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About Zephos

Inspiring the world through creative, compelling characters, Merritt Wong's unyielding desire to create remarkable and rememberable design will become your most valuable asset!

Possessing both the powerful marriage of technological expertise and consumer captivating creativity, Merritt Wong's obsession with expanding the creative horizon with the ever evolving times has been the driving force for his uncanny work.


Physical Strenght
Not the face! Anything but the face!
Written Communication
An experienced FAQ, tutorial and blog writer with a typing speed exceeding 100 WPM. Accustom to writing vividly detailed documentation with a unique flavor that grabs the reader's interest. Also, appears to have an unnatural dislike for adverbs.
Technical Troubleshooting
A generalist at fixing technical problems from anything from malfunctioning printers, to software bugs through creative solutions, resulting in increased efficiency.
Marketing & Customer Relations
Refined communications skills over the phone, online and in person to answer inquiries, resolve uncertainties, and amplify company reputation and efficiency both with customers and co-workers. Able to identify key trends and take action.
Instruction & Training
Trained a half a dozen people in using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Captivate and PowerPoint, as well as customer service training. Has written company protocol and technical reference documents, FAQs and visual tutorials.
Adept at both 2D and 3D animation. Specializes in Flash for 2D and Maya for 3D animation and modeling.
Multimedia Design
Well versed in sound and film editing, compositing and product integration. Expert in creating, presenting and working with PowerPoint and Flash and has participated in gallery exhibitions and business presentations.
Web Design
Has created, updated and maintained several websites, including two official company websites and multiple personal websites and blogs. Proficient with Adobe Dreamweaver and the WordPress platform.
Graphic Design & Illustration
Familiar with a wide myriad of graphic artist styles and techniques, both traditional and digital. Specializes in manga/anime style, landscape painting and logo design. Knows Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator inside out.




Graphic Design

Work experience


Adobe Captivate/Techsmith Camtasia Instructor

  • Commissioned to mentor a tutorial creator in learning the use of Adobe Captivate and Techsmith Camtasia to create online customer help content.

Content Creator for Relay for Life in Second Life

Second Life
  • Was commissioned by Second Life celebrity Francis Chung to texture an exclusive version of the virtual automobile called the Dominus Shadow for auction at the Relay for Life. Freedom of creativity was given and the Dominus Shadow: Senecio II was created. The Senecio II sold for L$ 400,000 (US$ 1320).

Content Creator

Filter Forge
  • Created thirty-one unique and heavily used Filters for the custom graphic filter creation program Filter Forge. Twenty of the filters have received High Usage rating with total downloads in the thousands and one filter receiving an Editor's Pick award with dozens more in the Top 100 most popular daily on the site.

Senior Lead Designer/Webmaster & Customer Relations Representative

MLXjet Media Corp.
  • Supervised and trained several designers in the tools and procedures necessary for design in the company, primarily revolving around Photoshop.
  • Created brochures, flyers, ads, PowerPoint presentations, videos, tutorials and web pages for the marketing department
  • Maintained and upgraded the company website.
  • Researched and implemented new features and improvements in the design and customer communication system.
  • Handled large volumes of customer calls and emails for both technical and design related purposes.

Customer/Technical Service Representative

  • Handled large volumes of phone calls and emails regarding both technical and sales related issues.
  • Assisted in keeping track of company records and payments
  • Maintained and updated the company website
  • Researched potential problems and fixes for software