Zenigen is a nutritional supplement company with an unmatched passion for each and every potent blend we create. Our very first supplement, Zenigen:Focus, came from a question, "Is there a way to expand the brain's potential?" The subsequent supplements we've crafted came from similar questions appropriate for their own category. Our journey started in 2013 when we searched for a supplement to boost our mood, motivation, memory, focus, and concentration. We did not consider those things too much to ask for, however we were surprised that no supplements we tried offered all of those benefits.

That [lack of] discovery initiated our own personal testing. Every day we'd try a new blend of ingredients (usually in the form of bulk powder) and report our findings to each other - both the positive and negative - until, months later, we found a blend that caused us to say, "Yes, this does just what we were hoping for!" Thus, Zenigen (and Zenigen:Focus) was born. There were still many months of A/B testing, minor modifications, and third-party opinions before we finalized the blend to the point it could not get any better.