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I am a researcher currently completing my last year at CU Boulder and working in the Shen lab affiliated with the same university. My current project involves the role of Munc18 in transportation of GLUT4.  I am very passionate about my research and also have experience in field work and ecology. I am an avid reader of scientific literature, and in my spare time I run a neuroscience themed journal club on campus.

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

Undergraduate Researcher 

Shen Endoplasmic Trafficking Lab at University of Colorado Boulder

Currently completing honors thesis project on the role of Munc18 in metabolism

Trained in CRISPR virus production, patch clamp, and basic lab techniques

May 2013Dec 2013

Undergraduate Researcher 

studied under Dr. Oliveras and Dr. Kearns at University of Colorado Boulder

Captured and Identified Bombus species in Boulder County

Compiled and analyzed data from field work

Was involved in discovery of locally extinct Bombus Occidentalis


Aug 20122016

Bachelor of Arts 

University of Colorado at Boulder

Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology



4 years at Niwot High School, Niwot, CO


2 years at Niwot High School, Niwot, CO


Three Hierarchies School of Modern Greek, Boulder, CO