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coca cola

data entry



Inter In FSC Medical 

Grammer model School

computer skills and oprator


Data enry .... computer oprator

Text Section

As a Marketing development officer

This company deals with Soft drink and mineral water in Pakistan and all over the world.

My responsibilities other than dealing with market outlets.

To respond the manager about the market analysis.

Costumer satisfaction about the product.


· I can work on computer with Windows 98, 2000-2007, Windows XP, Service pack 2 and 3.

· I am skilled in operating many computer programs e.g. MS OFFICE(MS word, MS Excel, MS Power Point), Corel Draw, Adobe Photo Shop.

· I have keen skills in sending E-mails and attaching files with that mails.

· Net surfing and chatting is my hobby. “Youtube” is the best site that I had till found.

· Reading news papers and novels is my priority.

· I always love to watch English action movies.

In my free time I like to play Cricket