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Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Managing Partner

ZZ Sports Group LLC


Bachelor of Arts

Western StateCollege


With over 18 years’ experience in the world of sports performance improvement, Zig Ziegler makes his living by helping well-known athletes perform at the highest level. Mr. Ziegler’s career began in 1994 when he built his first sports performance training company for high school teams in Arizona.Within just five years, Zig Ziegler was able to assist four Arizona football teams in winning state championships. These were the beginnings of what has today blossomed into a full-fledged training system for some of the world’s best-known athletes.Using advanced 3-D biomechanical analyses, Zig Ziegler has assisted over 50,000 athletes in learning the proper techniques to enhance their athletic ability and avoid injuries. As a noted sports kinesiologist and biomechanics expert, Zig Ziegler has assisted over two dozen NFL players in overcoming serious injuries during play so that they could remain on the field and aid in winning the game.Some of Mr. Ziegler’s past clients include NFC champion Chris Walsh of the Minnesota Vikings; All-Pro Linebacker Seth Joyner; three time Super Bowl Champion Derek Loville; 12-year NFL veteran Chris Oldham of the Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints; and veteran NFL Quarterback, Stoney Case.Zig Ziegler is often retained for post-injury consultations by major teams in all sports venues. Past clients include Olympic athletes and such well-known sports figures as Shaquille O’Neal, pitcher Lauren Bay Regula, Rookie of the Year Jason Bay, and New York Mets (evaluating future Hall of Fame pitcher Johan Santana.In November of 2011, Zig Ziegler will release his new book, Absolute Kinetix: Training From the Ground Up--Essential Exercises for Optimizing Your Body. His book will serve as a basic training manual for athletes in general that aids them in identifying any issues that could negatively affect their physical performance on the playing field. Mr. Ziegler received his education in kinesiology at Western State College of Colorado. In his spare time, Zig Ziegler a former high school and collegiate all-American athlete in Track and Field, enjoys weightlifting as well as running and hiking.


Running, weight lifting, and hiking