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Sep 2015Sep 2016

M.Sc Managing Innovation in Creative Organisations

Loughborough University

Modules: Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Planning, Design thinking and Collaborative Project.
Collaborative Project: In a team, working with Flamingo International, an insight and strategy consultancy, solving the assigned project.

Sep 2013Jun 2015

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Banking and Finance, Grade: 2:2

Bangor University

Modules: Comparative Banking, Financial Economics, Financial Econometrics, Advanced Investment Theory & Practice, Investment Banking

Jan 2011Aug 2012

Dioplma of Business, Grade: 56%

INTO University of Exeter

Work History

Jun 2013Sep 2013

Senior Associate in Investment Banking Sector, SHANGHAI

Industrial Securities Co., Ltd , China
  • Gain basic knowledge of the Investment banking sector. 
  • Understanding of new OTC market and become a team member of the new OTC market department.
  • Learning the importance of quality documentation for both the customer and the Company.
  • Did a market research on the new trend and new market segment of Chinese Jewelry. 
  • Collected the new OTC market's companies' data and presented to senior manager.
Sep 2012Jun 2013

Store Manager, SHANGHAI

Shanghai Bai Chuan Tong Jewelry., Plc 
  • Understanding the importance of customer experience.
  • Managed a sales team of 4 members for the entire time.
  • Maintained good relationships with wealthy customers and managed to sold a Jade Bracelet for 50,000 Pounds.
  • Developing communication skills.
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of products.


Team work
Working as store manager at Shanghai Bai Chuan Tong Jewelry taught me to work closely with the team. Sharing the ideas, communicating with each other and be able to helping each other are very important in building an effective team.
During my internship at Industrial Securities, this experience taught me to work effectively within a team, pooling information and resources together to gain a great outcome.

As a  store manager, this role required me to interface with different type of people, from children to company managers, even the millionaires. I have demonstrated the ability to communicate with a range of people from different backgrounds.
During my internship at 
Industrial Securities, communication is the most important part in the team. As in the fields of finance sector, losing communication means losing the valuable information. 
Problem solving

During my sales experience at Shanghai Bai Chuan Tong Jewelry, I faced a lot of problems which need to came out with creative and unique solutions to problems. I studied in-depth product knowledge, targeted the specified customers and managed to sell a 50,000 pounds Jade Bracelet to a wealthy lady.

IT skills
As Senior Associate at Industrial Securities, one of my requirement is to use office effectively. Transferring data into excel and making a powerpoint presentation to senior manager are very frequent during my internship.

Interests and Achievements

  • Funding raising by abseil with a team at ArcelorMittal Orbit at 3rd of October for St Mungo's Broadway.
  • Elected as  programme rep during Into University of Exeter Diploma Programme.
  • One of the programme representatives at Loughborough University.
  • Music interests include playing blues harmonica.


Academic: Professor Jonathan Williams, Director of Bangor Business School London Centre,
                  Bangor University; E:; Tel: 01248 38 2642
Employment: Xiaoyu XU, Senior Manager, Shanghai Bai Chuan Tong Jewelry., Plc, E:;
                      Tel: +86 18930571589