Alexandria Klentz


Work experience

Work experience

Paper Deliverer

May 2012 - Present
Fort Atkinson Daily Union
I deliver papers every Monday through Friday.


Apr 2010 - Present
I babysit for famiy, friends, and other people who contact me if they need help. I am on

Pizza maker, Cleaner, Waiter, Preper, Saucer, and Phone.

Aug 2014 - Nov 2014
Townee Inn
While I was here I worked every job there was, my boss did not assign jobs. I made the pizza, answered the phone, cleaned the dishes, tables, prepped the food, served the food, and took orders, while not being trained for anything, I figured out how it was done by asking questions and watching others. After getting threatened by my boss mutliple times I decided that it would be better to find a better job.



High School attendent

Sep 2015 - Present
Jedi Virtual
After 4 Hours off school each day I head home and I complete my online classes.

High School Attendent

Sep 2013 - Jun 2017
Jefferson High School