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Consultancy of IT projects, project and program management, IT project and program management, Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Process Development & Reengineering (BPR), retail loans & credit cards assessment management, retail and corporate banking process restructuring and projects management, scoring and decision making system projects

Work experience

Feb 2010Present

Senior Consultant

Fintek Financial Technology Services Inc.

FİNTEK Financial Technology Services Inc.

Consultancy Services Directorate

Senior Consultant/Group Leader

To consult programs and projects of Ziraat Bank in line with business expectations and strategies by establishing effective business relations throughout conception to deployment,

Planning in accordance corporate strategy of the customer (Ziraat Bank), consulting and coordinating projects all related with credit (retail, corporate, sme, agricultural) processes improvement, optimizing and restructuring, Basel II, credit risk management, risk rating, business intelligence, corporate work follow processes and document management,

Being a part in transformation projects of the Bank as Fintek team leader,

To work out project feasibility and analysis reports

Business Process Management (BPM),

Enterprise Content Management (ECM),

Process Development & Reengineering (BPR)

Jan 2005Feb 2010


Fortis Bank


Merchant Banking Credits Project Management

  • Manage local and/or cross-border projects to achieve the targeted business results,
  • Formulate the results expected by the project sponsor,
  • Develop and maintain the project's structure, micro and macro-plan, and list of deliverables,
  • Advice to IT project management tools & methods for the projects in order to deliver its results within the expected timing and budget,
  • Manage and execute the project progress, ensuring it delivers the expected results,
  • Report of the project progress to the project sponsor and project team,
  • Identify and perform the project tasks required to deliver the results expected within budget and timing,
  • Anticipate, mitigate, solve, or escalate the issues or risks linked with the activities.
  • Assessment of current status of Credits Group's projects, design and re-design of those in coordination with the related departments
  • Coordinate of the whole process of the projects from design to implementation, prepare the trainings to be offered before the implementation, monitor the projects in live
  • Coordinate the infrastructure studies to realize Basel II standards in the bank.
Aug 2001Jan 2005



Retail Banking Group/Credit Card Assessment


Resulting of the credit cart requests received from the branches and alternative distribution channels compatible with the Bank’s credit policies,

•To determine consistent and dynamic credit card assessment processes,

•Revising and updating credit card measurementpolicies according to Bank’s strategies and market positions,

•Oversaw the increase of total credit card accounts from 50,000 to 500,000 in three years' time while keeping under control of bed dept,

•To determine the targets of the team she is in charge of, follow up periodically how they proceed with their targets and their performances, to realize the performance evaluations in line with the Performance Evaluation System and to provide them to the related management,

•To provide the necessary support for the communication of the team she is in charge of with the other Head Office departments and official institutions,

•To realize the job descriptions and the transactions she is in charge of accurately and timely and in line with the internal and external acts, regulations,

•To determine the working conditions of the department, make the necessary work division; to ensure working in coordination with other departments/units,

•To prepare business plans related with the department activities, to track its improvement, to provide the completion of tasks accurately and timely

Nov 2000Aug 2001


Iktisat Bank

Retail Banking Group

Assessment of credit cards

Design and analyze of the projects for Credit Cards Application Process.

Monitoring of Retail Loans & Credit Cards` risk.

Dec 1997Nov 2000



Retail Banking Group

Rebuilding of credit card assessment process

Implementation of scorecard and decision making systems.

Strategy Management & Management Control


Sep 2007Sep 2008


Sabancı University

The main accoplishment of Information Technologies in Management program is to improve business processes and to create profitable business models by applying IT-based management strategies,

Skills in technical insight about web services & technologies, network and communication infrastructure, business systems security, database design & management,IT-based decision support systems, IT investment and strategies,  IT budget management and coordination, e-business models, IT organization, outsourcing etc. 


Retail Loans
Project Management


Nov 2006Dec 2006