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In 1988 addressed systemic personal/professional communication challenges and facilitated team building in a large aerospace firm. In 1990, hosted a TV show on overcoming fears. I explored inner-city high schools and curriculum design, then college teaching. My insight empowers diverse learners, entrepreneurs and small biz owners in our workshops. 

☞ Author, Coach, Facilitator and Socially Mediated Extrovert with Websight; a thought leader exploring best practices & innovative business architecture for sustainable growth. I know virtually anything is possible with the right thoughtmospheric conditions, executive leadership, social media and team dynamics.


Zen Benefiel is a multi-master's degreed author, coach, consultant, educator, facilitator and minister with a passion for education and facilitating collaborative alliances that lead to dynamic partnerships and successful projects.

Be The Dream LLC's Mission is to provide change agent services, vision and leadership empowerment through personal and professional transformational life coaching and visioneering partnering process on and off the Web, delivering exceptional coaching and coaching materials to our clients. A life coach is a primary tool for success in today's economic picture.

Be The Dream bridges state-of-the-art business management and life coaching practices to provide clients with opportunity and reason for change. A spiritual coach's primary goal is to facilitate deliberate creating, one dream at a time, making the work fun and insightful while providing value-added features not found in traditional coaching environments.

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Our vision for Be The Dream, LLC is to assist breakthroughs in personal, professional and even planetary transformation where possible; transforming our world toward holding anthropic (human life-friendly) lifestyles to be most important.


Be The Dream LLC's Mission is to provide change agent services, vision and leadership empowerment through personal and professional transformational life coaching and visioneering partnering processes on and off the Web, delivering exceptional coaching and coaching materials to our clients. A life coach is a primary tool for success in today's economic picture, empowering you to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION.


Be The Dream facilitates personal and professional development using state-of-the-art processes and programs to create harmony in your life and business matters. Balance is fine, but you want things to work together - that's harmony - a change agent's dream come true. Harmony evolves from the successful management of chaos to order. Metamorphosis is an organic process of change that is seen in all levels of life.

Zen Benefiel IS Be The Dream, LLC and an achiever through charismatic and transformational leadership. Goals are dreams with deadlines. A possibilities coagulator, when given resources and time, exponentiates productivity.

Questions Drive Discovery

Every question has an answer. Are you asking the right ones? 

  • make your job or life better?
  • publish a book, blog or website?
  • find direction for your life purpose?
  • communicate better in relationships?
  • create and achieve passion-filled goals?
  • integrate social media with your website?
  • lead your team effectively and efficiently?
  • change your career direction or profession?
  • detect and eliminate self-sabotaging patterns?
  • start a new business with a product or service?
  • remove liabilities, limitations and excuses in life?

A Transformational Coach can AWAKEN YOUR DREAMS!

Personal Stuff

In these times of massive change, you need someone who can help you adjust and transform, meeting the challenge to change and grow effectively in your relationships and business process - change management especially.

My mission: provide leading-edge personal and business development services. My conviction to excellence in education and business synergize powerful tools for coaching, consulting, strategic planning and partnering workshops. The latter (my favorite) includes aerospace (programs), construction (road & bridge), education (curriculum), events (large public) as well as performing arts and radio/television production. 

Past successes include a 45% market penetration increase for a health food company, a 20% increase in on-time shipments for an aerospace company and a leadership role in the inclusion of Native American elements in the Steele Indian School Park master plan.

Facilitating partnering and team building processes, I use a 'Tao of Business' approach which balances the hard science and soft skills necessary to access "The Secret of Doing Business in the 21st Century." Collaboration and communication are the keys to success in any environment. Possibilities coagulation happens when the framework is in place... its one of my deliverables.


2010 presentation - International Association for Near Death Studies

Presentation at the 2010 International Association for Near Death Studies. I had an experience in 1975 that I share as well as how it affected my life and work.

One World Television Show

Archived show with guests Drs. George Land and Beth Jarman - Corporate Consults and Best Selling Authors.



boards, coalitions, collaborations, cooperatives, diverse groups, partnering workshops
Desktop, Self-Publishing and Media Production
articles, books, brochures, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, radio, television and video production.
Educating, Mentoring, Coaching
secondary and adult learners, entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers and staff
Business Consulting
analysis, strategic planning, project management

Work experience

Jan 1988Present

Founder, Possibilities Coagulator

Be The Dream, LLC
Companies and organizations of the new millennium recognize the need for inspiration in their workforce or staff. Be The Dream is a declaration of encouragement, not just a slogan. My recent facilitating history includes AzDOT road and bridge construction partnering workshops. Projects ranged from $500K to $500M. Rated Avg. 3.62 of 4.0. from this crowd is a compliment.
Aug 2015Present

Producer - Host

2 Small Biz Guys
2 Small Biz Guys is a business-talk focused radio show about small business concerns and opportunities with a twist of humor and personality. We'll be launching in October, 2015 Check out for more information and to schedule your time. 2 Small Biz Guys showcases local business owners from an array of solopreneurs, micro- and small businesses, local business notables and community leaders. We’ll cover topics that include being an entrepreneur, micro-business, self-employment, business coaching, peer groups, strategic coaching, solopreneurs, how to grow your business and how to find business mentors. We don’t want you to go it alone. In today’s marketplace small business owners need help that many find hard to afford. Now you’ll be able to get sound advice and insights without added expense. Each week we’ll explore the dynamics of particular challenges and opportunities in a live show with our guest(s). Ray Silverstein and Zen Benefiel have over 60 years of combined experience across a variety of business environments. Ray built two companies to over 1,000 employees and sold them, creating President’s Resource Organization in 1993, forming and facilitating peer advisory groups for over 20 years. Zen has an MA in Organizational Management and an MBA in Project Management, with over 20 years of putting people, places and things together to achieve goals and objectives.
Jan 1988Present

Possibilities Coagulator - Transformational Coach

Be The Dream LLC
First off, I have to give Dudley Lynch credit for my title of 'Possibilities Coagulator.' He came up with the 'title' after a period of engagement and I ran with it. Look him up here, Brain Technologies, Inc. is a leader in organizational development. As a Transformational Coach I facilitate life-changing activities in others and self. My work here also spans multiple dimensions of craftsmanship, molding possibilities into reality. I craft curriculum, build websites, manage digital marketing campaigns, assist self-publishers, manage small to large events, produce presentations and more for my clients. Philosophy: Changing how we think is tantamount to changing our results. Coagulation means that in the process of creation we take the fluid thoughts and condense or crystallize them into working plans and results. Bridging state-of-the-art business management and coaching practices provide clients with opportunity and reason for change - increasing their bottom line and company morale. We help those who have dreams to mold future realities into achieving them. A primary goal is facilitating deliberate creating, making the work fun and insightful while providing value-added features not found in traditional coaching environments. Dreams present possibilities to coagulate; attract and solidify resources for you. Goals are dreams with deadlines. Deadlines and commitments realized are what drive success. Relationships are built to sail the ocean of emotion, yet navigation with last century's mindset often yields disastrous results. We help align your vision, mission, passion and purpose for maximum results. Companies using the new millennium mindset (self-empowered learning organizations) recognize the need for inspiration in their workforce and/or staff. Be The Dream, LLC offers practical services with a transformational twist, creating collaborative scripts toward higher productivity across the gamut of deliverables... possibilities and responsibilities.

Partnering Consultant & Facilitator

Team Partnering LLC
Our Mission: Engage best practices in communication, construction, leadership and project management for partnering stakeholders. Why Partnering? What is in it for you? Partnering facilitation is more than bringing a team together, assigning tasks and relying on their professionalism to do the rest. Developing effective communication, understanding the individual communication and problem-solving methods is as important in facilitating people, places and things to achieve goals and objectives. We have conducted many partnering workshops for construction projects and non-construction work teams. The process focuses on communication, goal setting, issue identification and resolution. We customize our workshops to meet the needs of our clients. We use best practices for developing diverse teams, facilitating common goals and objectives and a buy-in for achieving excellence. Just a few projects are listed here:
Mar 2014Present

Possibilities Coagulator - Digital Marketing Strategist

PRO President's Resource Organization
Create and implement digital marketing campaigns, craft websites and distribute articles and updates to blogs and social media outlets. Assist with and deliver workshops for small business development and peer advisory groups. Partner in solopreneur and microbusiness program launch with Arizona Small Business Association as Official Partner. Visit for more. PRO-preneur leadership combines three of the most effective tools available to small business owners: the synergistic power of peer groups, down-to-earth mentoring, and business coaching. In just one meeting a month, you’ll get the insights, focus, and camaraderie to take your small business—and life—to the next level. PRO-preneur - Where Entrepreneurs Never Go It Alone
Jun 2002Jul 2004

Business Facilitator/Instructor - Loan Advocate

SELF Employment Loan Fund
Facilitator for micro-loan borrowers circle. Instructor for business plan development classes. Consultant for RSA/Voc Rehab Self Employment program. Loan advocate for SELF and Voc Rehab clients. This organization coordinated micro-lending programs for women and minority small business owners. I worked in several facets from development of business plans to loan advocacy to monitoring progress, focusing on client needs. I taught business plan development classes to over 100 clients in conjuntion with Maricopa County Community College District.
Jan 1984Feb 1989

Production Control Coordinator

Allied Signal Aerospace

At 28, was responsible for $7 million in shipments per month. Over 800 part numbers. Handled all Airline Service Division needs. Met and exceed monthly goals. Initiated interpersonal skills classes to facilitate work flow. Left after experience of corporate culture mindset and perceived threat reaction to efforts. Began Be The Dream in January of 1988.


Jack Dermondy, Personality Expert

"Do not hire Zen if you will settle for traditional guidance with no surprises.jack dermody Don't hire Zen if you merely aim to fulfill some education requirement. You see, Zen is no ordinary consultant or facilitator. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find this kind of genius -- a distinguished guru who is a Gandhi-esque idealist and who also happens to have his feet firmly planted on the ground? In just a few hours. Zen turned around my website and social media from mediocre to amazing. I kept asking myself why I hadn't thought of all the stuff he did. But that's why I hired him. He saw through the trees and helped me back onto my mission. So hire Zen because you know you need new information. You know you need to think differently. You realize you had better stop doing what you've been doing wrong for too long. And most of all, you can be sure that Zen will deliver the practical tools that will enable you to succeed at higher levels. Do not be ordinary. Hire Zen."

KC Miller, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

"Zen Benefiel is a man of great ideas and passion. You will never find Zen in a box ~ "Out of the Box" thinking is one of his best attributes. He is a wonderful motivational speaker and workshop leader. A few years ago I had the opportunity to bring him in to work with a staff of 15 people for Team Building. He did an outstanding job ~ so much so we still use the information as a benchmark for communication.”

Dudley Lynch, Brain Technologies, Inc.

"I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. To say his range of knowledge and interests are "eclectic" is engaging in understatement. And this is what makes his services as a "possibilities coagulator" for his clients so valuable and exciting. Smart fellow! Great ally!"