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Dairy product manufacturing in-process tests Raw milk reception tests
Industrial cleaning
·Industrial cleaning experience on the fish farms: -power washing -using chemicals -disinfecting -using health and safety equipments -testing hygiene in the lab   ·Industrial cleaning experience in the fish processing plant: -operating powerwasher -using farm disinfectants and other chemicals -liming -regular conventional farmsite cleaning
• Food preparation skills • Working in a busy kitchen area • Managing eco-turism in a customer focused environment
Fish processing
Worked in a fish processing plant as a supervisor. Operating all kind of machines related to fish processing. Planning, organizing and executing the whole production.  Quality control of food.  
Fish farming
-Carp farming -Trout farming -Fry breeding   Experience on all fields of the production.


  • Fish faming.
  • All fields of the stock-breeding and agribusiness.
  • Food processing.
  • Food preparation.
  • All areas of the food industry.
  • Catering.

Work experience


Hortobagy Fishfarm


•Forwarding and handling fish products

•Organizing fish production and staff activities

• Fishfarming experience


• Fish processing skills

•Quality control of food products

•Food retailer knowledge


•Food preparation skills

•Working in a busy kitchen area

•Managing eco-turism in a customer focused environment

Apr 2009Jul 2013


IDAS Trout Ltd.

·Feeding, grading, vaccination, stock maintenance, and farm development

·Careful stock vigilance, including night-time checks during 24 hour rotations.

·Administration duties, including compilation and submission of records for Irish Quality Trout Standard

·         Industrial cleaning experience

·Rigorous adherence to best practice to ensure continued high standard of fish product

·Acting manager at regular intervals

·Involvement in the training and induction of new employees


Agricultural engineer - HETAC Level 8 equivalent, recognized in Ireland

College of Nyiregyhaza - Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering

During my studies I ecquired competitive agricultural knowledge in all fields of the agricultural production that I keep countinously updated.In this full time college I gained extensive knowledge in the most important agricultural sciences such as:

  • -Stock-breeding            -Study of fodder              -Fishery
  • -Animal health               -Game husbandry         -Crop farming
  • -Horticulture                   -Crop protection-Pest controll
  • -Organic farming

The basic subjects

  • -zoology-agrochemistry-geodesy
  • -biology         -soil science    -botany
  • -mathematics-statistics

created good foundations for the applied sciences.

Economic subjects (economics, accountancy, financial management, etc.) extended my kens in the whole agribusiness.The technical knowledge, farmland and laboratory practise trained me to apply my book-learned knowledge.Supplemental sciences (quality assurance, human management, product processing, computer technology) consummated my erudition.

Sep 2002May 2008

Food technology Engineer - HETAC Level 8 equivalent, recognized in Ireland

Corvinus University of Budapest - Faculty of Food Sciences

his education gave me comprehensive proficiency in each section of the food processing and food production. During my studies I gained remarkable attainments in the most relevant food sciences.

The laboratory and industrial trainings helped me to plant my acquired knowledge into the practise.

During my studies I gathered notable experience in the food quality control and assurance.

Sep 1998Jun 1999


Irinyi Janos Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Food Industry

This is a secondary level vocational qualification. Creamery technician training.

Comprehensive theoretic and practical knowledge in the creamery industry. Good laboratory pracise acquired.

Serious technicological, and production skills.

Sep 1994Jun 1998

SECONDARY LEVEL QUALIFICATION (FETAC Level 4 equivalent), Certificate of final examination in vocational secondary school

Irinyi János Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Food Industry


Hungarian Police Clearance

Hungarian State Police
Jun 2008Present

License of huntsgun

Hungarian State Police
Jul 2001Jul 2018

Drivers license - Category B

Hungarian Traffic Controll


Bela Halasi-Kovacs

Steffen Petersen