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Committed and enthusiastic post-graduate having a thorough knowledge and working experience of Health and safety at work, Environmental sciences and Social policy with administrative and management skills required for a multi disciplinary working environment.

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

ES&H Officer

ADCC-JV New Doha International Airport Project

Key responsibilities as Environmental/Waste Controller:

  • To acknowledge and fully comply with the Environmental Legislation (European, International) governing the project’s activities.
  • To make recommendations and give advice to the site manager, in writing or orally, on issues in regard to the management of environmental issues and problems in the working environment on the basis of environmental actions taken at the worksites, as these result from the approved environmental studies, the approved environmental condition of each project as well as the environmental guidelines and specifications of the Client.
  • To give advice on issues of design, scheduling, construction and maintenance of facilities, introduction of new production procedures, procurement of means and equipment, selection and check of the effectiveness of the personal protection means, arrangement and settlement of the posts and the working environment as well as overall organization of the production procedure.
  • To examine the installations and technical means, prior to the operation, to control the production procedures and work methods prior to their implementation as well as to supervise the observance of the measures taken for the protection of the working environment, notifying respectively the competent engineers and the site manager.
  • To set clear, measurable, feasible, realistic and definite as to the time Environmental Objectives and Targets and to take all actions required for their achievement.
  • To investigate the environmental causes of occupational accidents, to analyze and evaluate the results and suggest measures on the prevention of similar accidents.
  • To participate in the preparation and implementation of training programs for employees on environment protection topics.
  • To produce to the site manager a written assessment of the existing environmental hazards.

Key Responsibilities as a Health and Safety Officer:

·To participate in the preparation and implementation of training programmes for employees on health, safety and environment topics

·Develop and distribute ES&H bulletins for sharing and finding of incident/accident and other information related to ES&H

·To produce Risk Assessment of the existing occupational hazards including those related to groups of employees exposed to special dangers

·To supervise the correct use of personal protection equipments

·To investigate the reasons of occupational accidents, to analyze and evaluate the results and recommend measures on the preventions of similar accidents

·To supervise fire fighting and alarm drills to check the alertness in the accident confrontation

·To observe regularly that employees at the company follow safety and health guidelines at work, inform and guide them on the prevention of occupational hazards and control measures


May 2008

NEBOSH General

BCS College of Health and Safety Training for Industry

Health and Safety at Work Regulations United Kingdom, Risk Assessment and managing safety at work 

Sep 2005Dec 2006


University of Nottingham

·Modules taken include: Principals of Social Policy, Globalization Citizenship and Identity, Social Policy Project, International Human Rights and Modern Slavery.

  • The Course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of social issues, social problems and the extent to which welfare system can offer solutions, with a special interest in British policy on climate change, housing, social security and modern slavery.
  • Successfully completed Dissertation on “(The chaos of climate change and the use of Car in Britain) by reviving the available literature”
2002Sep 2004


University Of Peshawar
  • Master in environmental sciences has provided me an opportunity to gain formal education, research and training in the field of environment, public health and safety, natural and occupational hazard, natural resource management and environmental policies.
  • Successfully completed my postgraduate research work “Assessment of the conservation practices with special references to Ethnobotany Pakistan”.



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