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Hunter C. Carrick

Glacier Wood Grounds Crew Employee


With first hand knowledge given through my father during the last five years while working as a dedicated and caring employee of the grounds crew at Glacier Wood, I hope to obtain the head Superintendent position at Glacier Wood Golf Club in order to provide a smooth transition into the future following the tragic death of my father and mentor, the only Superintendent the current eighteen hole course has had the last nineteen years. 

Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Golf Course Grounds Crew Employee

Glacier Wood Golf Club of Iola

Through the last five years I have performed every possible task assigned by the crew throughout every week. Tasks included changing flag positions and cups, moving tee markers, raking sand traps, mowing greens, mowing fairways, mowing tees, mowing tee banks, mowing green banks, rolling greens, weed eating including ponds, trees, rock piles and club house grounds, blowing leaves and divots, collecting garbage, filling divot mix, trimming of trees and bushes, hand watering, and most notable, management of 350 plus sprinkler heads by hand, and through the Rain Bird computer software program.

I have also performed specialty tasks performed by the golf course. These tasks include verticutting of greens, application of sand during top dressing, dragging of sand following top dressing, operation of the aeration machine, cutting and applying of sod, edging of sand traps, gravel application to cart paths, application of algicide to ponds, and other maintenance within the shop. Those tasks include the adjustment of reels, tire repair, changing oil, and welding. I have been trained on all pieces of equipment owned by the golf course as well as the Beach Cleaner for sand traps that is rented from Two Oaks North Golf Club.

I was a significant part of the the development, design, and building of the three newest tees on the golf course. I spent the most time along side my Dad during the summer of 2014 during the construction. I accumulated multiple nine plus hours of work during a day during that summer. Besides the pay work, I volunteered to plow snow for the shop during winter, and during the weekend when I had already worked forty hours for the week.

The tasks listed do not cover all of the various projects and maintenance I have performed during the last five years and do not cover any of the local first hand secrets of knowledge I have learned through my father. With my deep passion in golf, and a desire of perfection in everything I do, I am very critical of myself. I believe this provides me to see imperfections in the eye of the golfer also. This quick recap of my big role in the crew should provide an idea of my large experience at Glacier Wood.

Oct 2015Present

Golf Sales Associate

Dicks Sporting Goods

I am a sales associate in the golf department at Dicks Sporting Goods in Appleton. I was given the opportunity to be an associate immediately because of my extensive knowledge in the golf industry both on and off the golf course. My good social skills have also helped me sell a significant amount of golf products since October. I assist the customer easily because of my work at Glacier Wood. I can take the golfers wants and needs from the store to the course and from the course to the store because of my knowledge and various experiences. 


Sep 2015Present

Associates Degree

University of Wisconsin - Fox Valley

I am a current student at UW - Fox Valley in Menasha. This two year school has opened the door for me to be at home and school as well as work at the same time. I worked mornings at Glacier Wood, followed by class, and then work at Dicks in the afternoon. I believe this shows my quality organization skills and time management ability. I excelled in High School with an average GPA of 3.8. This same success has translated into college. My classes have an emphasis in Math and Science as I pursue a profession with a presence in both. 

Sep 2011May 2015

General Education Diploma

Waupaca High School

I graduated high school in the top 25% of my class. My GPA average of 3.8 is something I take great pride in. I took and easily passed every Math class offered through the school. I took all of the lab sciences as well with an emphasis in Chemistry and Physics. Besides these core classes, I took every Automotive class available. Additionally, I aced a Small Engine Course as well as a Welding course. I consider myself very mechanically inclined through these courses. I grew and matured a lot during high school. I have valuable experiences that have gotten me to where I am today during those four years at Waupaca.


Golf Industry Knowledge/Experience
Social Skills
Golf Ability


Keith Williams

President of First National Bank of Iola


Tom Wenzel

Uncle, Mentor, and Former Superintendent of Ridgeway Country Club


Steve Wasser

Pro Turf Solutions


James Maus



Steven Goedderz



Barry and Mary Jo Tomaras

Teacher and Friend


Debbie Smith

Human Resources Relationship Advisor


Jim Otterlee

Pro Shop Employee


Dave Gerndt and Kent Romeis


715-310-0857 and 715-281-6317

Todd Wenzel

Cousin, Mentor and Employee at Butte des Morts Country Club


Brian Ruplinger



Multiple Glacier Wood Golf Course Members

Additional Information

Glacier Wood Golf Club is at a crossroads during this off season. The Superintendent position is open following the tragic death of my father for the first time in nineteen years. This eighteen hole course and most current club members have never seen a different Superintendent at Glacier Wood. I believe destiny has brought me this opportunity to learn from my father for the last five years as one of his employees. I have full confidence in my ability to fulfill my fathers shoes at Glacier Wood.

During difficult times, our reasoning in life can become apparent. By no mistake was I so consumed with the everyday activities at Glacier Wood. I have grown to love the place and believe in myself and the other current employees that we can move forward in a positive direction. I have a strong backing in people who believe I can fulfill my fathers shoes at the golf course. I am vary mature beyond my young age of nineteen. Multiple course members, and other significant people I have contacted for their opinion have provided me an overwhelming amount of support and confidence in me. I have been told I am the person with the most amount of knowledge of Glacier Wood, and see no reason why I could not carry on with the Superintendent duties. Multiple different sales personal in the industry who have worked with my Dad and I over the years believe in me as well. To some people destiny is not a practical concept; I also fully understand that. I have practical reasoning's that can also benefit Glacier Wood and myself at the same time.

The idea of change is scary, and change is the only option at Glacier Wood. I am well known at the course simply because of the amount of time I have spent there. With a Superintendent change, the golf course may change also. I believe I can provide an easier transition for the golf course and the routine players because of my familiarity with Glacier Wood. My father was involved in the Superintendent industry his entire life, and did not exactly like to modernize things with the changing industry. I believe my involvement in the modern golf world will help bring new ideas or thoughts to Glacier Wood. Some simple ideas I have personally experienced at other golf courses are things I can bring to Glacier Wood in order to appeal to more golfers, and generate more public play.

A provided attribute of mine is the familiarity of the equipment at Glacier Wood. I know what can cause trouble, and what steps are needed to take in order to prevent costly errors. My father and I talked about what pieces of equipment are needed this coming year in order to enhance the golf course. I believe our sand traps with a new machine can become some of the best in the area. They need some special hands on manicuring, but with the proper attention we can bring them up to par if you will. The sand traps were always an achilles heal of my fathers. The greens roller we acquired for this past summer was a huge improvement. I would promote an added use of the roller in order to make our greens some of the best in the area.

These points are very noteworthy when the crew we had this past year is still present at the course. Every employee was over the top caring and beyond dedicated for Glacier Wood. After spending an extensive amount of time with each team member, they also believe I can do the job with their help. This crew was more than a bunch of co-workers, they were family to my Dad and I. If I am not employed at Glacier Wood the crew is unwilling to work under another Superintendent, because of the camaraderie we had. The fact another Superintendent would need to find an entirely new crew to work for him is a very scary thought given the isolation of Iola. I also quickly want to make a note of the financial situation. If the opportunity for Superintendent would be presented to me, I would ask for a salary no more than $25,000. I am in no need for a larger salary at the present time, and know this could save Glacier Wood thousands of dollars that could be used in another fashion.

Finally and most importantly, my knowledge, dedication, and provided energy towards Glacier Wood is more than an asset. I have spent an uncountable number of twelve hour plus days throughout the summer. On multiple occasions I worked from five in the morning to one in the afternoon. I followed work with at least eighteen holes of golf. My passion is never ending, and I am extremely self motivated. The only person who knew more about the behind the scenes work of the crew was my father. I know the irrigation inside and out, and believe that knowledge is invaluable. Besides irrigation I know the course better than people can imagine.

In conclusion, I understand this resume may be lacking some things the Board of Directors is looking for. My counter is simple; I know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it better than anyone else can at the current time. I love Glacier Wood Golf Course and believe I can provide a smooth transition into the future in order to grow this hidden gem in Iola.