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  • Screenwriting
  • Sci-fi, horror and fantasy books and movies
  • Post-humanism
  • Comic books


For the past 5 years I have been working as a senior game designer in a new company based in Israel working on a new game platform. I also wrote the story for a computer game called "Adam Syndrom".


I'm also a Writer, and a technology journalist,  and a leading podcaster, hosting both Kitaor's Sideshow (entertainment show) and Kitaro's Mac show (a podcast about all thing macintosh).

Lastly, I give lectures and talk about a verity of subjects: podcasting, productivity, folklore, technology, mysticism and natural therapies.

My first book - "The Complete Guide to the Magical world of the Faery Folks" a guide to folklore and magical creatures - was published in 2005 and I'm working on two other books at the moment. One is a user guide to Podcasting, the other is a fantasy book for children.

Other then those projects I have a regular mac column at and I wrote there about technology, productivity and on some other subjects - like serial killers. 

I started designing games since I was ten, when I created a board-game based on the movie "The Flight of Dragons" and after that created a few small roleplaying games and wrote games and adventures for roleplaying game conventions.

I got my degree as an ND, specializing in reflexology.

Special Projects

Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Senior game designer

Cedar Design Group

Cedar Design Group is an Israeli based game company that was founded in January 2008. The team that works here is made of amazing, passionate people from various fields who work on a new gaming platform. While officially CDG began it's life in Jan 2008, we worked on this new game and patended technology for the past 4 years.

As senior game designer my work deals mainly with the creation of the gameplay, the rules, the audio and visual feedbacks and the many aspects that go into making this new game.

I also work on original content for the platform, including background story, character development etc.

My second duty is to work on new concepts for games: physical toys, electronic devices and we based. There are three main games I have developed under this position and I can elaborate on them but not here.

Last, together with Avi Sabbag, the Head of the Project and Head of the Creative team, we advice on presentations and papers that have to do with investors and marketing. 

May 2008Present



I write for the Digital section and for the Men section. My digital articles include reviews about products, Web sites and services. I have a regular Mac Column that deals mainly with making the mac more accessible to new and old users.

In the Men section I write about productivity, review Bars and other drinking places. I have a regular column about serial killers and I wrote about general "life" subjects.




I give lectures about various subjects:

  • Technology
  • Podcasting
    • In education
    • Independent creators
  • Self Improvement
  • Folklore, Sci-fi and Fantasy
  • Creativity and Writing
  • Game Designing
  • and More 
Mar 2005Present

Producer and Host


Producing podcasts is the same as producing any radio show.

As the leading podcaster in Israel I am running three popular shows, I have helped in the creation of over a dozen more shows and conducted seminar and gave lecture in various events about the subject.

From hosting the show, to the recording, arrangement, editing, promoting and distributing the show - everything has been done by me for the past few years.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are "internet radio shows" - i.e audio content that is recorded on a regular schedule and distributed over the web. Unlike normal shows, podcasts are available at any time so people can alway enjoy the content. Because Podcasts are basically a sound file that can be downloaded, people can also listen to them where ever they want - on the computer, through a CD in the car, on their iPods etc. There are shows about any subject you can imagine. Our most prominent ones are: Kitaros' Sideshow, Kitaro's Macshow and Kitar's iPhoneshow.

Mar 2007May 2008

Content management


iCast is leading the podcast revolution in Israel. The site offers anyone to upload their podcast creation.

On the site you can find original content, radio shows and lectures with more content in the pipe, ready to be launched. 

My work here was mainly on developing the content, working with the Open University on getting their lectures on the site. Negotiating with  book publishers to bring their content in and working with independent podcaster to get them to keep on with content creation.

Dec 2007May 2008


Walla tech

Walla tech is part of walla portal web site. Since 16th of December 2007 I have been writing a regular mac column that appears every Sunday.

The column is all about macintosh and osx - how to use it, how to make the transition form a P.C, what application to run etc.

Today, the "Mac Royal" column is the only professional mac related column is Israel.


Game Designer

Cedar Design Group

Began working on CDG an Israeli based game company that was officially founded in January 2008. The company is working on a new game platform.



Dark Motif

Wrote the treatment for a new computer game. The story involves a mystery that combines history and religious themes. As this game is still in development I cannot disclose more information at this time.


Chief Editor

ISF - Israel Science fiction and Fantasy Magazine

Edited, managed and wrote for ISF, an online magazine created by Eli Hershtein. The magazine reviews movies, books and comic books. At my time there I added a section about role playing games and Technology,




KiTARO was a a two branches store (one in Haifa, the other in Tel Aviv).

The Store was a center for special books on Magick and the occult, collectable and handmade fantasy status and a place to give lectures etc.

During this time My brother was in charge of the workers and dealt with the Israeli companies we worked with while I contacted, signed contracts and worked with providers from England, Germany, Italy and the U.S.A to bring special merchandise, collectable figurines, hard to find Tarot cards and books.

I also gave lectures and courses on personal development and meditation.

Apr 2000Dec 2003

writer, co-creator

Demons under the sink

Demons under the sink was the leading Role playing Game magazine, featuring articles, reviews and personal columns about the industry, the community and the hobby itself.

Together with three more friends, we built the site, wrote for it and built a community whisch is still active even today, years after the magazine stopped its publishing.

Other then the magazine itself, we operated conventions for RPGs, lectured on the subjects and worked as advisor to an Israeli RPG importer.



Savion Care Center

Worked with the tenants to help them physically with various deficiencies, aches and other problems. I worked with people ages 17 to 70, treating with the best suited technique for each one of them.



Israeli College for Natural Therapies

A 4 years multiple course Degree that enables me to work in the field of Reflexology and  Holistic massage with the addition of learning Nutrition, Bach Remedies, Reiki and a few other techniques.


Began my training as a "Dale carnegie" graduate and kept on from there. I give lectures for a living so writing them and giving them is something i am used to.
Presentation Building
I use mostly Apple's Keynote but I know my way around Microsoft's Power Point. I created presentations for Cedar Design Group and I use the application in depth for all my lectures.
Sound Editing
Working on our podcasts and recording other I gained experience in Apple's Garageband and Soundtrack and the open source application Audacity.
Video Editing
Using Apple Final Cut Pro
Web Design
Basic understanding of HTML. I work mainly with an application called Rapidweaver. Some sites I created:
Advance usage of Apple OSX
Editing and Proofreading
In Hebrew