Mohammed ABDEL AZIM Farah

About Me 

First of all I am from North of   SUDAN.  I was born in SAUDAI ARABIA at TAIF but I live in MAKKAH . My age is 27 years old.I completed my studies at  AL FLAH school . Then I went to SUDAN for study in the  university. I was study English but not finish it .When I came back in SAUDIA  I watched at the some day in my home on TV  air crash investigation  a pilot was very smart and he landed by plane with no engines. From that time I loved flight then i  went to MALAYSIA to start English curse for one year to preparation it before start privet pilot license  and then I turn back to renew my visa and not turn back there cause the flight courses was very expensive . Also I went to SUDAN to study pc course for 8 months.I think that is all about my life.

Work History

Work experience
Apr 2015 - Jun 2015

Human resources

Logistics Alhembri for transportation 
Feb 2013 - Nov 2013


AL sheiaka company 

its fashion company 

Jan 2012 - Aug 2012

Accountant and secretary 

AMIN THIGA for Construction 


Mar 2011 - Nov 2011

Course in pc for 8 months in SUDAN

Jan 2008 - Dec 2009

English course in MALAYSIA for one year



Can make a new business relationship  

Speak English and write very good 

Can do the impossible and difficult work

Can use computer good 

Contact Information