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Web Development
HTML5 CSS3 jQuery PHP Linux    
  Object Orientation (overloading, overriding, reference casting) Assignments (primitives, arrays) Garbage Collection Operators Flow Control, Exceptions, Assertions Strings (immutability) I/O Generics, Collections Inner Classes (member, anonymous, static) Threads  
Functional Integration UAT (User Acceptance Testing) System Integration Testing Security




Work experience

Online Coordinator

World Partnership Walk
  • Liased as online technical coordinator for online donations.
  • Responded to issues such as team management, donor management and donation management with a turn-around time of 48 hours.
  • In the process of design and development of brand new face-lift of site to attract more donations for 3rd world donation website.


Edebit Global
  • Designed and implemented a software application with an online access layer using
  • JAVA and MySQL technology to perform account maintenance, currency allocation, and cash drawer maintenance.
  • Developed an automated process for distributions and installations that saved the company thousands in hardware and installation costs.
  • Wrote extensively detailed user manuals and test cases to ensure every aspect of program including client requirements, training and help were covered.
  • Performed installation and maintenance on server for initial test run of 500 users to ensure application satisfied client's requirements.
  • Technologies used: JAVA, MySQL, Queries, Eclipse, Subversion
Feb 2013Present

QA Analyst

  • Designed and implemented automated testing tools and programs, addressing software scenarios, regression testing, error/bug retests, and usability.
  • Analyzed business and system requirements to create and produce test cases, execute detailed test plans, and verify bug fixes.
  • Managed development of SQL test queries and improved QA testing turn-around time by 25% or more.
  • Created test cases using Telerik Test Studio to automate web operations, such as account access, navigation and data entry. These test cases would be scheduled for nightly runs and would perform analysis of server requirements and enhancements.
  • Regression tested defects and reported results to the Development and Management team to minimize risks.
  • Trained senior management on a new content authoring signature process I developed that saved the company valuable time with resource personnel.
  • Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, XML, PHP, javascript, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop CS5, W3C.
May 2011May 2012

Web Developer

Woodruff Sweitzer
  • Developed and maintained companies websites and improved features and processes through new developments in web technologies such as responsive design.
  • Used jQuery and JavaScript to develop enhancements of navigation menus, galleries, and picture effects to create a stronger online presence, thereby generating increased traffic.
  • Converted PSD's to HTML5 to ModX (Content Management System).
  • Developed interactive websites to grow company's clientelle by 50%.
  • Created email campaigns to mass market new products and features.
  • Developed features in ModX to enhance user experience.
  • Developed backup scripts in BASH language that ran nightly to ensure secure storage and disaster recovery, whilst maintaining 24X7 accessibility.
  • Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, XML, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop CS5, W3C.


Sep 2009Apr 2011

Software Development

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology