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Organizational & Time Management
I am very organized and manage my time well. I rely on preparing myself so that I can get my work done in a sufficient amount of time while be very productive.
Microsoft Office Suite
I am very proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Power Point, Publisher & Excel.
Inventor/CAD Drawing
I am very proficient with Computer Aided Drawing Programs. I can produce working drawings, fix red marks, create existing conditions, and produce assembly drawings.
House Renvoations, handy work fixing and making repairs.

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Technology Teacher

Arlington Central Schools

Union Vale Middle 8th Grade Project Lead the Way Curriculum:

Eighth grade Technology is a laboratory based hands-on course designed to allow students to solve problems by processing materials and information. During the course, students will be required to computerized drawing, fabrication, digital electronics and robotics. Projects will consist of :

(1) Designing and constructing a projects using Autodesk Inventor CAD software

(2) Designing a ‘Rube Goldberg’ simple machines chain reaction device,

(3) Designing Robotics solutions for control system problems using “Fischertecnics”  parts   & programming software.

(4) CAD design of and building, testing, modifying and racing a ‘CO2 Car’

(5) Problem solving in Digital Electronics using digital logic gates.

(6) Basic Electronics using SNAP Circuits

Black and White Photography High School Level 9-12 Grades

The camera will be explored as a medium of visual communications and creative expression. This introductory course will begin with the basics design skills will be applied, as film is exposed, developed, printed, enlarge, cropped, etc. The history of photo processes will be covered along with an exploration of career possibilities.


Aug 2008Jun 2010

Technology Education

SUNY Oswego

Technology Education leads to certification to teach technology in pre-school settings through Grade 12, and gives you the tools you need to guide tomorrow's students in managing the technological innovations of the future. In our applied technology laboratories, you will be challenged to participate in authentic learning tasks and start solving problems through self-directed inquiry in the design and manufacture of various technological systems. Several field placements in diverse school settings are required.


Jun 2010Jun 2015

Initial Certification Technology Education K-12

New York State

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Outdoors, Hiking, Golfing, Black & White Photography, Digital Photography, Softball & and anything active


I have created a blog that deals with the topic relating to highly effective teachers.It has been a topic teachers are talking about not just in my school district but with the new observation rules I am interested in seeing how other teachers feel about this topic.

 Highly Effective Teacher Blog