise SVN, FileZilla, phpMyAdmin, Talend 
Technologies: SugarCRM, PHP, Javascript, BackboneJS, MySql
API IntegrationPayPal PayFlow 


  • Front-end customization of the widgets based on client customization requirements.
  • Integration of front-end widgets with the back-end APIs based on Ajax calls.
  • Developed using a custom JS based MVC framework developed on top of Backbone JS.
  • Integrated payment modules with paypal api's.


WM Printing was a customization project of a CRM module developed on top of SugarCRM technology. The framework limits and carefully dictates the use of front-end technologies and tools. It involved printing of different products and their delivery through USPS, UPS and FedEx. The module had an extensive content and user input and it was challenging to layout new UI features in the                 available space.

Period: August 2014 to January 2015
Role: Team Member (Software Engineer)
Tools: Tortoise SVN, FileZilla, phpMyAdmin, Talend 
Technologies: SugarCRM, PHP, Javascript, BackboneJS, MySql


  • Front-end and back-end customization of the application based on bussiness requirements.
  • Developed custom templates of PDF using tcpdf (PHP Class for generating PDF documents).
  • Customization of list and detail views using latest plugins of JQuery like draggable and sortable.


Ylighting is an online-led retailer offering the best in modern and contemporary lighting, furnishings, and decorative plumbing to design driven consumers and trade professionals. Ylighting was also a customization project of a CRM module developed on top of SugarCRM technology. It involved selling of modern lighting and contemporary lighting for modern design.



BS IT (CGPA: 3.15)

Punjab University College of Information Technology

FSc Pre Engineering (76%)

Global College, Lahore

Matic (79%)

Punjab Cadet School Systems, Lahore



Including its frameworks like Laravel and CakePHP

API Design

Professional Tools

  • PhpStorm
  • WebStorm
  • SourceTree
  • Tortoise SVN
  • MS Visual Studio
  • FileZilla
  • MS Word, Excel, Power Point
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Talend
  • Unity 5
  • MonoDevelop

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux

Final Year Project

  • Title: Moodroid
  • Role: Developer
  • Skills Used: Eclipse, Java, SQ Lite, Facebook API
  • Description: It is an Android application which prompts user to login to Facebook and fetch the recent status. Then it judges the mood of the user from his/her status and changes the wallpaper of the device according to the mood.


  • Development
  • Adventurous Trips
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Body Building