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May Kong  孔 子 阳

Customer Service Guest Specialist


Years of experiences in the accommodation industry,  enjoy and dedicate in the customer service. As a team player, I'd like to take a proactive role as well as in an efficient and timely manner while maintaining a high-performance team.

Work History

Jan 2017Present

Customer Service Guest Specialist - China VIP is one of the world’s largest travel e-commerce companies, built on data-driven innovation. Customer service teams are tech-savvy travel experts and a home-away-from-home for customers all over the world.

  • Liaising between guests and partners to resolve medium to high complexity issues via phone and email from worldwide customers. An affinity for offering excellent customer service, always take ownership to discuss available options with customers to reach a better solution.
  • Promote to China VIP Specialist from Dec 2018. VIP CS  is one of the initiatives under the China Loyalty Program, a dedicated team providing customized procedures to the Super VIP (luxury/Upper-middle class) customers in order to create a unique experience. Experiencing the process of this new program launch on the ground, participate in multiple discussion, feedback and procedures optimization.
  • Positive team participation in various projects and activities. Part of the network of Ethics Ambassadors globally, support local offices in raising awareness on ethics and compliance. 
  • Proactive learning, support colleagues with peer learning, be open to feedback from others.

Moganshan Solvang Villa

Sep 2015Jan 2016

Store Manager 

Solvang Villa located in vocational village Moganshan, like a private dreamland nestled in the village.

  • Report to the villa owner, handle pre-booking inquiries, reception work, track room status and all stuff inventory. High standards of daily operation work and team management improve my coordinate and communication ability. 
  • Served many foreign customers who were from International enterprise based in Shanghai. Adjust personal style to follow customers' lead that helps me create rapport with them.

The HuLu Hotel

Feb 2014Sep 2015

Store Manager 

The HuLu Hotel located in traditional Hutong area in Beijing center.

  • After half a year of receptionist work, I was promoted to store manager. Responsible for daily operation, recruitment, support the owner to handle public relations. In line with local authorities requirements and solve various problems would happen in a hotel.
  • Communicated with thousands of foreign travelers, gave me a lot of positive energy and strong my service mindset. It's a process of efforts to build a unique and consistent set of values hotel brand that underpins its product and service. We achieved and kept No.1 on TripAdvisor in Beijing area more than half a year. 

Another Land Program

Apr 2011Jun 2014


Chinese eco-village exploring ways of living more sustainably, particularly through focusing on the fields of technology, tradition, and culture. Discussed and practiced self-sufficiency and sustainable development with people who are from kinds of professions. Practiced construction, electricity generation, handmade soap and so on, these experiences enriched my mind and physical, keep influencing my daily life until now. 

AIESEC Experiences (NGO)

OutGoing Exchange


Team Leader

Connected with AIESECer around the world, found and built relationship for Chinese students chances of internship in foreign countries. Participated in the national development projects within the organization.

Talent Management


Support Manager

Responsible for Mentor & Mentee program inside the organization, focused on members' AIESEC way, encouraging and giving recommendations to new members. 

Taiwan WZU Branch



Wonderful time with Taiwanese, learned to think from a new perspective and be aware of society responsibility.


Qingdao University 


Bachelor of Administration 

International Business Top 30%

Qingdao University 


Bachelor of Laws

Law Top 30%

National University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Sep 2013Jan 2014

Short-term Academic

Applied Economics 



National Judicial Examination Certificate (C)


BEC(Vantage) / IELTS(6) / Toeic(795)

MBTI Analysis - ISFP

ISFPs live in a colorful, sensual world, inspired by connections with people and ideas. ISFPs easily relate to others' emotions, helping them to establish harmony and good will, and minimize conflict. They plan actions and behaviors as contributions to a sense of identity, building a portfolio of experiences.


Boxing, Dancing, Photograph